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Drive smarter with a head-up display, a safer way to get directions, calls and texts without taking your eyes off the road.

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Hudly Wireless is a portable head-up display (HUD) that offers a smarter and more convenient way to get directions and even see calls and texts without ever taking your eyes off the road. It connects wirelessly to both iOS and Android devices and can be installed in virtually any car. You can use our app, optimized to get the most out of a head-up display, or cast any of your favorite apps directly in your line of sight for seamless navigation.

Since 2015, we at Hudly have been dedicated to providing an affordable, smarter driving experience to drivers around the world. We delivered our first HUD earlier this year and we’re excited to return with a new re-imagined experience – Hudly Wireless.

Head-up displays (HUD) are a safer way to access vital navigation and vehicle diagnostics without taking your eyes off the road. Reduce distractions behind the wheel when apps like Google Maps and Waze are cast directly in your line of sight. Maintain full awareness of the road ahead as the info you need guides you to your destination.

Fighter jets have been using HUDs for decades to safely navigate the skies. While new luxury cars now arrive with HUDs pre-installed, Hudly is a sleek, affordable aftermarket option that works in any car.

How does Hudly Wireless make driving safer?  

Every second your eyes aren’t focused on the road increases the likelihood of an accident. Driving with mounted phones might seem safer, but they still block your view and force you to look away from the road. With Hudly, you can easily access vital driving info without looking away from the road.

Mounted phones are also located in a separate focus plane from the road, requiring your eyes to refocus every time you look away from the road to view directions on your phone. Hudly uses optical collimation to display directions in a similar focus plane as the road, elevating your reaction time and situational awareness since there is no longer a need to refocus your eyes for directions. Now it’s easier than ever to look forward and stay focused on the road.

When your phone is approx. a foot in front of you, you can't see around it or be aware of what's in front of you.
When your phone is approx. a foot in front of you, you can’t see around it or be aware of what’s in front of you.


With an optically-collimated HUD like Hudly, both the road and the casted info appear in focus, allowing you to maintain your situational awareness.
With an optically-collimated HUD like Hudly, both the road and the casted info appear in focus, allowing you to maintain your situational awareness.


With Hudly Wireless, casted info appear as if it's floating on the road ahead.
With Hudly Wireless, casted info appear as if it’s floating on the road ahead.




We are obsessed with making the best HUDs to improve driver safety. Hudly has been focused solely on developing HUDs since inception. Pairing our experience and obsession with a manufacturer and R&D team who has been at the forefront of HUDs for 8 years, Hudly is a product of the best innovations. With Hudly you can easily:

Access all your go-to phone apps

Hudly’s open platform lets you cast absolutely anything on your phone, allowing you to completely customize your driving experience to fit your needs. Use the apps you already know and love like Waze and Google Maps. Hudly wirelessly casts your phone’s screen so you can instantly access navigation and notifications while driving.

Cast in a snap with wireless streaming

We’ve done away with the wires, making it easier than ever to set up your phone for casting. With the use of the wireless standards Miracast and Airplay, our HUD is now compatible with virtually all Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets. Once connected to Hudly’s WiFi network, you can seamlessly reconnect for future rides. Your phone’s apps are instantly streamed to the display so there’s no delay in your routine.

Clarity: Project top-quality images onto the clear display day or night

Hudly makes it easy to view both the road and navigation at the same time. Because your windshield does not have the right reflection properties, we put an optical level coating on our transparent display, optimizing the reflection clarity and enhancing the color and contrast of the cast image. Our HUD boasts a resolution of 800×480 on a 6.2” display, the highest resolution on the market.

Feel confident in all lighting conditions

Drive confidently day or night, rain or shine with crisp imagery at all times. Hudly adapts to your environment and automatically provides optimal brightness and visibility in all lighting conditions. Don’t worry about those sunny California days as this display is up to five times brighter than your shiny new iPhone X.

Perspective: View the screen from all angles

Tested, retested and, dare we say, perfected. We found that while curved displays help magnify images, it sacrificed resolution, brightness, contrast, and limited visibility to only the driver. We made the switch to an improved 1:1 reflection that delivers best-in-class viewability from multiple angles, allowing the driver and passengers to each clearly see the display.

Interact with apps through voice controls

For a hands-free experience, simply use your phone’s voice controls to safely interact with your apps so you never need to lift a finger. Communicate safer with incoming texts and calls and change navigation and music with ease.

Entertain with the built-in infotainment center

Unlike other HUDs, Hudly uses a 1:1 display to give you a 30-degree angle of view, making it easier for passengers to view the display too. So while parked, or for the trips where navigation is not needed, passengers can entertain themselves by streaming their favorite shows to our large high resolution 6.2” screen.

Easy plug-and-play setup makes getting started a snap. No need for a mechanic and Hudly blends in seamlessly with your car.


