Express Yourself with POVLAMP: The future of Smart Lighting.

Throw out the rulebook and enjoy the 16 million color 3D light show. This is lighting for the 21st-century, redefined.

Leonardo Novella Technology November 28, 2017 at 9:55 am
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The POVLAMP is a 3D pendant LED lamp (patent pending) which redefines interior lighting as we know it today. We took the lampshade as you know it and tore up the rulebook. The result is a completely unique lamp that lets you express yourself.


After five years of hard work, we are proud to present to you what we believe to be the world’s most advanced ceiling pendant lamp.

In short, POVLAMP brings the future of smart lighting to homes, offices, and entertainment venues around the world – and this is only the beginning of even more exciting lighting possibilities. But don’t listen to us: just watch it in action below.

POVLAMP in a Bar
POVLAMP in a Bar


Now, just imagine the possibilities! With over 16 million colors, switchable light guides, and mood-enhancing dimmability all controlled from a smart app, POVLAMP transforms your space at the flick of a fingertip.

God said, “Let there be light” and the POVLAMP takes light design one step further. With two light independently-controlled light sources – one interactive virtual lampshade and one powerful spotlight lamp for direct illumination – users have a breath-taking choice when it comes to illuminating a room and even creating a special mood.

Most of all, the POVLAMP lets you be creative and choose your own light show. You can even adjust the light show to the color of your soft furnishings or other objects simply by scanning the desired color with your smartphone.

Would you like to adjust the color of the 3D Lampshade to your furnishing?
Would you like to adjust the color of the 3D Lampshade to your furnishing?


BE AWESOME with the futuristic 3D lampshade that lets you express yourself, effortlessly with infinite variations to fit every situation


ENJOY ADAPTABLE LIGHTING that lets you change up how your whole living space looks on a whim.


BUILT FOR EVERYONE: The POVLAMP adds an extra level of sophistication and charm to your room, and also offers eye-catching possibilities for businesses seeking a unique talking-point to attract new business and customers. With over 16 million colors, creating a fine-tuned ambience that puts people in the right frame of mind.

“More than just lighting, the POVLAMP offers businesses an exciting way to differentiate yourself from the competition with an attractive visual display that showcases everything your business has to offer.”


INCREDIBLE COLORS: Let you see the entire rainbow and beyond; with over 16 million colorsyou can recreate any mood or atmosphere to suit your needs at any given time – why be stuck with just one?

Using color, you can transform the ambience of your entertainment venue to get guests in the right mood.


And the “WOW!” effect is all but guaranteed thanks to its smart design, smart package, and radiant, infinite choice of lighting colors.

When it comes to your nightclub, lighting is more than half the battle when it comes to creating the perfect ambience. Whether you’re looking for a chilled out, relaxed atmosphere, a frantic pace, or simply just a light show that leaves the punters amazed, POVLAMP is your solution.

POVLAMP in a club
POVLAMP in a club

UNLIMITED FUNCTIONS provides you with the ultimate in flexible lighting with virtually light profiles for every possible mood and environment, both residential and commercial.

The exclusive entertainment factor of the 3D POV lampshade is predestined.
The exclusive entertainment factor of the 3D POV lampshade is predestined.


With POVLAMP you can choose between functional light and ambient light, or a combination of both lights at the same time to create sets for each type of desired application.


In an era when consumers are becoming blind to traditional forms of advertising, reaching out through new and innovative ways is key to keeping your business in front of them.

Application example in a car showroom (photomontage, concept)
Application example in a car showroom (photomontage, concept)

With the POVLAMP you can now transform your business into an interesting destination – even after closing time.

Application example in a store (photomontage, concept)
Application example in a store (photomontage, concept)

The store experience for customers starts outside – before actually stepping inside the shop – so it’s important to create a full engaging experience starting from the windows and shop façade.

POVLAMP can turn any passerby into a shopper.
POVLAMP can turn any passerby into a shopper.


SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND FINE ENGINEERING with LED provides up to 50,000 hours of lighting at multiple color temperatures, combined with a ultra silent motor, offers a revolutionary performance unmatched on the market.

POVLAMP Features
POVLAMP Features

Let you quickly program your POVLAMP wherever you are – from dimmed lights to setting up the right mood for a romantic evening; it’s all at your fingertips.

The POVLAMP is designed for people seeking something cutting-edge and filled with the promise of infinite possibilities.

POVLAMP is designed to be simple to use, with intuitive smartphone controls that let you quickly and easily choose the ambience you want.


The inspiration for the POVLAMP was simple: we wanted to take the concept of a lamp and upgrade it, transforming it from a utilitarian part of everyday life into a work of art.

The design of the POVLAMP reflects its inspiration – everything is controlled through an app, making it easy to create lighting that is sensitive to your needs at any given moment.

