All Rewards

Kinetic Health Silver-Infused Gym Towel

By David Mittelman

Bakkoo backers get a free gift if you back one or more towels!

Tornado Gloves: MIDI, DJ, VJ, Vocal, Game, CAD Controller.

By Dmitro Makhonko

Bakkoo backers receive a Protection Carrying Bag/Cover for Tornado Gloves Controller with every Tornado Gloves Controller and a free Premium DJ Template for Ableton Live with 80 effects for Live Show too.

Oliver Newton Watches

By Oliver Newton

Bakkoo backers who pledge for the Early Bird Reward receive the additional Leather Strap Collection for free.


By Daren Norman

Bakkoo backers receive a $10 discount on any reward tier.

Nordgreen – Luxury Scandinavian Design Watches By B&O Designer

By Christopher Day

Bakkoo backers receive 10% off Super Early Bird Package.

Button Loop Lamp

By Claus Hencken

Bakkoo backers who pledge 5 Button Loop Lamps or more will get 1 more for free. The first 100 will also be signed by designer Claus Hencken with a special serial number.

WANON : Thai-inspired bags design

By Apiwan Pinsaikeow

Bakkoo backers who pledge for a Wanon bag will receive a free Wanon T-shirt.

Koen Corsa

By Andrew Eick

Bakkoo backers receive the Koen Corsa at the LAUNCH PARTY introduction price of $219 plus shipping. This tier is sold out to the public.

Magnet Driver™ DDN: The Total Tool to Drill, Drive and Nail.

By Martyna Bubacz

Bakkoo backers can still pledge for the $79 Super Early Bird Pack Total Tool DDN even though it is sold out!

The Brain Book

By Kar Villard

Bakkoo backers who pledge at the SGD$28 The Brain Paperback Edition level save 10%.

Infinity Levitating Top

By Adam Stager

Bakkoo backers can still get the Early Bird Special $120 pricing even though it is sold out!

‘LOOPBAG’ – The Perfect Carry-On Bag: A Better Way To Travel

By Jin Oh

Bakkoo backers receive a 20% discount on any reward tier.

The World’s First All-Day Swim Shorts || by BONDI SWIM CO

By Bondi Swim Co

Bakkoo backers receive an extra $10 discount on any reward.

Performance Underwear for men that’s actually worth wearing

By Joel Gogoll

Bakkoo backers who pledge for Level 4 or 5 get a FREE limited edition Geo Athletics Snapback cap (valued at $39.95).

Portugese Black Ceramic

By Amelia clay

Bakkoo backers get a 2 for 1 special on any reward under $40. Order 1 ceramic piece and get an extra piece for free!

Radius – Keep Mosquitoes Away Without Spray!

By Kyle Adelman

Bakkoo backers receive 12% off the Radius Starter Kit (Ships to US only).


By Hector Roberto Perez Bejarano

Bakkoo backers receive 3 decks of Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards, a sticker set, and a mystery design shirt for $30! Worldwide shipping included!

Sento Bathrobes & Slippers – COMFORT, In A Class of it’s Own

By Chis Los

Bakkoo backers receive 20% off. And for anyone who spends $200 USD or more receive a free pair of slippers.

Marrell Designs| Women’s Swiss Movement Watches

By Marrell Designs

Bakkoo backers who pledge $90 or more will be automatically upgraded to second reward tier stainless steel band option.


By Brian Bischoff

Bakkoo backers who pledge 6 FlexWater bottles get 2 free!

JR Hermann Handmade Leather Shoes

By Adnan Qureshi

Bakkoo backers save $9 off the Early Bird – Pair of JR Hermann Shoes level.

Therapy Fit – The Ultimate 4-in-1 Foot & Calf Massager

By poppy whittingon-devereux

Bakkoo backers get a free Therapy Fit hoodie with every Super Early Bird Therapy Fit pledge.

Idiot Cards – The Fake Presidential Edition with DOT$ Token!

By Debdoot das

Bakkoo backers receive 1000 bonus DOT$ ERC-20 Ethereum Crypto Tokens.

SwimPowerment! Wotter, the FIRST Swim Parka Made for Girls.

By Wotter, LLC

Bakkoo backers at the Early Girl Special Level ($110) and get an automatic upgrade to the Wotter Girl Parka, Inspiration and Gear Level ($175).


By Comfortech

Bakkoo backers who pledge $18 or more will get an automatic upgrade to the next tier reward beyond what you pledge! (excluding the non-shipping “experience” rewards)

Introducing the Interchangeable Handbag Set

By ulloo New York

Bakkoo backers receive a $10 discount on reward tiers #2 through #13.

Posture Vertical Backpack

By Stephen Bui

Bakkoo backers get 5% off the Posture Vertical Early Bird deal!

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