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High quality eyewear to protect your eyes from Blue Light providing you a better sleep and healthier life (plain & prescription lenses)

Ramon Perez Coronado Design November 8, 2017 at 9:15 am
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High quality and stylish eyewear to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life (plain & prescription lenses available).

At Barner we bring you the coolest eyewear together with premium anti-blue light protection thanks to our collaboration with an international leader in the fields of optics. Since spending extended periods of time in front of electronic devices can harm your eyes, we have designed and created Barner eyewear. A product that will help you:

  • Sleep better
  • Improve your comfort and focus when using digital devices
  • Provide better health & well-being
  • Always maintain a stylish look
High Quality Blue Protect lenses (prescription & plain) & Italian Mazzucchelli acetate frames
High Quality Blue Protect lenses (prescription & plain) & Italian Mazzucchelli acetate frames

All these digital devices are emitting harmful blue light and our eyes are not prepared to the overexposure that we are suffering these days. Because of that, a new Digital Sickness called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is emerging.

Some of the symptoms of this overexposure to blue light are:

  • Eyestrain, dry eyes, red eyes, eye fatigue
  • Headaches, neck pain
  • Double vision, vertigo/dizziness, difficulty refocusing the eyes
  • Reduction of melatonin production
  • Change of sleeping cycles (circadian rhythms)
  • Macular degeneration
Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest problems due to blue light overexposure
Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest problems due to blue light overexposure

We bring you  3 different models inspired by the coolest neighbourhoods of  New York, London and Berlin. You have 3 different colours to choose from each model making a total of 9 different designs available on Kickstarter.

Williamsburg is the epicentre of Brooklyn as a fashionable worldwide brand, the quaint streets are lined with inventive New York restaurants, rooftop bars and eclectic shops, and throngs of people flock to the waterfront for flea markets and giant food bazaars during the summer.


Shoreditch is considered the creative hub of London’s trendy East End. Shoreditch is a goldmine for one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories, with more independent boutiques and vintage shops than you can shake a stick at.


Kreuzberg is one of Berlin’s quintessential hipster neighbourhoods. The locals call it X-Berg, which sounds like Marvel scraping the barrel for hero names, but the area actually delivers on its promise of finding hidden treasures wherever you look.

With this accessory you will now be able to use your Barners in front of the screens but also on the street, relaxing at your favourite beach or breathing some fresh air in the mountains.

For only 39€ more, your Barners will become 2 products in one. You won’t need to spend more money in sunglasses and won’t have to be carrying 2 set of glasses all day long.

At Barner Brand we are in love with our product and we want you to feel the same. That is why we are taking care of every single detail and want to give you more than just a pair of glasses to protect against the harmful blue light.

We have been working really hard during the last few months, to bring to the market an eyewear with the highest quality materials available.

We are partnering with an international leader in the fields of optics who has been contributing to technological optical progress for more than 50 years.

Barner’s lenses, have a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as smartphones, TV, tablet or computer screens.

How it works

Our lenses reflect parts of the blue-violet light emitted by digital devices, thereby avoiding the retina. Our treatment reduces the transmission drastically between 380 – 455 nm (450 being the most dangerous wavelength), while allowing the healthier blue-turquoise light (>460 nm) to increase our melatonin production, letting us sleep well and improving our circadian rhythm.

Other great features offered by Barner lenses

Our lenses have seven ultra-thin layers for incredibly hard lenses with the following characteristics:

 project video thumbnail

We have made a selection of 100% Italian Mazzucchelli acetate for the frames.

Mazzucchelli 1849, an Italian company based in Castiglione Olona, is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of sheets made of Cellulose Acetate, a polymer of natural origin, traditionally used in the production of optical and sunglass frames.

Check out the video below if you want to understand the whole manufacturing process of the Mazzucchelli acetate that will become a Barner frame.

 project video thumbnail


Every pair of Barner frames are handmade. Each front shape is cut from a unique flat sheet of 8mm Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, making every pair of frames exclusive. Acetate eyewear require more than 20 different handcrafting processes, making of every eyewear a masterpiece.

Cutting out acetate plaques to start building the frontal
Cutting out acetate plaques to start building the frontal
Cutting the flat sheet following our Barner's designs
Cutting the flat sheet following our Barner’s designs
Giving a slight curvature to the frontal part
Giving a slight curvature to the frontal part


Temples are cut from another sheet of 6mm thickness, heated and molded to reach their standard position. This is a great characteristic of handmade acetate glasses that can be adjusted to achieve the optimum fit for every user.

The Barner logo is lasered and then filled with a special liquified metal paint, to make sure it will never be erased.

Giving the proper curvature to the temples
Giving the proper curvature to the temples
Manually polishing frontal part & temples
Manually polishing frontal part & temples

Wire core & hinges

Together with our eyewear artisan, and based on his experience, we have selected a wire core from a German company that is embedded in every temple. Using this, we reinforce the temples and by mounting the hinge directly to this hardware we get a more solid construction and an excellent movement of the temple. A product that will be with you for a long time.

Inserting metal hinges into our acetate frames
Inserting metal hinges into our acetate frames

Check out the video below from our factory in Italy to see the whole manufacturing process of Barner eyewear.

We are a very user centric company and we want our users to have the greatest experience since the beginning. This is why we have developed a package with an amazing quality, a great design and filled with great surprises. 

