Grazy Cow – Tasty and healthy 100% grass-fed beef.

Get the world's tastiest and healthiest 100% grass-fed "Terroir" beef delivered to your home each month!

Hildson Lopes Food December 7, 2017 at 11:56 am
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Introducing Grazy Cow

Get the world’s tastiest and healthiest 100% grass-fed beef delivered to your home each month.

Grazy Cow is a monthly subscription that delivers delicious, healthy beef to your doorstep!

Why should you go 100% grass-fed?

What Makes Our Beef Extra Special?

Here’s What You Get Each Month!

Each Grazy Box comes with approximately 7-8lbs of 100% grass-fed, sustainably raised, Britannic and Angus-Hereford beef. Approximately 2/3 of the box is comprised of premium cuts, like rib eye, tenderloin, and NY strip, to name just a few. At $99 per month, with free shipping within the Continental US, this translates to an average of $5.83/serving for high-quality and healthy protein.

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How Grazy Cow Started

Grazy Cow was founded by Hildson “Hil” Lopes. Hildson grew up as a world class surfer, meditation enthusiast, and vegetarian! This all changed once Hil started a family and his youngest son fell ill with a gastrointestinal disorder.

By this time, Hildson had already relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after serving as a country CFO for a Fortune 50 company, headquartered in the Bay Area. Doctors in the US suggested that his son go on an organic vegetable, wild-caught fish, Probiotics and 100% grass-fed beef diet to rebuild his gut flora and microbiome that had been destroyed by external factors. The antibiotics and pesticides found in most US produce, poultry, and meat should stay away from his son’s diet.

After switching to a full organic, wild-caught seafood, 100% grass-fed diet, Hildson’s son symptoms earlier believed to be ASD, disappeared. This full recovery, along with Hil’s own research into the medical literature surrounding the negatives effects that antibiotics, artificial hormones, and pesticides have on our gut and consequentially body and mind, was a life-changing realization.

Hildson quickly got his whole family on the 100% grass-fed, organic diet. But even in the Bay Area, Hil found it difficult to access reliable, reasonably priced 100% grass-fed beef for his family on a monthly basis. He knew there could be a better, easier way – so he started Grazy Cow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide more people and families in the US with conveniently delivered, fairly priced, sustainably raised, antibiotic and hormone-free, 100% grass-fed beef from some of the best suppliers from the US, Australia, Uruguay, New Zealand and more.

Thank You!

We truly believe in the farm-to-table movement and invite you to join in this revolution! Please try our service and make a pledge by clicking on the “Back this Project” button at the top of the page.

Risks and challenges

As a team with years of corporate business development experience, we understand that things don’t always go according to plan. However, we understand our project’s primary challenges and have developed ways to mitigate its risk.

100% grass-fed beef is not easy to source as the vast majority of domestic producers tend to give grain-based diets. We have established a relationship with a number of ranches in the US, and also in Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia. Thanks to our creation, the Terroir Beef approach, and our premier pasture, breed, and animal care conditions, we are confident that our customers will have the best 100% grass-fed beef available on the market today.

We understand that a lot of factors are involved in the the fulfillment and distribution of perishable goods. We have looked at several possible partners and decided to go with a company, in the midwest, that is family owned and has been in operation for over a 100 years. They have been delivering beef in the US for over 2 decades. We are confident that they will continue their good work.

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