Imagina Books: Human Body Augmented Reality Educational Book

Unleash your kid's inner scientist with this augmented reality book and application of the human anatomy and bodily functions.

Livitstudios Publishing November 8, 2017 at 12:17 pm
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Imagina Books is a series of Educational Augmented Reality books that blends between the classical book reading experience and the recent technology, Augmented Reality, that boosts visualization and Imagination leading to better understanding, more enjoyable and a better hands-on experience for our kids. The book and the mobile application are the two pillars of this experience.

The concept of Augmented Reality Technology

The concept of Augmented Reality Technology

The Human Body, our first book, is a complete gamified journey inside the human body. Now, your children can explore all their body organs and functions with an interactive augmented reality experience. All what they have to do is point their tablets and mobile phones to the book and leave the rest for their imagination.

When they point their phones at any page in the book, the body organ showed on the page will come to life as a 3D model on the screen of your phone or tablet.

Testing our product

Testing our product

Our main focus while designing the book was two things; making sure that the book was attractive to children, and that it has a substantial amount of science on its own without the application. Why? Because in the digital age, printed books are almost forgotten and neglected. But we’re embracing it and giving it a technological kick with the AR app. The design of the book took a lot of iterations to get to what we have now. The book was designed from the ground up to be an augmented reality book.

The final book came out in the shape that will serve our goal; a carefully designed hardcover book that shows what the future of books and education can be when efficiently using technology.

“The Human Body” book inner and outer designs
The Human Body Systems
The Human Body Systems

To make the experience more friendly and welcoming to the children, we introduced two friendly animated characters, Sarah and Adam, who take the learner on a journey to explore their body.

Sarah & Adam
Sarah & Adam

On the printing side, we wanted a book that your children will be excited to add to their library.So, we made sure that the printing and the quality are elegant, colorful and attractive. The book will be a hardcover book that will look lovely beside the rest of the series.

“The Human Body” Book
Imagina Books Application
Imagina Books Application

The 3D games include levels and achievement goals to help the learner develop a sense of competition among his peers and friends. This “gamification” process is one of the main aspects of the learning process that we are working hard to deliver.

                                                               Sarah voice-over

Adam voice-over

We believe that the next revolution in education is augmented and virtual reality. But current prices make it very hard for parents and institutions to give their students a taste of this revolution.

So we set our eyes on finding an affordable, yet effective, solution to kickstart this revolution and help deliver this technology to as many students as we can. At the same time, we didn’t want to completely ditch the old learning methods.

We are book lovers, and reading is an essential part of our lives. So, an augmented reality science book was the sweet spot between our origins and an affordable solution. We conducted a lot of surveys about topics that can take full advantage of the power of AR. We found out that our own anatomy is one of the very hard topics fully grasped by children using the conventional ways of teaching. It’s a category of science that AR can shine in because visualizing our anatomy in 3D will be a huge leap forward.

Testing our VR & AR experiences on the children
Testing our VR & AR experiences on the children

We started by doing research on what students at school study concerning the human body, and then turn it into an informative, yet fun book.

Imagina Team doing Research
Imagina Team doing Research

We transformed the scientific information into realistic and lively 3D models that the students can easily visualize and interact with. Such process, from a design and development point of view, is time intensive and requires vast resources to make sure that all the technical information is scientifically accurate.

Next step was designing the 3D interactive game, a process that undergoes tedious testing to sustain an experience that is effective, enjoyable and fun.

Imagina Books Development Process
Imagina Books Development Process

The last part is printing, and we wanted a stylish book that highlights the blending of books and technology. We went back and forth with several printing services and we finally reached a level of quality that we are proud of.

We are a team of techies, educators, artists and book lovers. Our team has years of experience in software development and 3D design. We also have a couple of Ph.D. students, and masters students that help us in the scientific content creation.

Some of our previous Educational Virtual Reality Experiences ( To watch more, please visit our website )

We started two years ago on a mission to change the education through VR and AR. We developed a lot of VR and AR applications for educational institutions, experimented with each and every development kit that was introduced to the market. Our vision is to completely change how our children learn and perceive information. We have big plans for the future, and we hope that you share our vision and believe in us and support us on this journey.

We have been working really hard on Imagina Books for the past six months, and we are finally ready to show you what we have been working on.

This is where you, the Kickstarter community, come in. We need your support to bring this product to the mass audience. We have finished almost 90% of the graphics design of the book and more than 60% of the application, and we need your help in the final push to finish the designs, the application and start printing and ship our product to you.

Cost division of our funding goal
Cost division of our funding goal

Our aim is to build a community of parents, educators and technology enthusiasts that share the same vision with us. The vision to help transform the education of the next generation, and want to give their students or children a glimpse of the future of education TODAY.

This Family will have front row seats to the revolution of education in the 21st century. This Family will be the testing ground for all of our future products, it will help us make better products for them which will positively impact this community and this generation of students.

We believe that augmented reality and virtual reality are the next revolutions in education, and we are working day and night to make this a reality. Imagina Books is only the beginning. Our team of developers, educators, and artists are fully committed to this vision and we have big plans for the future.

With your support, we can together start transforming the future of our kids.

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Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge in this campaign is to find the printing service that will print our books with the standards that we expect and deliver in time.

We have contacted lots of printing services and took samples of each of them to test the quality of the prints, the papers, color fidelity, etc…

And we have found the right supplier for us and they are waiting for our green light to start printing.

As for the application, we have years of experience in AR developments and already we have 60% of the features done, So we’re confident we can deliver the quality application that you expecting in time.

But there is always risk of something going wrong, and we want to assure you that we will always be transparent and update you as often as we can, and we promise that we will be able to solve whatever issue that will rise in front of us.

We’re very confident about this, and we can’t wait to ship this marvelous product to you.

Thank you for your support.

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