FOCX Everyday Wallet

A pull-tab minimalist smart wallet. Designed for every day.

Serkan Elbasan Design November 7, 2017 at 3:22 pm
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A new kind of wallet. Handmade in Germany.

We are very happy to be able to present the FOCX Everyday Wallet to you. About a year ago, we started looking for a wallet which, at the time, did not exist. The idea was to make it minimalist and functional while, at the same time, including some technical features and – most importantly – making its owners proud due to the uniqueness of its design. Throughout the research and benchmarking period, we bought and cut up dozens of wallets, interviewed wallet buyers and analyzed their comments, resulting in three features we have managed to successfully integrate in our work. An aspect we have found particularly important is the harmonious and purposeful combination of both shape and function. The product we have managed to develop during many a sleepless night and countless trials and errors is making us very proud and we are pretty sure to have found the perfect wallet for a great deal of kickstarters.

Smart, flexible and minimal.

Our aspiration is to make an outstandingly designed product which is useful, long-lasting, and provides a clever solution to your everyday needs. When creating The FOCX Everyday Wallet, we focused on a minimalist design which, at the same time, would simplify the handling of your cards. It took us many sleepless nights and tough testing to find this new design combining leather components, an elastic band and grosgrain. By launching the FOCX Everyday Wallet, we want to bring a change to the world of wallets.

All good things.

We believe in the uniqueness of each wallet. Therefore, we leave our FOCX Everyday Wallets with a natural finish, giving each piece its own unique look. FOCX Wallets are made from natural cattle hide leather, a wax finish and the toughest and most flexible elastic band available. As a special modern technology feature, we have installed an NFC Tag 215 with more than 500 bytes so that, along with your cards and cash, you can even carry your data with you. The FOCX New Wallet is slim and stylish and yet long-lasting. Why not replace your unwieldy old wallet with a FOCX Everyday Wallet and show off with it?!

Thanks to advice we received from one of the leading leather suppliers in Europe, we were able to find the best type of leather for the FOCX Wallet. It is natural cattle hide leather with a wax finish named Timber which has an ecological mineral tannage and gives a very natural impression.

Offering a stretchability of over 110% and a mixture of 85% polyester and 15% elastane, we have found the perfect and most durable elastic band for our wallet. An enormous number of elastic bands failed our tests. We have only found one that is up to our requirements.

Equipped with a capacity of over 500 bytes and a frequency compatible with all new smartphone models, water resistant design and rewritability of over 1 000 000 times, you will get one of the highest-quality NTAGs available on the market.

Our yarns meet the highest requirements and – measuring yarn size 40 – are significantly more stable than those used in most other wallets. The world’s market leader in yarns located in Germany is just good enough for us.

The RFID Blocking Cards we purchase especially for producing the FOCX Wallet do not only reliably protect your data from digital theft, they also look stylish and can be used flexibly.

Long distance travel.

Being a graphics designer of over 15 years of experience, I have always been fascinated with product design. I started liking the idea of designing a product you could touch. This had, of course, been the case with the numerous magazines I had designed as well – but it was not the same thing. Over a year ago, my wife gave me a box labeled Kickstarter Starter Pack for my birthday. Its content: every possible kind of tools, oils and materials for leather working. At first, I was skeptical and did not even touch the box for quite some time. Then my wife started sending me video clips on Youtube over and over again – more than one clip every day! And yes, she can indeed be a very strong headed woman. So, I started getting involved and very soon became highly passionate about what I was doing. Over the past year, I tested more than 50 prototypes, considered all kinds of feedback I received and gradually improved and refined every detail of my product.

Setting a new trend.

NFC Technology offers a great deal of interesting possibilities and we believe that this technology will expand over all kinds of areas in the near future. By using it for our FOCX Everyday Wallets, we want to directly participate in setting this trend. Applying NFC technology to wallets seems an obvious step, all the more since it allows for an ideal combination of smartphones and wallets. We always carry both of them with us, thus creating an almost unlimited number of possibilities: whether when muting the volume of your smartphone in a meeting, giving WiFi access to your friends or transferring your contact data to your customers, colleagues or flirts – everything is possible and easy as 1, 2, 3 by simply touching your wallet.


  • Share Your Wi-Fi Password with Guests
  • Enter Driving Mode When You Dock Your Phone
  • Share Contact Information
  • Launch Tasker Actions
  • Trigger Sleep Mode from your bed
  • Make a hotspot for your laptop and tablet
  • Ditch Your Wallet with Android Pay
  • Check Your Bank Account by Tapping Your Wallet

FOCX™ is shielded.

It goes without saying that we have made sure to consider your safety, too. The FOCX blocking card is a state-of-the-art feature, making your bank card data and other confidential digital information a hundred percent safe with the FOCX Wallet. However, in order for you to be able to continue using your card for near-field communication as previously, only the front of your FOCX Wallet is shielded. By inserting your card into the reverse compartment, you can go on opening doors, making payments or doing whatever you like with it. By using the wallet, you decide on how you use your data.


RFID credit cards let you make payments just by touching the card to a scanner rather than swiping across or inserting into a terminal. As with most kinds of contactless payment methods, they’re designed for convenience. The RFID Blocking Cards are specially designed to Block unwanted RFID scanners from reading your cards. It will block all electromagnetic fields and prevent communication between your cards and RFID scanners.

Well thought out plan.

In order to be able to meet production deadlines and guarantee 100% timely delivery, we have recruited a team of 5 experienced seamstresses and another 3 substitute workers. In the case of material delivery shortages we will inform you immediately. However, our project planning has been impeccable, which is why we are quite sure to find suitable solutions to any possible problem at any time. For we take support very seriously.


Risks and challenges

We have made sure our product meets the highest quality standards. We will use highest-quality materials and perform product quality tests.

In case our FOCX Everyday Wallet receives funding, we guarantee to meet the promised deadlines. If, nevertheless, the quality of the product or packaging does not meet your requirements, we will personally make sure to assemble and ship your orders to the best of your wishes.

We do not expect any direct risks and problems. However, there may always be indirect or unforeseen issues that may present themselves during the production process. Due to our thorough planning, we are confident everything will run as smoothly as possible and even ahead of schedule.

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