A Unique Versatile Lumbar Support Collection

Essential for your health: helps posture, muscles, joints, digestion, breathing, and overall wellbeing; also used in yoga practices.

Jesabel Dupont Design January 26, 2018 at 1:03 pm
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Designed by a Chiropractor

The pillows were initially designed to improve your posture, by pushing the right parts of your spine forward, allowing you to relax your muscles while keeping an active core.

Large and Small Pillow
Large and Small Pillow

Designed for a beautiful posture

When you lean onto it, the curves of your spine are all properly positioned, and the muscles of your back and shoulders are relaxed, yet the core muscles are active. This means that when you stand up, those muscles will keep you standing up properly without slouching over.

Small Pillow
Small Pillow
Medium Pillow
Medium Pillow
Large Pillow
Large Pillow

Posture and Mood

It’s becoming more and more of a hot topic: embodied cognition. The idea that your body affects your mind, just as much as your mind affects your body. Your body is made up of a nervous system that is connected to your brain. So in the same way that you can trick your brain into feeling happy simply by biting down on a pencil [simulating a real smile], you can do the same for your entire body. Sit high, and you feel high. Sit low, and you feel low. Why?

1. Your breathing gets better: more oxygen to your organs.

2. More space between your organs: they have space to function properly.

3. Less pressure on your bones and muscles: neck, shoulder and back pain goes away.

All of this resulting in great focus, fast digestion, and an overall amazing feeling in your body.

Restorative and Active Yoga

The unique shapes make it so that you can use the pillows alone and combined for both restorative and active yoga to bend deeper, stretch further and restore your inner balance. They can be used for meditation, gentle chest opening, to faciliate deep breathing and to add comfort to your poses.

Small + Medium + Large Pillow
Small + Medium + Large Pillow

Designed for Desk Working

Work is what takes up most of our time, and for most of us, we’re sitting. Whether we’re at an office or driving around, the negative effects of bad work posture carries over into our everyday lives. The muscles in our backs weaken, making it hard to stand up without hunching forward. This is why having good posture at work is crutial, and sitting up straight for the whole day is out of the question, and not to mention, an incorrect way of sitting. By leaning back onto the small pillow, you are not only strengthening your core muscles, but also leaning back at a wider angle, relieving the tension in your hips.

Without and With the Small Pillow
Without and With the Small Pillow

 Designed for Driving

In the same way that desk working destroys our posture, driving takes a huge tole on our back, neck and shoulders because of the way we tend to hunch forward in the car. By having something to lean back on, your muscles are again able to relax onto the pillow and release your tense driving shoulders.

Without and With the Small Pillow
Without and With the Small Pillow

 Airplane Pillow

What sets the small pillow apart from all of the other travel pillows is that it’s ergonomically designed by a chiropractor, and incredibly versatile. This means that you can use the pillow for your back, neck and wrists, making your trip a comfortable one. Not to mention, putting the pillow behind your back puts you at an angle, making it feel like you’re leaned back. So whether you’re too shy to lean your seat back, or you’ve got to keep it straight because it’s meal-time, you won’t be comprising your comfort.

1: Small pillow used upside down 2: Small pillow used in the back
1: Small pillow used upside down 2: Small pillow used in the back

Sleep Posture

Time and time again, people try to create the next best thing when it comes to pillows. But the solution is simple: for years, chiropractors have been advising their patients to sleep with a rolled up towel behind their necks. Nothing beats this design as a way to sleep with your spine aligned and relaxed as this technique allows for your neck to be supported, and your head to fall back. The large pillow simulates the rolled up towel, making it an amazing solution to your sleep pillow.

Large Pillow
Large Pillow
Large Pillow
Large Pillow

 Road Trippin’

Road trips are all about spending long hours in a car, so comfort is an absolute must. Having a set of pillows that can be used to shape the space around you in many different ways can drastically change your road trip experience. You can sleep comfortably, lean back properly, and even create a mini living room set up by using the pillows to lean your phone, tablet or laptop.

Small Pillow
Small Pillow
Left to right: Small pillow + Medium Pillow, Large Pillow, Large Pillow, Medium Pillow
Left to right: Small pillow + Medium Pillow, Large Pillow, Large Pillow, Medium Pillow

Versatile and Combinable

Whether you’re using them alone or combined, you can fill in the space around you to make everything as comfortable for you as possible. After 6 months of working on this project, we’re still discovering new ways of using them!

