Backer Rewards FAQ


Welcome to our backer rewards FAQ.

How does the community work?

Bakkoo is the Social Kickstarter Club. We bring crowdfund-loving people together. Bakkoo provides a place where you can connect with other Kickstarter backers, find awesome Kickstarter projects, and snag great reward deals.

We list selected Kickstarter projects on our site with backlinks to the original Kickstarter project listings. The project creators add Bakkoo backer rewards which you receive for backing their projects on Kickstarter. These rewards are not publicly available and you gain access to them with your Bakkoo membership.

We also do not deal with any pledge funds directly. All pledge transactions are safely made on Kickstarter.

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Is Bakkoo affiliated with any crowdfunding site?

No, Bakkoo is a completely separate entity and is not affiliated with Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding site.

Kickstarter trademarks and other related content are owned by their respective companies.

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Which projects do we accept?

We only accept Kickstarter projects at this time. Projects must have a clear funding goal, a completion date, and rewards that are offered to backers when they pledge money. We are looking at ways to accept other types of crowdfunding projects (like Indiegogo) in the future but cannot accept them for now.

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How is my Kickstarter account linked?

We link your Bakkoo account to your Kickstarter account with your username. Create a Bakkoo username that is the same as your Kickstarter username. This will link your Kickstarter account to your Bakkoo profile.

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What are Bakkoo backer rewards?

Bakkoo backer rewards are unique to the Bakkoo community. They are rewards offered to our members for backing Kickstarter projects. These rewards are not publicly available on Kickstarter.

A few Bakkoo backer reward examples are:

  • Offering a higher discount (like 5-20% off) on a standard project reward.
  • Offering "early bird" discounts after they are sold out.
  • Offering a free item, t-shirt or other widget with a pledge.
  • Offering a free upgrade to the next pledge tier.

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How do I pledge for a Bakkoo backer reward?

Here are the steps you need to follow to pledge for Bakkoo backer rewards on Kickstarter:

  1. Log into your Bakkoo backer account. (You must be logged in and have an active backer subscription to see reward details and instructions.)
  2. Check out the Bakkoo Backer Reward Previews at the top our Kickstarter project postings.
  3. To pledge for a reward, select the SUPPORT NOW button for that project.
  4. Select the NEXT STEP button on the lightbox. (This lightbox also allows you to choose rewards from a drop down menu if the creator is offering multiple rewards - however most Kickstarter projects only feature one Bakkoo reward.)
  5. Follow the instructions and click the link to open the Kickstarter project in a new window.
  6. Pledge the correct amount on the Kickstarter project page. Don't forget to add shipping if needed!
  7. Return to the instructions page on Bakkoo. Select the COMPLETE CHECKOUT button. This will send your Kickstarter username, pledge amount, and other details to the project creator notifying them that you qualify for the Bakkoo reward.
  8. After the Kickstarter project successfully funds, the project creator will send you your reward.

You can also send the project creator a private message on Kickstarter letting them know you are a Bakkoo member if you would like.

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How do I receive Bakkoo backer rewards?

Bakkoo backer rewards are shipped and delivered just like normal Kickstarter rewards. Please use the steps above and be sure to select the COMPLETE CHECKOUT button after backing the Kickstarter project to submit your pledge details to the project creator.

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What happens if I don't receive my reward?

Kickstarter project creators usually do their best to make sure the backer rewards are delivered on time. If the Kickstarter project successfully funded and you still don't have your reward, try to contact the project creator by private message on Kickstarter.

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When are backer subscriptions charged?

We charge backer subscription fees when you sign up as a Bakkoo backer and when you renew your subscription on a monthly, tri-monthly, or annual basis. The subscriptions are charged to PayPal or Stripe (depending on which one you choose). We accept both PayPal payments as well as credit card payments.

All payments are completed by either the PayPal or Stripe processors. We DO NOT complete any payments outside of their secure payment gateways. Information security is our top priority. We incorporate a wide range of security measures and best practices to protect your data including but not limited to full SSL security technology, firewalls, and gateway authentication protocols.

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When do new projects go live & When are emails sent?

New Bakkoo projects go live on our Projects page as soon as they are approved after submission.

We send out new project email updates every day at 5pm EST. We also send out special announcement emails occasionally.

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Why am I not receiving emails?

If you don't see our emails in your inbox, check your promotional, social, and spam folders.

We practice and follow all of the best email practices set forth by CAN-SPAM Act and take email privacy very seriously. We never share your information for any reason unless required to by law enforcement.

Be sure to whitelist our email address and add us to your contact list so you'll receive all the community updates! Follow the whitelist instructions here: White Listing Emails.

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