We have developed 2 different cases for every different moment. The “Travel case” is a harder case, perfect to put in your luggage or backpack when travelling in order to avoid big damages on the lenses and frames.

We also have the “everyday case”, a case to use on a daily basis to carry your glasses around the office and from your home to the bar. Is very light and it will avoid your lenses to scratch.

These glasses are suitable for any kind of situation. You can use them any time you are in front of your laptop at the office, while using your device in bed before going to sleep, in a meeting room, using your laptop in your favourite bar, reading or watching your favourite series on the sofa and anytime you are moving around using your smartphone. Remember that we have plain & prescription lenses available.


  • Watch the video, check the content and once you know how you would like to support us, choose one of the pledges from the right column.
  • You won’t pay or choose any model at this point, you are only allowing Kickstarter to charge you the import of the pledge at the end of the campaign if we succeed with it.
  • Next to the pledge name, you can see the minimum amount you have to donate to get that pack.
  • Once the campaign ends, you will receive a survey to tell us your favorited model, colour, and prescription information if needed.
  • Remember! You are not only making a pledge for a pair of glasses, you are helping 3 guys to achieve their dreams.

Yes, we are prepared to provide our backers with their specific prescriptions lenses requirements (only monofocal)!

Special Kickstarter offer for prescription lenses just €25!

It’s easy, once the campaign ends, we will send you a survey so you can choose your favourite model, colour and whether you need prescription lenses or not. We will also need your pupillary distance (PD), so if you don’t have it yet, please check with your optometrist.

If you want prescription lenses, just add €25 to your pledge (for a pledge of multiple eyewear add €25 for every eyewear that needs prescription)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stock range for prescription is

  • Astigmatism (Cylinder): +4.00, -4.00
  • Myopia & farsightedness (Sphere): +6.00, -8.00

Based in Barcelona, Barner was founded in early 2017 by three friends, who after living a life totally immersed in the digital world, have identified a problem that is not only affecting themselves but millions of people all around the globe: the overexposure to harmful blue light.  

To solve this problem, we have decided to use a disruptive direct-to-consumer model where, by cutting out various middlemen, we will be able to produce the highest quality eyewear at a price that will be affordable to every single pocket.

We three share a common way of looking into the world and this is what we want to bring to life. We are not only producing a great product for your eyes’ health, but a brand for people with common values.

We believe in 2 things:

  • For many years we have been using sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sunlight. Nowadays digital screens are surrounding us emitting a new type of light which is very harmful for our health, we should protect from it.
  • Glasses are cool! You look good with them.

Barner is not only an eyewear company, it is a brand for people with a purpose.

Edu has been working in the digital space for many years. He built his first start-up 7 years ago and has also been working in companies like Samsung and Google for the past 4 years. The inspiration for Barner came up a couple of years ago, when after 1 week of long hours in front of his computer he was feeling fatigue, for the 1st time had some issue falling asleep and of course felt serious dryness in the eyes. Then he started investigating about the harmful effects of blue light and how we could protect from it.

Ramon founded his first start-up 2 years ago while he was working at Accenture as a Management Consultant. Working all day surrounded by digital devices and the blue light emitted by them, he felt his eyes were red and itchy, and had problems sleeping too. Tired of using eye drops, and as soon as Edu contacted him with the idea of Barner, he didn’t hesitate to join them in order to create a brand that will defend people’s health and wellbeing, and promote those values that define him: friendship, family, healthy life and to never stop learning.

Christopher started his career as an early Export Area Manager. After working for more than 5 years opening new markets for an architectural solutions company, he felt he needed to do something else with his life – start his own adventure. Edu contacted him with his great idea, just what he felt he wanted to do: starting from 0 – their own project, about an accessory he’s always been obsessed with but with a totally new concept with a benefit for everyone and with a brand he couldn’t feel more engaged too, he just couldn’t refuse it… Let’s Barner!

For the time being, Barner is just our dream, an idea in our heads that we would love to materialize and make it become a great company that people will be identified with. During the last few months we have worked together with different eyewear experts, developing multiple prototypes with the greatest materials to produce the eyewear you see today.

The Barner Team reviewing the eyewear's technical drawings
The Barner Team reviewing the eyewear’s technical drawings

In the current stage, we have registered the brand and produced a number of finalized units, but in order to make enough units to share with all of you, we need to place a substantial minimum order for the factory to start our first production. This is why we are offering you our product in this amazing platform before anywhere else. Your support is essential and highly appreciated.

20 seconds of your time could make the difference in growing the Barner community. Click one of the buttons below and tag a friend or co-worker who spends all day in front of digital devices!





Risks and challenges

The main challenge is probably having arrived here at this point. Writing those words, we feel so close to finishing our Kickstarter content and launching the campaign!

It seems we started yesterday talking about creating the Barner Brand, we have spent so many hours, days and months, travelling, visiting fairs, taking decisions and then changing our minds, and here we are now, convinced we are bringing you the coolest, most protective and the highest quality piece of everyday digital eyewear you can find in the market. This is why we think you should join us in this movement and be part of our family, we want you to become a Barner!

Even if we have managed everything properly with our suppliers and transport companies regarding manufacturing times and deliveries, we are more than prepared to successfully end this campaign but it is very important to us that our backers receive their product in the stipulated time. As you may know, there can always be issues with the manufacturing and/or the shipping but we will do all in our hands for this not to happen.

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