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About Our Crowdfunding Creator Resources

We have highlighted some of the best free resources to get your project off the ground. You will find crowdfunding project tools and information you can use to evaluate and promote your project here.

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Crowdfunding Tools & Funding Trackers

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Kickstarter Tools

Kickstarter Fulfillment Resources

Kickstarter provides a great list of fulfillment resources for you. This list can help you find solutions for design, prototyping and manufacturing to shipping, fulfillment and tax filling.

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Kickstarter Project Funding Traq

Kicktraq is an excellent resource to see how your Kickstarter project is funding. This tool calculates and projects your funding percentages. All you need to do is add your project link.

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Sidekick Project Stat Tracker

Sidekick is a great resource for predicting and tracking your Kickstarter project. This tool can track your pledge amounts in relation to the project time remaining and tweets linking back to your project.

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Social Media Guides

Tweet Writing Tips

Writing Tweets and social media posts that are short, concise, and to the point can be hard. This Tweet tip guide will walk you through the basics to get you started and help your share your Kickstarter project.

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Media Pitch Writing Guide

Media pitches make your Kickstarter project stand out. You can gain increased funding, backer interest, and project visibility by writing a well crafted media pitch. Use our guide to get started!

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