Left to right: Small, Small, Medium + Large, Medium + Large
Left to right: Small, Small, Medium + Large, Medium + Large


We’ve designed each of the pillows with leather loops at the top, making them transportable. You can attach them all together, or strap them to your bag or suitcase.

Small Pillow
Small Pillow

 Mindful Home Decor

Posture Meets Design is a merge between health and beauty; good for your body, and beautiful to the eye. Functionally designed, the pillows serve as a reminder to be mindful of your posture, allthewhile being an intriguing addition to your home’s decor.

Small Pillow
Small Pillow
Medium Pillow
Medium Pillow
Large Pillow
Large Pillow

Father-Daughter Team

Bruno and Jesabel are a father-daughter team who put their skills together. Bruno is a chiropractor who came up with the initial design of the pillows, involved in the posture-improving aspect, and Jesabel re-vamped the design, making them versatile and combinable.

“We wanted to help people find their way to a better posture through purposeful design. Having a posture pillow often isn’t enough to motivate people to better their postures, but when this pillow becomes useful for many things in their every day life, it becomes a part of their routine. The design is soft and beautiful in order to counter the medical aspect and bring together the idea of posture and design.”

100% Collaboration-Made

Preferring to have collaborative relationships, Bruno and Jesabel have decided to make this a zero-outsourced campaign. From marketing to photography to videography to ads, every piece of content is made by Jesabel and her team of collaborators in her hometown of Granby, Canada and in Milan, Italy where she lives most parts of the year. Photographers, videographers, models, musicians and even local business like hostels, yoga studios and design lofts came together to bring this campaign to life.

Eco-Friendly Fabric

We’ve gone as eco-friendly as we possibly could, using a blend of LENZING Micromodal, a co2 neutral fabric, and organic cotton as the material for the exterior of the pillows. We’ve been working with Canadian company that makes their own fabric. This allowed us to actually create our own fabric blend and weight [thickness] that would be perfect for the pillows. Organic cotton is already soft, but blending in Micromodal makes the fabric even more soft on the skin, perfect for the comfort level we wanted. The fabric will be double-knit, so the stuffing fibers don’t escape, and the thickness of the fabric is thicker than the usual cotton weight, making it so that the pillow doesn’t lose its shape and creating a more durable surface.

*Update: We can offer the loop made out of the same fabric as the rest of the pillow instead of leather. We will ask you for your preference when we send out the survey at the end of the campaign.

We will be using regular polyester fibres to stuff the pillow. We’ve searched for months for an ecological alternative for polyester, however nothing else was giving the pillow the reactive bounce it was designed to have. Lastly, the loops at the top of each pillow are made with Italian leather.

Are they washable?

Yes, by hand. We are working on a cover [a form fitting pillow case] made from a super soft organic cotton and LENZING modal fabric so that you can take it off and throw it in the washer. The design will be zipper and closure free [nothing but soft fabric] and have openings to allow the loops to come out. They will be available by Feb. 1st.

Will there be different covers?

Of course! We will have regular soft covers to use for indoors, yoga, sleeping, etc and we will also have one for the car or desk chairs made out of a stronger material [TBD] with strap to attach it. This way, you won’t have to place your pillow every time you want to use it­; it will always be right where you left it, at the right height for you!

100% Made in Quebec, Canada

For the same reason we chose to create a collaboration-based business, we also chose to keep production inside our province. We want to make sure we know who is making our products, and we love to get to know the people we work with. We’ve been growing relationships with manufacturers that allow us to understand what is possible in our production process, and help us gage our operations with a realistic view.

Want to know more details?

Check out our FAQ section for things like size, weight and fabric details!

Want to write about us?

Check out our press kit where you can also see more awesome photos taken by our creative team, and some dynamic yoga GIFS to see the pillows in action!

Feel free to write to Jesabel at jesabel@posturemeetsdesign.com for any questions!


All pledges over 10$ will also get our digital book: Posture Re-Design.

*Prices are all in CAD

The Creative Team

Everything you see on this page is thanks to these guys; hats off to their hard work and amazing creativity!

 Creative Director










Social Media  





Risks and challenges

We haven’t been able to find a manufacturer that can stuff the pillows to our liking, so we’ll be hand stuffing them. This might take us longer than we expect, but that just means we’ll have to assemble a bigger team of talented hand-stuffers!

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