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Our Bakkoo Marketing Approach

Bakkoo provides a unique marketing platform which generates more backer interest in your Kickstarter project.

Our unique community places your project in the spotlight and notifies our dedicated, Kickstarter backers about your backer rewards, pre- launch campaigns, and special offers. We do this with project listings, social media sharing, and email notifications.

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Your Project Success

We help your Kickstarter project be more successful through social marketing and putting it in front of as many backers as possible.

Analytics Tracking

Stay in the know with our analytics and click tracking. We offer compiled PDF reports of your Bakkoo project and email stats on request.

Special Bakkoo Rewards

Offering special Bakkoo rewards increases backer interest and shares. Discounts and deals can increase funding exponentially.

Project Boosts

Use our additional project boosts to break through funding plateaus. We offer additional resources and help if you need them.

Social Shares

Social sharing is essential for Kickstarter projects. We share every project on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Free Creator Tools

Use our free tweet tool and how to guides to give your Kickstarter project an advantage. You can immediately send tweets to our network.

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