Idiot Cards – The Fake Presidential Edition with DOT$ Token!

Shock your friends. Scandalize your neighbor. Inoculate your mind from fake news. Idiöt Cards is a bundle of fun even if you aren't one

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Stop Reading This Crap, Just Download Idiöt Cards for Free

Idiöt Cards

Idiöt Cards is a game for dumb friends and dysfunctional families. Unlike Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples, Idiot Cards sets the bar low. It’s a rapid race to the bottom.

Idiöt Cards Has Halved The Carbon Footprint of Similar Games
Idiöt Cards Has Halved The Carbon Footprint of Similar Games

This game of Hashtags and Quotes lasts 3-5 minutes per round, depending on your IQ. 560 quotes and 560 hashtags printed both sides on 280 cards, it’s a monumental waste of time.

The quotes in Idiot Cards are real. Respectable members of our society have been generously contributing these pearls of wisdom at an alarming rate, lately.

Respectable or not, now you too can have the pleasure of inflicting your unmitigated intellect on the unsuspecting populace at large.

You are welcome.

The Quotes in Idiöt Cards are Real
The Quotes in Idiöt Cards are Real

How to Play Idiöt Cards

Anatomy of Idiöt Cards
Anatomy of Idiöt Cards

1. To start, each player draws five cards. (That a total of 10 quotes and 10 hastags).

2. The player with the lowest IQ starts the game by picking and playing a hashtag from his hand. He is the idiot gamemaster known hereforth as the Dotard.

3. The other idiots, also known as players, respond to the hashtag with the most relevant idiotic quote, from their hand.

4. The Dotard picks the best idiotic quote and awards the winner the dots or the umlaut. His dots turn a simple idiot player into the winning idiöt of that round. The Dotard may also award DOT$ ERC-20 Tokens to the winners. If you are wondering what DOT$ ERC-20 Tokens are, please read the last section of this page.

5. Next round, everyone draws back up to 5 cards.

6. The next player is now the Dotard. The discarded cards go to the bottom of the deck.

Minimum Paper and Ink Wasted on Idiots

Please note that there are two quotes and two hashtags on each card. The player can choose either one. It’s a design decision we made to reduce the carbon footprint of Idiöt Cards. You have to turn the cards a few times to play thus making the game and you, true revolutionaries.


Idiöt Cards started it’s life in 2015, in Hawaii. The production subsequently moved to California in 2016. After two long years of design and testing, it’s ready for you to fortify your brain from this utter Trump nonsense.

Just as vaccines stimulate the generation of antibodies to resist future viruses, inoculation messages can equip people with counterarguments that potentially convey resistance to future misinformation.
Professor Ullrich Ecker.

Researchers suggest “pre-emptively exposing” readers to a small “dose” of the misinformation can help organisations cancel out bogus claims.

A small dose? Hell no. Idiöt Cards is strong medicine.

It is indeed!
It is indeed!

The Quotes of Idiöt Cards

Idiöt Cards is a huge game of real quotes that covers a wide variety of misinformation, disinformation, lies, truisms and bigotry. However, not all of the quotes are dim. Unfortunately, some are rather bright.

The non-idiot quotes are there to keep your critical faculties engaged and the game interesting. So, Please do not let their brilliance detract you in any way from enjoying the sheer idiocy of this despicable game.

A formidable list of quotees is included with the game.

A total of 580 quotes printed on 280 cards. Since it does not hinder gameplay, we decided to include 2 quotes on each card to reduce the carbon footprint of the game.

The Useful Idiot Pack is the Trump and his Swamp Pack
The Useful Idiot Pack is the Trump and his Swamp Pack


The Bonus Useful Idiöt Cards

Cards 257 to 280 are the bonus Useful Idiöt Cards. However, if you find them useless, feel free to toss ‘em out and demand a replacement. It’s the Trump and his swamp pack.

The Future of Idiöt Cards

We see future expansions of the game. The QR code on the back of the card only leads you to more information on the card for the time being. You may download a free QR reading app for your phone and try it out.

We have also been looking into using the blockchain. And speaking of the blockchain…

Sure want to watch this movie
Sure want to watch this movie

Thousands of Bonus DOT$ Token for Backers of Idiöt Cards

DOTS (symbol DOT$) are ERC-20 compliant crypto tokens that you can use while playing Idiot Cards.

DOTS reside on the Ethereum blockchain. You will need an Ethereum compatible wallet or an app where you hold the private keys like Mist, Parity or Metamask to store them.

The DOTS do not have any rights, uses, purpose or any functionality whatsoever.

DOTS have no cash value. They are priceless.

DOTS are transferable and subject to gas fees like any other transactions on the Ethereum network.

Share The Joy
Share The Joy


Risks and challenges

We might run into printing and shipping delays. Our game is so simple that we don’t anticipate any major problems. However, as you might have guessed, we are idiots. If we do run into any sort of delays, we would keep you posted.

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