High Life Planner / First Stone Paper Planner that adapts to your values and needs

Planner with a system that adapts to your values and needs. With water-resistant paper that protects the environment.

Minh Duong Design January 23, 2018 at 2:42 pm
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This planner is designed to identify what you really want and put it into an action plan so you don´t need to dream your dreams but turn them into reality.

This planner is based on proven psychological knowledge and experience to help improve one important part and that part is YOU. This planner will follow you on each step to change your habits for the better, keep track of your achievements but also reflect on what you want to improve.

We encourage you to aim higher but also provide you with tools on how to reach these goals. Think of this as your best companion who helps you be more creative, be happier, more fulfilled and at the end closer to your true you and best version of yourself.

This planner is undated so you can decide where and when to start your new journey.

Your Choice, the blank stone paper notebook for bullet journalists who want to express their creativity or the designed planner with all the tools that will focus completely on you.

Life Circle

Select the values that are important to You.

You define where you are standing and where you want to go. True fulfillment is not what others expect from you, rather than you matching your values. With this set, our following tools will help you to reach exactly just that.

Start your journey with a vision

Four sections to ensure clarity

Set your vision map for your goals and desires. Allow yourself to dream, to aim higher and be creative. After that, you can put it in a timeline to know which step to achieve next. Use the vision board to add pictures and see your dream with all its colors.

Weekly Layout

Designed to fit everybody’s needs

Our weekly layout is full of possibilities, use our timeline to set your most important To Dos. Then block that time on your weekly schedule accordingly and set your appointments. Change habits with our weekly and daily habits tracker for your focus points, achievements, lessons, commitments, and gratitude. Write down your thoughts on your space of creativity.

Weekly Review

We want you to succeed, review every week and search for points to improve. Celebrate your accomplishments, but also set your specific goals for next week. Do not dream your dreams, turn them into reality with your action plan.

Monthly Schedule + Review

The monthly sheet lets you reflect on the last month and plan for the month. Moreover, the Life Circle will help you focus on the things what is really important in life and act on it.

Our notebooks will provide you with space to spread your creativity and visualize your dreams and goals.

Stone paper has a number of advantages over traditional paper made from wood pulp. Stone Paper collects no static charge, is acid-free with a neutral pH, has no grain, is water, grease, and insect resistant, and tears with difficulty due to a latex-like texture.

Because it is not made from fibers, Stone Paper possesses a smoother surface than most traditional paper products, obviating the need for a coating or lamination. The source of the calcium carbonate is waste material collected from marble quarries and offcuts which are ground and reduced to fine white calcium carbonate powder. The production of Stone Paper uses no water, acid and no bleach or optical brighteners.

Water- and soft-drink resistant 

It is very important for us to provide you with all the possibilities this planner offers you. That is why we will give you access to our online seminars that improve your productivity but also help you find clarity on your way to fulfillment.

We provide four different options:

Stone paper is 2-3 times heavier than normal paper, that is why we chose for the bigger version a slightly smaller standard than DIN A4. So you have all the advantages and still keep a convenient planner. The planner is undated and will provide you with space until the end of the year.

We are all embarked on this personal journey of discovering our true selves, who we are, what unique mission we are each meant to pursue in this life that fulfills us and makes us attain long-lasting happiness.

To that end, we are given the amazing gift of Life and its set of challenges to figure it out.

Aside from those challenges, we have often resolved to achieve many goals for ourselves, but don´t always feel fulfilled once we´ve met them.

Why is that?

Simply because we might miss clarity for ourselves. We often tend to focus on the less trivial things rather than to see the bigger picture.

And why is that?

Each of us withholds the great potential that leads to personal success out of fear of the unknown and what is out of our reach. Anyone can achieve their dreams and be the best version of themselves if not for all of those excuses that prevent us from being amazing.

Through trials and errors, I personally took the long road towards finding happiness. But little did I know that this journey had so much in store for me and would embark me on a whole new adventure that has led me to a very exciting destination.

That destination is this COMMUNITY.

The key focus of our planner is self-improvement and we are dedicated to making the best product to achieve this cause.

Furthermore,  we believe education is key for a brighter future, and support schools in the US.

Environmental protection is a big part of our project, that is why we chose to use stone paper. If you can identify yourself with some or all of the values we stand for, follow us on social media and share this message.

We decided to offer a Referral- & Gift- Program. How it works?

Gift Program:

1. Buy a hard copy planner

2. Choose a friend who will get 6x PDF (pink,blue,black,dated,undated) + access to online seminars (worth 10$) at the end of our campaign.

Referral Program:

1.Recommend us

2. Your friend buys a hard copy planner

3. You or your friend send us an email or DM

4. You will receive 6x PDF (pink,blue,black,dated,undated) + access to online seminars (worth 10$) at the end of our campaign.

Prices in the US might be shown in Dollars

 Discount on price + shipping cost with higher quantity

Risks and challenges

We are doing everything in our power to deliver this product to you at the mid of March. We try to minimize any risk of delay for you. Nevertheless, we hope for your understanding that there can be unforeseen delays in manufacturing and shipping.

Transparency throughout every step we undertake is our commitment to you. If there are any issues regarding our planner, you will hear it. Moreover, we are going to ensure that it will be settled and have you enjoy an amazing product that will follow you on your path.

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