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World's most durable, elegant and reliable webcam cover with direct shipping! Practical, thin and affordable! More than a cover!

Evert Sanders Technology January 26, 2018 at 12:57 pm
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The CamHatch Webcam Cover

CamHatch Webcam Cover
CamHatch Webcam Cover

The CamHatch is a 100% unhackable hardware solution that is ultra-thin, small, secure and easy to use, which ensures you that no one is spying on you through your webcam.

  • Not a prototype but an actual product!
  • The original, among the first, and definitely the best
  • World’s longest lasting and ultra-thin 0.7 mm webcam cover (<0.03 inch)
  • Installed within seconds with an easy to use application card
  • Cover your webcam when you want privacy
  • Tested and sticks for 3.5 years and counting
  • Invest once to be safe forever
  • Leaves no traces behind when removed from your device
  • We have been testing for 3.5 years with paying (5000+) customers, including government agencies and several big companies
Simply swipe to open or close
Simply swipe to open or close
Thinner than your credit card
Thinner than your credit card

Why do you need to cover your webcam?

It is now more than ever important to cover your webcam. Besides the many, many experts who have talked about this issue, we have also witnessed the direct danger in our own environment, when we were contacted by a Dutch victim of a foreign webcam hacker. Not only Dutch students get hacked for blackmailing purposes, also perverts and people with other malicious intentions look through your camera. That’s because it is incredibly easy to hack a camera.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and the former Director of the FBI, James Comey, would be happy to have a CamHatch as they now use ugly tape to cover their camera!

Why CamHatch?

There is a lot of garbage on the market when it comes to webcam covers. While many considered this growing issue as a way to make quick money from concerned citizens, we decided to take a different approach. While we were one of the first to recognize this problem, we did not focus on getting to the mass market as soon as possible. Instead, we worked tirelessly by testing and re-evaluating the CamHatch on a smaller scale to ensure that our product not only works, but works great. This is how we are different than all other covers out there. The prizes that we’ve won along the way emphasize our focus on customer satisfaction and our continuous search for high quality.

To deal with the mistrust resulted from poorly managed projects and products of low quality in this industry’s past. We guarantee that your CamHatch will stick for at least 2 years, as demonstrated by our happy customers in the video above. To hold true to this claim, we grant you a warranty of 2 years on your CamHatch! Furthermore, a pledge equals a delivery, we are 100% sure about this and therefore we offer a refund in the very unlikely event of no delivery!

CamHatch will revolutionize cybersecurity products

We have been developing CamHatch since January of 2014 and were among one of the first to realize the severity of this problem. We immediately took action. After constructing our MVP we started to test our product on the market to generate feedback from our first paying customers. During 2016 we launched a pilot for one week, selling 500 pieces and generating as much customer feedback as possible. With our goal in mind to create the best webcam cover possible for anyone who wants to take back control over their privacy! All profits generated during this week were donated to charity (KiKa).

After this period, we further developed the CamHatch by testing the market with our product on a regular basis. Throughout this journey, we won the RSM Entrepreneurship Challenge at the prestigious Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, and we reached the finals of the Rotterdamse Startersprijs as one of the most promising Rotterdam based start-ups.

Now our product is finished, fully tested and its value proposition is validated. We created world’s most stylish webcam cover that sticks for a ridiculously long amount of time. So far, it sticks for 3,5 years and counting, while using it on a regular basis. However, if you wish to remove the CamHatch no traces will be left behind. It’s thinner than a bankcard and thereby thinner than almost all other webcam covers being sold currently.

Not a prototype but an actual finished product with more than 5.000 satisfied customers and 4.000 pieces supply on hand

As featured in

Google us to see our journey throughout the years.
Google us to see our journey throughout the years.

Our Vision

CamHatch at its core is an organization that aims to inform everyone about the dangers our 21st century digital age brings. People know to look down both sides of the street before they cross, to lock their door before they go out and to not dry your cat in their microwave. Yet, a staggering number of people have no clue what dangers technology brings.

The first issue we decided to tackle was webcam security, as hacks became more prevalent and victims reactions to such hacks were often devastating. When caught in a chain of repeated blackmails, victims are forced to pay or to have their social status destroyed by the hacker releasing the victims’ sensitive content, sometimes resulting in suicide.

This was unacceptable, especially since the solution was so simple. We set out to create the best and one of the first webcam covers out there. It was important to us that the CamHatch was elegant, thin and unobtrusive, so we could provide the perfect answer to those more concerned about the look of a device than the potential of risking their own privacy.