At the heart of the POVLAMP vision are freedom and expression. Made with high-quality aluminum parts, the POVLAMP even looks good when not in use, catching the eye with a strikingly minimalistic, yet elegant design which invites comment.


POVLAMP is not just designed to look good. It has been designed with a fine eye for mechanical detail to ensure that the technology which brings the lighting to life is at the cutting-edge of today’s lighting technology.


The POVLAMP Power LED Spot offers three color temperatures of cold, neutral, and warm, along with three brightness levels of low, medium, and high. The including dimming function lets you fine-tune the brightness even more.


Within the design let the POVLAMP use its own air circulation to keep it cool, ensuring that the LED technology’s lifespan is optimized for a long life.

“Basically we can say that POVLAMP is the first lamp that uses its own cooling process to generate an optical effect that acts as a source of light, which is the fundamental element of its own aesthetic form”

Self-cooling process of the lamp
Self-cooling process of the lamp


AUTOMATIC SPEED ADJUSTMENT: The POVLAMP is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor. The sensor measures the installation height of the lamp. The motor speed will be automatically adjusted to a safe speed range if the mounting height is less then 2.3 meters. (legal minimum height for the installation of ceiling fans without protection)

Ultrasonic sensors detect mounting height of the POVLAMP
Ultrasonic sensors detect mounting height of the POVLAMP

What happens when I touch the light guides?

At safe rotational speed, nothing happens. We have already extensively tested this, and you can see what happens in the video below. The intelligent motor driver turns the motor off immediately, as soon as an error is detected – even if the motor current varies only a little.

For more informations, please read the SAFETY FAQ’s here..


ULTRA SILENT OPERATION is guaranteed by the custom-designed, proprietary brushless,sensor-controlled DC motor which is incredibly quiet and energy efficient, even if left on as long as 24 hours.

Video: POVLAMP vs. Clock. Note that the lamp in the video is at maximum speed (450RPM). At just With 300RPM, for example, you cannot even hear the light wind that the POVLAMP produces.

An other sound comparison video for the skeptics 🙂


The POVLAMP is not a normal lamp. It is a real machine, and in Switzerland, machines are made according to the highest quality and precision requirements. With lower requirements, the POVLAMP wouldn’t even work in the first place!

For correct and clear projection of the lampshade, the lamp cannot vibrate or be unbalanced. For this reason the quality requirements of the individual parts that are necessary for the projection of the lampshade are very high.

Learn more about our quality requirements and production costs here. (FAQ’s)


ATMOSPHERIC COOLING the spinning motion of the POVLAMP creates a pleasant, slight wind that can have a cooling effect, particularly on hot days or in crowded environments.

Insider Tip: Especially on hot days, the POVLAMP can also serve as a fan to create a pleasant, fresh air draft in the room.

Dinner with the Povlamp
Dinner with the Povlamp

The unique motor which drives the POVLAMP is a result of years of testing, hard work, and re-iteration to develop a perfectly balanced motor using high-precision digital balancing to minimize noisy vibrations and wear and tear.

Precisely manufactured, installed, and tested by hand, the motor is one of the most impressive technological feats of the POVLAMP, and the key to its incredible performance.

We are still developing the packaging for POVLAMP, which is designed to be secure for safe shipping of the following parts:

  • POVLAMP with fabric power cable
  • Four (4) special light guides
  • One (1) lampshade mountingplate
  • One (1) ceiling mount and power supply




  Detailed datasheet of the POVLAMP here.


“This is where it can get really exciting, especially for businesses who want a dynamic new method of advertising. Instead of just having a light source that blends into the background, the POVLAMP can become an almost interactive part of a brand’s messaging


As you can see, POVLAMP is an exciting project that can dramatically enhance your life and your business. But rather than rest on our laurels, we are already working on a other version.

Application examples of Povlamp&Trickstick fusion
Application examples of Povlamp&Trickstick fusion

We call it the POVLAMP FUSION, and this takes the concept of the POVLAMP one step further, opening a whole new world of possibilities with moving animations, graphics, and a light show of infinite choice.

The POVLAMP FUSION’s development is a result of our ongoing collaboration with Trickstick, who successfully funded their own Kickstarter. We knew we wanted to create this, but doing so alone would take many years – so when we saw Trickstick’s Kickstarterand its successful financing and completion, we had to ask them if they would collaboratewith us.


They said yes – and the development of the first POVLAMP FUSION prototype took just only three months, and was introduced at the world’s biggest fair of retail design in Düsseldorf, Germany on March 17th to big interest.

The FUSION goes beyond the original POVLAMP and offers a hugely attractive range of applications for businesses seeking new, vibrant, and eye-catching ways to market their goods and services.

“With just one light, you can completely grab the attention of people and give them a message. That’s so hard to do right now, and the POVLAMP is going to be a huge gamechanger.”

