eyeQ Immersive Smart Capture Binocular

Turn your smartphone into an immersive binocular camera. ZOOM - Capture - Live Stream - Be-in-the-Moment!

Mary Shulenberger Technology November 10, 2017 at 11:07 am
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When at an event, you take pics or videos with your phone, you have to make a tough decision:

Should you immerse yourself in the thrill of the moment or capture that moment on your smartphone to remember forever?

With eyeQ, you can do both. Simply slide your smartphone into the eyeQ Mixed Reality Smart Viewer, look through the lenses and — voila! — you simultaneously experience the moment while capturing, sharing, and live streaming it in real time.

It’s a total revolution in the way we view, capture, and record the world.

Not only does eyeQ let you capture images and video while viewing in first-person, it also comes with 16x zoom that lets you magnify what you’re seeing.


Why eyeQ?

Picture this: You’re in the middle of one of life’s special occasions. Maybe it’s your little one’s dance recital, your friend’s wedding, or a wicked surf competition. You want to capture it on video forever, so you use your smartphone, but you also want to see and experience the moment live.

Tired of pinching your phone screen when zooming and covering up what you are trying to capture? With eyeQ, you can zoom with a simple finger press on the touchpad.

With eyeQ you won’t have to choose between experiencing or capturing the moment.

Just slip your smartphone into eyeQ and suddenly you can shoot the action while viewing it in eye-popping HD.  eyeQ’s advanced optics magnify your screen up 16x so you can view the live event in HD. The innovative touch pad interface connects through Bluetooth to activate all your phone’s camera functions. Its simple, one touch slide zoom action allows you to zoom in and out of the action while you view, record, live stream and share simultaneously.




It’s been a long research and development journey to create the most immersive viewing and recording experience ever conceived.

eyeQ and its custom-built app, complement your phone’s technology to produce a live experience that compromises nothing while you create lasting memories. Here are eyeQ’s key features:

eyeQ turbo charges your phone’s screen display. It captures visual input from your phone and displays it on a gorgeous screen inside your eyeQ immersive smart viewer. See the world in true HD.


eyeQ boasts advanced optics that let you zoom in and out of events as you watch or record. Current specs allow for up to 16x zoom — so you can view images at 16 times their normal size. You can use the zoom feature when shooting photos, recording video, or just viewing anything you want to look at.


eyeQ’s intuitive touchpad maps to a heads up display to control your phone’s advanced camera features all at your fingertips.


eyeQ enhances the capabilities of your smartphone’s photo and video camera with advanced control functions. Shoot real time video or capture one special moment in a photo — all while experiencing the scene in rich immersive reality.


eyeQ’s Live app connects with your smartphone’s GPS and motion sensing capabilities to apply a time-stamp and geographic location to your videos, photos and panoramas.


eyeQ’s ergonomic design enhances your phone’s built-in image stabilization making it possible for you to view and capture action shots like never before.


The eyeQ app for iPhone and Android, provided free with the eyeQ viewer, controls all key functionality from one intuitive interface. We’re hard at work on even more exciting features, like drone piloting, first person viewing, support for a telephoto attachment, panoramic views, and more.


“As a social influencer, using eyeQ, I’m no longer a videographer, I’m an active participant that gets to share the experience of being right there with my audience”— Adryenn Ashley

“The eyeQ brings a technological edge to the avid sports fan’s experience. I see great potential for the adoption of augmented reality into the live game environment. By allowing the fan to capture treasured moments while not sacrificing the live experience itself, the eyeQ brings fans closer to the team and to each other.”— Matt Ryder,  Former SJ Sharks Executive

“WOW! This better than I imagined! I’d use it at so many venues…I love going to concerts and outdoor events and would  use it even if  I wasn’t capturing, it’s amazingly clear to view through!”— Jeremy Wall,  Founder /CEO  Lumenus

“Recording video with Pi’s eyeQ real life viewer is ten times better than my iPhone!!! It’s the spectators’ GoPro™”— CJ Jacobs, ReadWrite

“eyeQ  is something I really got excited about!  We wandered the show looking for new and different things, saw lots of cool airplanes and stuff like that…but with this thing I went WHOA – this is really cool!”— ESPN  Chauncey’s Great Outdoors

Watch the full ESPN interview >



Our initial inspiration for the eyeQ came from a galaxy far far away in the original Star Wars  episode when the electro-binoculars were first introduced.  We imagined how cool it would be to use them to solve a universal problem for missing exciting moments at live events while capturing them with our smartphones.

We have special memories and events we love to attend. Sometimes, we want to immortalize them in photo or video. When taking pictures or shooting video the usual way, your device ‘blocks the view,’ as you hold one arm outstretched with the device in front.

Our aim is to do away with the problems of normal smartphone filming – blurry footage, squinting at screens and missing out on the moment. We want to create a future where the moment is as precious as the memories, and we can enjoy BOTH in gorgeous hi-definition. This ‘immersive reality’ is what we want to bring to you and the world with the eyeQ – and we’re working every day to bring the dream to life.

We believe, if it’s worth capturing…it’s worth experiencing

Thank you,

About the Creators

Parle Innovation was born out of the curiosity and imagination of two tech entrepreneurs, Mary Parle Shulenberger and Art Shulenberger.

The duo’s goal was first and foremost to develop innovative, hi-tech solutions to modern day problems. EyeQ is nothing less than a revolution in spectator viewing and video capture and we’ve got a whole lot more planned after this. We’re counting on you, the Kickstarter community, to fund initial production and bring the first of many innovative tech products to life.

The eyeQ Team















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Risks and challenges

Our eyeQ team has a strong background in product design and engineering. We have shipped products to leading companies around the world. Our software engineers have worked with Apple and Android development teams and we do not anticipate any compliance problems
We are building our technology and electronics on a widely used protocol.

We’ve previously submitted apps that work with this technology and the eyeQ’s touchpad. Our intuitive iOs App is currently available on the iTunes App Store, search: eyeQ Live.

Developing innovative hardware always carries risks, from design problems to unexpected costs. That’s why from the very beginning it’s been our priority to eliminate as many risks as possible. We’ve spent the last 24 months developing the eyeQ with several versions of working prototypes to make sure it is robust and reliable. We’ve also produced 10 pre-production prototype units to test the user experience and to flush out any remaining design and production issues.

While we are working hard to meet and exceed your expectations of our product, we do know there is potential for delays and miscalculations in our projections. In case of any mishap, we will do everything we can to communicate and make it right. We value your support and look forward to giving you an amazing eyeQ experience for years to come.

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