All Rewards

UniLid | One Lid. Fits All. Lifetime Warranty.

By Two Pillars

Bakkoo backers receive our Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets eBook free with any pledge.

Yeehaw Wand – The Ultimate Tool for 3D Creativity

By Dina Tait

Bakkoo backers receive a FREE wide-angle camera phone lens with any reward they order.

True Gentleman’s Gloves

By Aleksandrs Slobodjanuks

Bakkoo backers get a special Early bird £40 GBP ($54 USD) offer.

OMI Bottle | Stylish Bottle with Hidden Dispenser

By Kevin Larkai

Bakkoo backers can still get super early bird pricing even though it is sold out!

Woopen Antistress Design

By Woo pen

Bakkoo backers receive a $10 discount for the X4 WOOPEN reward tier.

This little device can SAVE YOU in a big earthquake

By Battalgazi YILDIRIM

Bakkoo backers receive a $20 discount on any reward tier.

Somnox – world’s first sleep robot to improve your sleep.

By Julian Jagtenberg

Bakkoo backers receive a Somnox Sleep Robot for €399 ($474)! Save 12% off Kickstarter!

loquilove | language learning app with a good cause

By Marc Rütsche

Bakkoo backers receive a 20% discount on any reward tier.

Flo-Bro: world’s first universal water filter for travelers

By Robin Rijnbeek

Bakkoo backers who buy Flo-Bro One receive the Carbon+Zeolite add-on ($5 value) for free!

Express Yourself with POVLAMP: The future of Smart Lighting.

By Leonardo Novella

Bakkoo backers get a free POVLAMP T-shirt and a spinning LED Thank-you card with every POVLAMP pledge!

KHAMAMA Revolutionising luxury watches – embracing nature

By Nathan Hornstein

Each member of Bakkoo will receive an additional watch strap worth $65 with any watch pledge.

Anson Calder | Wallets for a minimalist lifestyle

By Curtis Calder

Bakkoo backers can choose: SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING or FREE MONOGRAMMING ($20 value) or a FREE UPGRADE.

Bolster Boost

By Ted Heys

Bakkoo backers receive 20% off any pledge tier!

Halo Wireless Phone Charger

By Sanita Gila

Bakkoo backers receive a 10% discount on any chosen Halo pledge.

Beaver Planner

By Lysa B

Bakkoo backers who pledge $20 receive the physical planner and FULL Digital Planner.

Vinci 2.0 -World’s First Standalone Smart Fitness Headphones

By Cathy Cao

Bakkoo backers can still get Vinci 2.0 Lite: Super Early Bird ($79 USD) pricing even though it is sold out!

By Arki First created DELONE | Authentic Swiss Made Watches

By Arki B

Bakkoo backers receive 10€ ($11.80) off on any reward tier!

Sub Xero, The World’s Only Thermal Insulator For 5 GL Bottle

By Tyler Cranston

Bakkoo backers save $5 on the $30 reward tier!

CM1 – A Smarter Fridge

By Alex Roskoss

Bakkoo backers receive a Free Blue Tooth Speaker with (MSRP of £20) with any CM1 pledge.

ThoraxTrainer – The most efficient workout on the planet

By Lasse Olsson

Bakkoo backers can still pledge for the Super Early Bird $1175 reward tier even though it is sold out.

IQ BAR: Delicious Brain Food To Go!

By Will Nitze

Bakkoo backers who pledge $32 will receive A SWEET IQ BAR MUG in addition to a box of IQ Bars, a meal list, and a listen list.

KTÄK® by Kandu, The First Handcrafted Two-Sound Body Snare

By ilan harari

Bakkoo backers get 10% off any Ktak reward tier.

Pacific67 – Ultimate Kitchen Knife Collection

By Bassel Siblini

Bakkoo backers receive an 8″ Chef Knife + 5″ Utility Knife in color of choice at a discounted price of $125 and Free Shipping anywhere in the world.

A Minimal Mechanical Pencil that will Last a Lifetime 2.0

By Andrew Sanderson

Bakkoo backers will get extra add-ons (erasers, stylus nib, cork case and mechanisms).

OrbitBeam | Bring iPhone Screens to Life Anywhere Anytime.

By Jamie Tsai

Bakkoo backers receive FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world for all pledges.

Little Bear and His Chair – Picture Book

By Claressa Swensen

Bakkoo backers who pledge $25 or more, will receive the $40 Out Of Hibernation reward tier.

World’s most comfortable,multifunctional drawstring backpack

By James Lo

Bakkoo backers who pledge $85 or more receive a free Compact Portable Power Bank (limited to inside continental US).