Application examples of Povlamp&Trickstick fusion
Application examples of Povlamp&Trickstick fusion
“With guerrilla marketing and interactivity gaining popularity for businesses as people grow immune to more traditional advertising methods, the POVLAMP marks a new potential strategy for a forward-looking business that’s eager to make a seemingly-boring décor staple an experience that stops people and engages them.”

MORE DEVELOPMENTS AND ADJUSTMENTS ARE NEEDED: The prototype is very nearly there – but in order to be ready for the market, we must make some changes to maximize the performance of the POVLAMP FUSION:

  • Redesign of circuit boards for streamlined performance
  • Software modifications to allow operation with four parallel Tricksticks
  • Switching to WiFi modules from Bluetooth for enhanced connectivity
  • Improvements to the existing app for improved functionality

In brief, the POVLAMP FUSION brings together the best of both projects to create something that has never been seen before – and a world-first for Kickstarter by merging together two very close projects.

The funding process of POVLAMP has been divided into two logical goals which reflect the status of our two prototype POVLAMPS at the time of creating this Kickstarter.

FUNDING GOAL 1: Our first funding goal is to help finance the original POVLAMP and bring it to market readiness. Once this goal is met, we will be able to start with the production and shipping units to backers and consumers, transforming spaces across the world with an interactive virtual 3D pendant lamp.

FUNDING GOAL 2: Our second funding goal is to help finance the POVLAMP FUSION and push forward the final engineering and design for the POVLAMP FUSION with Tricksticks, enabling us to get this exciting new iteration ready for the market.



NOTE: Our reward for POVLAMP FUSION will only be available once the funding for goal one has been achieved.









NDF Zürich, was founded to tackle common industry issues in self-production; namely, a lack of funding, leading to the quest for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, combined with entrepreneurial solutions to bring creative projects to life.

Each POVLAMP is made in the lamp factory, a micro-factory which assembles, tests, packages, and ships lamps to consumers. The factory is also home to a technical laboratory for the ongoing development of new and exciting prototypes.




We are thrilled to have you on board and ecstatic that you support our vision. With you as our backer, we can create a lamp with endless possibilities for every situation.

Additionally, a big shout out to all the people who have helped us on our journey to make the POVLAMP happen.

We want to thank Federico Furlanetto for his awesome helpful support and its trust in this project.

We would also like to thank our suppliers and partners, including: Electricks (USA) | Insign Labs GmbH (Switzerland) | Dynamic Motion (Switzerland) | B.C.M. Power & Tools (Italy) | Beta Layouts GmbH (Germany) | BBA AG Magnet (Switzerland) | Rovitec GmbH (Switzerland) | Glanzmann Verpackungen (Switzerland) …….and many others

Finally, we thank our families for their support and love – and also for their tolerance of our long hours at work! 🙂


  • Video + Graphic Material produced by POVLAMPS
  • Music on KS Video: GyMusic Upbeat Indie Rock Pop, Professor Kliq-Phillipai, Professor Kliq Touch Me


From standard bulb to a smart interactive LED light for every application area.

Developmental process of the functional light
Developmental process of the functional light




From Prototype 1° to the Final Version by POVLAMPS

Intro Graphic Animation by Philipp Moesch

Trailer by POVLAMP 

Demovideo by Manuel Wenk

Video Portrait POVLAMP Story by Digitec Galaxus (language: swiss german):

Dont keep POVLAMP a secret! Help us spread the world:




Risks and challenges

It took over five years to develop POVLAMP. In that time, we developed close ties with local partners in processes including the order of materials, producing CNC parts, producing circuit boards, and assembly of the final product. These processes have now been perfected. However, as with any product, delays can happen in the supply change.

From the very beginning of this project, we endeavored to adhere to the safety standards for machines and lights as set by local certification boards in Switzerland. We have met with these boards several times to ensure a smooth launch – however, the process of certification is slow, and we cannot speed it up.

Before we can ship, we must ensure that the quality of the product and its safety has been ranked. If POVLAMP does not meet these rigorous standards, delays will occur; we only want to ship what we promise, not a pale imitation.

POVLAMP is made by Novella Designfactory (NDF) Zürich, the full-time workshop of Leonardo Novella alongside his part-time assistant, Vanessa Biondo. Currently a sole trading business, NDF Zürich will become a limited company upon successful funding of the POVLAMP. Our two-person team limits our capacity for growth; we need more staff and bigger premises, pending demand. This would be one of the first steps we take to ship POVLAMP to our backers faster.

In December 2016, POVLAMP and Tricksticks fused together to create a new, merged version of the POVLAMP which was successfully tested and displayed at the world’s biggest international retail design exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany in March 2017.

This is a world-first collaboration on Kickstarter, and we are working around the clock to get this new fusion lamp on the market as soon as possible. Despite the long distance between the United States and Switzerland, good communication helped us to develop and troubleshoot issues quickly.

As this is still in development, delays can occur – such as for specialized adjustments to the app. Should this happen, we will keep our backers informed.

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