About Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Projects

Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Projects

Do you have a cause, mission, or vision you would like extra support for?

Crowdfunding brings people together with a common cause and purpose

New Product Crowdfunding

Do you have an idea for a new product, widget, or innovative way to create a better version of an existing product? Crowdfunding new product launches is one of the best uses of crowdfunding. It is often pretty easy to generate interest in your product before you even make it if you can find a need and meet it with innovation! It is important to research consumer pain points and everyday problems to find your perfect product to crowdfund.

Some of the best, most marketable, and most crowdfunding revenue generating product ideas come from widely applicable solutions. The general rule is that the greater the problem solved, the greater the impact on the market. Think outside the box when it comes to new ideas.

Existing Product Crowdfunding

You also might not even have to draft your product idea from scratch. Often times, the products people crowdfund to source are already available on sites like alibaba.com and aliexpress.com. If you can find your product on there, sometimes all that is needed a adding a few tweaks (by contacting the manufacturer), ordering a few prototypes for your project pictures, and then crowdfunding the mass production of the already existing item!

Most suppliers will also give you a discount on ordered product volume. Depending on your existing product crowdfunding project, you can choose to work this added discount into your crowdfunding reward tiers and levels or choose to keep some extra revenue for yourself. Its a win-win! You get your project funded, acquire some extra cash for your efforts, and crowd funders and project backers get something they like and will use at a discount.

Best Crowdfunding Platforms For Products

  1. Kickstarter.com
    • Kickstarter is one of the oldest, trusted, and widely recognized backer platforms in the crowdfunding industry. Many successful projects have used this platform over the years.
  2. Indiegogo.com
  3. Crowdsupply.com

Crowdfunding For A Cause

You may be considering how to gain interest and funding for your cause through crowdfunding.

Funding Projects with Crowdfunding

Projects are another area commonly commonly found in the realm of crowdfunding. These projects might be focused around community improvements and renewal projects like creating parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas. If this is your interest area, your community crowdfunding project takes on a larger purpose for fulfilling a greater need of an area. It is important to communicate the benefits and relevance of your project to others in your area.

Maybe you have an interest in history, creating museums, and maintaining historical landmarks with a restoration crowdfunding project. If funded, your project has the potential to keep history alive for future generations to enjoy. It is important to communicate the significance of your project, why you need the funding to succeed, and to make contributors feel like a part of the cause.