However, we ran into one last obstacle: price. We found that our production costs had to decrease drastically if we wanted to make the CamHatch cheap enough to cater to all of those concerned about their online safety.

That is why we arrived at Kickstarter. We believe that this community can help us raise enough funds to permanently decrease the price of the CamHatch and thus make the CamHatch available to more and more people worldwide, all the while creating awareness for the very real and serious problem of webcam security.

Teaching students about the dangers of the digital age
Teaching students about the dangers of the digital age

This business will change the cybersecurity industry forever

We are now ready to ship worldwide for free and to scale this business so that everyone in the world can protect their privacy in a stylish manner. We will first ship from the small supply that we used to validate the market, so be there early to get your reward shipped immediately (after reaching our pledge goal). We intend to revolutionize the way people see online privacy, future products to think of are MicHatch (to cover your microphone in a sleek and affordable manner), and products that can find out when someone is spying on you. After reaching success with CamHatch 1.0 we plan on developing more products to protect people’s privacy. We will continue to set up information sessions at high schools to prevent students from getting into trouble with online privacy and the disastrous consequences that can happen. Eventually, CamHatch is supposed to become a service where people concerned about their privacy, can hand in their device so we can do everything needed to secure their privacy.

As we firmly believe in our mission, we will donate 10% of our annual profits to a good cause in the form of free CamHatches to elementary and high school students. This is the most vulnerable group of webcam victims, since hacks to this demographic have shown to have the most disastrous consequences. One of many examples was a Dutch child who committed suicide after a naked picture of him got leaked on the internet.

We’ve got you covered and for a low price!

Other webcam covers are (you can choose multiple answers):

  • Expensive
  • Difficult to install
  • Not lasting long while sliding them, our glue is much stronger
  • Too thick or clumsy
  • Not elegant and practical
  • Leave traces when you remove them
  • Overall, not sufficiently tested and of significantly lower quality

CamHatch solves all of these problems!

Package & Installation Card
Package & Installation Card


Endless Possibilities for Customized Packaging
Endless Possibilities for Customized Packaging


Elegant & Simple
Elegant & Simple


The perfect gift
The perfect gift

We’ve tested and improved the CamHatch continuously until we were 100% certain the product meets the industries’ requirements.

Closes perfectly
Closes perfectly

Extremely easy to install

Compatible with

CamHatch works on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, few of these have protruding or unique shaped cameras. Therefore, for now, we cannot guarantee that the CamHatch will perfectly fit on all devices. We are continuously improving the CamHatch and we are on the verge of having a product that can be 100% customized for literally any device and shape. In the meantime, feel free to contact us through Kickstarter or via e-mail, if you have any questions.

Tested on

Compatible Laptop brands amongst others
Compatible Laptop brands amongst others


Dimensions of the CamHatch
Dimensions of the CamHatch
Free worldwide standard shipping
Free worldwide standard shipping

Our Journey

Team CamHatch

Our team consists of three Business Administration students and one experienced entrepreneur. Together, we are the team behind CamHatch. Our personal goal to have a world, in which everyone’s privacy is secured, goes beyond CamHatch. This allows us to see and dream further than the current product and our current business.

Thank you for your trust in us up to this point. Join our journey to be part of something amazing. We will revolutionize the cybersecurity industry by providing permanent and unhackable solutions to privacy issues.

Get your CamHatches now!

Spread the love

To help you help us, we introduced something new in our 7th update for our backers: if you write a comment under any of our updates or under the comment section with a link to your social media post, which mentions CamHatch on Kickstarter, we will include a personal thank you card with your order. We will write the cards immediately after you post the link and send them with your order later on.

Risks and challenges

Rather than working with prototypes or trial samples we have developed the product to its complete final stage. All along the way working with paying customers so we would get the most critical and honest feedback. Right now we can proudly say that more than five thousand professionals are already happy customers of CamHatch. However, there are still some risks and challenges. For the shipping of the low quantity packages we use regular mail. Therefore, we are relying on the service of these mail providers. To make sure everything goes smoothly you can always contact us for information or feedback!

Wait no prototypes?

We used our own savings to reach into the final stage of the product. Along the way we developed the infrastructure for mass production. Apart of the Early Bird backers that we can immediately deliver to, we expect no problems whatsoever with the bigger batch for the rest of the backers. This because the only thing we need to do is increase our production level rather than switch from prototype to production.

No prototypes were shown or used to create the content of this page.

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