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Meet our new Cash, Billfold, and Passport Wallets -- updated designs with more storage and organization.

Curtis Calder Design November 25, 2017 at 12:23 pm
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Two years ago, we introduced you to our ⅛” Card Wallet. And while we still think this is the perfect wallet for your cards and maybe a couple bills, experiences over the last two years led us to design three new wallets suited for every routine. Meet The Cash, Billfold, and Passport Wallets. These updated designs have more storage and organization without sacrificing our signature Anson Calder workmanship and minimalism.


Even at only 1/8” thick, there are 3 pockets to help you stay organized: a center pocket and two outside pockets with the patent-pending cutout.

By fanning the cards out, you can identify and remove the one you need while leaving the others in place.


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Guaranteed delivery for the holidays on all US orders. Upgraded expedited shipping available for international deliveries to ensure delivery before the holidays.




The Cash Wallet’s efficient design accommodates extra cards and currencies of all sizes to better suit cash-and-card requirements. There are pockets with the patent-pending push slot on both sides and the expanded center pocket holds receipts or cash with no need to fold bills more than once.


Our Billfold Wallet features ample room for cards and currency and extra storage for important receipts and business cards, helping you stay organized on the go.




The Passport Wallet conveniently stores all your necessary travel cards and documents in one place. The minimalist construction fits all passport sizes and offers space for boarding passes, customs forms, visas, or any other travel documents.



Our minimalist design and patent-pending push slots reduce bulk by removing multiple pockets. All features are essential to the function of the wallet, and full-grain French calfskin leather thins down the overall construction while maintaining strength and integrity.


Our patent-pending openings on either side improve access by allowing you to push upwards from the bottom edges of your cards. By fanning the cards out, you can identify and remove the one you need while leaving the others in place.


Each new silhouette is impeccably crafted with the same full-grain French calfskin leather as our original wallets. This premium material offers a tighter grain that retains its shape, a softer feel, and a self-healing texture only gets better with age. Strong German threading doesn’t fray or stretch, and intricate details, like burnished edges and hand tacs, finish the look.



Card: 2 ½ x 3 ¾ x ⅛ inches / 6.25 x 9.5 x 0.3 cm

Billfold: 3 x 7 ¾ x ⅛ inches / 7.6 x 19.7 x 0.3 cm

Passport: 5⅜ x 8 ¼ x ⅛ inches / 13.7 x 20.8 x 0.3 cm

   We want to say thank you to our loyal and supportive backers. We’re blown away by how much recognition Kickstarter has brought to our brand, and we’ve received such wonderful feedback. Your comments encourage us to keep going and inspire new innovations to our products.

Founder Curtis Calder, the son of an aeronautical engineer and a fashion merchandiser, started his career in banking. Extensive business travel took him all over the world and created a need for a slim, stylish, versatile, and reliable wallet. Unsatisfied with the options on the market, Curtis decided to create his ideal wallet. He constructed the first prototype out of paper and tape, and, to his surprise, many friends and colleagues expressed interest in the wallet’s size and functionality. After dozens of iterations perfecting his concept, Curtis sought out top-of-the-line materials and experienced craftsmen to make his dream a reality. Each product is truly a hybrid of engineered functionality and aesthetic appeal.

While Kickstarter does not allow us to raise money for charitable organizations through their website, we are committed to giving back. We donate a portion of every purchase through our site to the FSH Society.

Risks and challenges

With two successful Kickstarter campaigns, and our online store, we have been continually refining our processes. While delays in manufacturing and shipping are always a possibility, we have built in buffers for timeline and projected the dates as accurately as possible.

Our biggest challenge has been communicating the quality and value of our products without first getting the wallet into our customers’ hands, where they can recognize the premium materials and design for themselves. As with any great product, your appreciation for each detail will only grow with time. Check out our first wallet campaign and read the reviews on our website to learn more.

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