Crowdfunding Promotion Services

Crowdfunding Promotional Services Flow Chart

Crowd Funding Promotion Services Help You Start Right


Before Your Campaign

The premarketing phase of your crowdfunding campaign

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During Your Campaign

Continuous social media outreach and traffic generation

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After Your Campaign

Business, marketing, brand recognition, and growth

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Crowdfunding Provides Solutions - We Provide Crowdfunding Help

Crowdfunding provides a way to get your products, brands, and business ideas in front of others. It gives project backers a way to instantly support what they like and fund unique ideas which are interesting, solve pain points, and are cool ideas. Crowdfunding provides solutions by easily connecting the backers with the ideas of businesses, individuals, and organizations.

Our Promotion Services Are Your Solution To:

  • Strategic Planning

    A good strategy is the foundation of successful crowdfunding projects. You have to know where you are going to get there successfully. There is a formula for success when it comes to crowdfunding on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. A strategic plan is like a roadmap with steps in the journey, checkpoints, and goals which all lead to your destination.

    Ask Strategic Planning Questions

    Do you know where you are headed? Have you mapped out your crowdfunding recipe for success with all the major components you'll need?

  • Backer Targeting

    You must know, study, and understand your target audience for your crowdfunding project. You may find it helpful to create backer personas or avatars which represent your target backers. These personas answer the five W's and How: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. These details include who they are, what they do, what they are interested in, when they do it, where they are, what problems they have, how they will find you, and what your crowdfunding project will do for them. This includes asking the right questions.

    Ask Backer Targeting Questions

    Why should they care about your crowdfunding project? Can they become emotionally invested in your product or idea? Will they want to share the project with their friends? Where are they online? How will you reach them? Are the reward tiers or project benefits valuable and worthwhile?

  • Crowd Building

    Next, crowd building comes into play. This is where many unsuccessful crowdfunding projects fall short or fail to reach their full potential. For your project to become a rock star to internet sensation, you have to have a combination of uniqueness, ingenuity, timing, and placement. Asking the right questions will get your started with your crowd building.

    Ask Crowd Building Questions

    What is the project's organic reach potential? Do you need to run paid ads? On which channels, platforms, and mediums? How about search, display, social, and video ads? What is your marketing budget? If your ad spend has a positive return on investment or ROI, how much can you spend to acquire more interested backers?

  • Social Media Outreach

    Social media is a big part of the marketing flow of the internet and drawing backers to your crowdfunding project. Millions of users are constantly browsing social platforms on their phones every minute. You need to have a social media outreach strategy. Ask the right questions about social media, posting, and what is working to increase social engagement.

    Ask Social Media Outreach Questions

    Who is in charge of your social media outreach? How often are they posting? What are they posting? Do paid social ads factor in? Are your targeted backers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tiktok, or elsewhere? Are you running paid ads for your project on those social platforms? Do you follow @ mentions of your brand and crowdfunding project? Are you reaching out to influencer in your targeted space?

  • Brand Recognition

    Brand recognition is a big part of how backers and future backers or customers see your crowdfunding project. You need to establish a brand identity, values, and style. This includes developing your brand social media accounts across all major social media platforms. It could also be good to setup a website or app for people to find you if appropriate. It also includes having a consistent color palette and imagery. Ask brand and image driven questions start with what you have developed so far, what you need, and what your branding goals are.

    Ask Brand Recognition Questions

    What does the brand name convey? What do I want the brand to inspire in people? Is the brand name concise and easy to remember? Do I have a logo? Do I have a color palette? What tones am I using? What is my tag line? Do I need a mission statement? Does my branding look uniform across all platforms? Do I need to write a brand style guide if I have many people working on the same brand assets across many platforms?

  • Digital Crowfunding Marketing

    Successful crowdfunding comes down to applying the principles of digital marketing. Is is a competitive space where everyone is trying to compete for backer dollars and funding. If you've reached this point and funded a project or two, congratulations! You are a crowdfunding marketer! If you can market a crowdfunding project, they sky is the limit and you can market anything.

    If you still have yet to fund a crowdfunding project or have more work to do, no worries! Luckily, the internet is a giant place filled with knowledge on digital marketing, so buckle up and start learning! Even if your crowdfunding project doesn't fund or get the results you had hoped for, it is a great opportunity to learn from the situation for your next attempt! Learning the principles of success and how to market your project better will prove to be invaluable with your next projects.

Crowdfunding Promotional Services Flow Chart

Need Help with Crowdfunding Marketing? Look for a Full Service Crowdfunding Agency

If you are feeling overwhelmed at this point, don't worry. There are solutions to getting the help your crowdfunding project needs. There are many crowdfunding marketing agencies, backer clubs, and project support groups which can help you market you project and find backers. Check out some of the solutions here as well so you will know what you need when you are looking for a full service crowdfunding agency.

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