  • With Hudly Wireless, you can cast any app from your phone to our HUD. However, we wanted to create an experience that took full advantage of Hudly’s hardware advancements and further helped people to be safer drivers.

    We’re excited to introduce our new Hudly app, included for free for our awesome Kickstarter backers. The app turns your phone into a secondary control panel, allowing quick access to programs optimized for a head-up display.

    Home Dashboard

    Beginning from the home screen, the app is designed to aid drivers. Large high contrast icons make it easy to navigate between different actions in the app.


To minimize distractions, our navigation displays basic information like directional arrows, speed, and distance, while your phone shows your relative location on the map.

OBD2 Gauges

Using a separately sold bluetooth OBD2 connector you can get your car stats like boost, coolant temps, and acceleration in sleek, easy-to-read graphics.


For music we created large, driver-friendly controls for your secondary display. Text and call notifications seamlessly overlay on your head-up display and you can send canned responses for safer driving.

GPS Speedometer

We also designed a GPS speedometer which measures speed using your phone’s GPS. When available, the speed limit of the road will be displayed and your speed will turn red when you exceed the limit.

Text/Call Notifications

A preview of your texts and calls will come in overlaid on whatever is currently being displayed, like a banner alert. To make life easier and promote safe driving, we provide canned responses to let your contact know you’re busy driving.

As we continue development on the app, we would love to hear any feedback and feature requests!





Fun Fact! Did you know that even pilots use Hudly?  

Our First Generation Hudly HUD in a Private Plane
Our First Generation Hudly HUD in a Private Plane

Head-up display technology came from the need for pilots to always maintain situational awareness while flying, especially during critical maneuvers such as landing. Much like in the auto industry, having a HUD is still a luxury and Hudly provides an affordable solution. Greg Toman from GRT Avionics has optimized his app for pilots to use with Hudly, a testament to the safety provided by Hudly on land and air!




    • Dimensions – 7.1w x 5.3d x 0.8h (inches)
    • Operating Temperature – 14-140 (fahrenheit)
    • Weight – 1lb (including base and dongle)
    • Resolution – 800×480
    • Screen Size – 6.2”
    • Contrast Ratio – 600:1
    • Brightness (After panel) – 2,500 cd/m2
    • 2W speaker

    What’s in the box

    Hudly wireless was made to be easy to use. You get our magnificent display, a cigarette lighter power cable with an extra USB port, and a microfiber cloth to wipe any fingerprints off of the clear display.

    We are back again (and better than ever!) to raise funds to help lower the cost of components required to manufacture Hudly Wireless. We want to bring an affordable device to the market and the economy of scale we can get from a large Kickstarter pre-order is important to make our project a reality.

    We’ve taken our time since the delivery of our first product in January 2017 to grow, test, optimize, and listen to customer feedback from around the world. These valuable learnings helped shape our second generation product. We removed the wires, re-imagined the display and mounting system, and enhanced the finer details to develop our best HUD yet. The color, clarity, and image quality are top in the industry and we truly believe we have created the best aftermarket HUD around.

    Meet some of the key team members:




     Testing and manufacturing:

    Assembling the PCB Board
    Assembling the PCB Board


    Testing for Brightness
    Testing for Brightness


    Inspecting the Combiner
    Inspecting the Combiner


    We’re never standing still at Hudly and always thinking of ways to innovate and improve. Our stretch goals are part of that hustle. Like any of our projects, more demand gives us the ability to reach for new products. The following are ideas in the pipeline for Hudly that, with your help, we will be able to pursue.
    • At a $200,000 funding level – Discounts on Hudly Accessories


    We are working on lining up a supplier for Hudly’s own bluetooth OBD2 connector and at this funding level, we’ll be able to develop our own and give a 35% retail discount to our backers.

  • At a $300,000 funding level – TPMS Sensor Monitoring

With a separately sold bluetooth connected TPMS sensor, monitor your tire pressures through Hudly’s app. Four individual sensors will give real-time data of the PSI in your tires to ensure there are no leaks and you are driving with the proper inflation.

  • At a $400,000 funding level – Backup Camera

At this funding level we would like to provide a backup camera which plugs directly into our HUD. This would give drivers the ability to see what is behind them right from our Hudly Wireless display.

Risks and challenges

This is our second time launching a new product and many of us have years of experience working with manufacturers to develop, prototype, and manufacture at scale. Extensive R&D was followed through on each component and the product has gone through many stages of product iteration and testing. We are finally ready for full scale production! We’ve worked out timelines with the manufacturer so all parties are aligned to start mass production.

Our last crowdfunding effort was delivered within a month of the target date, which by crowdfunding standards is pretty great! We hope to hit a home run this time to meet the target date. As always, we will keep all of our backers updated along the way so you know how things are developing as well as exactly what is coming and when. We also stand behind our product and are offering 60 day returns so you can try Hudly risk-free.

Have questions? Reach us at

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