KHAMAMA Revolutionising luxury watches – embracing nature

Timeless unisex luxury watches Made in England by the only luxury brand focused on butterfly wing marquetry. Designed in Paris.

Nathan Hornstein Art November 27, 2017 at 9:24 am
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Each member of Bakkoo will receive an additional watch strap worth $65 with any watch pledge.

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KHAMAMA is proud to bring the must stunning unisex luxury watches to Kickstarter that Crowdfunding has seen:

Our watches surprise through their naturally iridescent colours, a unique feature of Haute Art de Papillon, the great art of sustainable butterfly wing marquetry. We seek to create luxurious timepieces, each of unmatched beauty while respecting the planet.

Designed in Paris. Made in England.


 Step by step guide to support us

We are offering you, the Kickstarter community, to get the most stunning luxury timepieces at an exceptionally low price. For your support, your pledge, you will receive one of our rewards. We are grateful for your contribution to make this project happen.

1. Make your pledge now: Choose your reward level.

2. After the campaign: We will contact you and you can choose the colour of the watch dial and strap after the campaign was successfully funded (see below for all options). Also you will be able to set your preferred shipping destination.

3. Christmas Special: If you order before the 15th December you can send us an email on to specify name and address of the person that you want to receive a personalised Christmas certificate at no additional cost.

4. Share the campaign with your friends and family. Help us spread the word about our mission to revolutionise the luxury industry.

5. Receive your reward: Shipment is planned for April 2018

  • Your KHAMAMA timepiece including a watch strap
  • Special KHAMAMA Watch Box (see below “Unique Packaging”)
  • Authenticity Documents, each watch is engraved with a unique identification number (see below

Why support us

1. Stunning colours: The iridescence of butterfly wings can’t be created artificially and each dial is unique.

2. Affordable luxury: Directly from our workshop straight to your doorstep, we are cutting out all middlemen.

3. Positive impact: Your contribution directly supports rainforest and wildlife conservation efforts while strengthening local communities.

Now have a look at all the options available…


If the KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 was a perfume, its exotic abundance of thrilling scents would easily seduce the soul and capture the mind. The opulent colours range from sparkling gold to glowing red and iridescent green. This watch is the exotic essence of the colourful and thrilling tropics of Africa.




BLUE 1874

Blue – the colour of tranquillity – carries us off into blue summer skies and calm oceans. The colour of the watch “BLUE 1874” has a naturally shimmering iridescence. Depending on the perspective, the watch dial naturally shimmers from deep-water hue to sparkling electric blue.


PEARL 1782

A material of beauty and luxury since ancient times, mother of pearl is the inspiration behind the KHAMAMA Pearl 1782 timepiece. The gold, pearlescent hue of the natural butterfly wings emulates the finest quality mother of pearl. The avant-grade effect renders a fascination for the pearly glow.



GREEN 1773

As if glowing emeralds would’ve been spread on dark velvet, the dial of the KHAMAMA GREEN 1773 watch embodies nature’s most dominant, yet most relaxing colour – green. Exposed to sunlight the Haute Art de Papillon of this timepiece will reveal a yellow gold shine over the green underneath.




The beauty of the KHAMAMA TURQUOISE 1758 rests in its ability to elicit a myriad of powerful emotions: Turquoise enchanted lagoons, stormy green oceans, sapphire blue mountain streams and the greenish gleam of a magnificent glacier… The colours of this watch dial transform fluently from a greenish turquoise to lapislazuli blue. Ever changing due to light and perspective, this timepiece is a beautiful miracle of nature.




The KHAMAMA CELESTE 1773 timepiece, captures the brightly sparkling cyan of sun-bleached desert skies. Like fatamorganas, showers of yellowish, greenish and bluish iridescence cover the dial from certain perspectives, creating a celestial shine.




All of our mesmerising colours are available as Gold Edition with all metal parts plated in luxuriously splendid 24-carat gold. Choose this option as reward and you can decide on the colour after our campaign was successfully funded. All colours are available as 24-carat gold plated watch.

If you have any questions, contact us directly at:


Product Features


YOnce we are successfully funded you can choose any of the above watch straps to go with your KHAMAMA timepiece.






Haute Art de Papillon is the expression for butterfly wing marquetry. It is most closely related to Plumasserie – the artwork with colourful feathers. We developed this unique craft in a new way at KHAMAMA.

At KHAMAMA we look for the most beautiful butterfly and mystical moth wings farmed from butterfly farms having a positive impact on wildlife preservation and supporting local communities.

These artificially contained habitats protect the caterpillars from natural predators and other risks. The rearing of butterflies is very similar to silk farms with the difference that the butterflies fulfill their full natural life cycle.

After their natural life cycle is fulfilled, we collect the fragile wings and preserve them like precious feathers, as a unique, renewable luxury material.

Our KHAMAMA Signature Design was developed by Yann Llorens. Yann is a Parisian jewellery designer who previously worked for Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef & Arpels and Lorenz Bäumer.

The jewellery pieces Yann designs start retailing usually at 5-digit prices. He works with KHAMAMA, because he loves the idea of working with butterfly wings as renewable, natural gemstones with magically shimmering colours!

Together we create pieces of elegantly timeless and progressively surprising designs.

All our KHAMAMA Timepieces are manufactured in England. We use stainless steel watch cases, sapphire crystals and Swiss movements of highest quality. Even our watch straps are each handmade in England.




    The word KHAMAMA

    “KHAMAMA” is the Cherokee word for “butterfly.” For the Cherokee Native Americans, butterflies are the connection between the human world and the world of their gods.

    Our product names

    The first part of our product name describes the colour or pattern of the according product. The number relates to the year of the first discovery of the respective butterfly species.

    The Story of our inspiration

    The grandfather of the founders was a draper selling luxurious textiles in Southern Germany.

    On a hot summer day when their mother was 9 years old, their grandfather took her to a business meeting. It was a stuffy room in an old building where his private client had an office. Nobody remembers who he was, but one thing: The entire wall was covered with framed butterflies – something their mother had never seen before. Calmly sitting in a chair she studied all the wonderful specimen. As the meeting commenced, the mysterious man thanked their mother for her patience and asked her to choose the most beautiful butterfly as a gift for herself. There was one butterfly majestically shimmering as the afternoon sun stroke its wings. Awed by the beauty of the exceptional gift she hid it well and kept it as a surreal childhood memory.

    Decades later, when her three sons were exploring the attic they rediscovered this butterfly. They identified the specimen as a gorgeous Rajah Brooke which was worth a fortune at the time their mother received it: About 13.000 DM (German Mark or an estimated $34.000 in today’s money).

    This butterfly sparked the idea of KHAMAMA.

    Fascinated by the beauty and exclusiveness of precious butterflies we aim to bring stunningly beautiful artifacts to the world. Our creations withstand time for generations to come and indulge on the artefacts iridescence every time they look at it.

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    Contact & Questions

    if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to get in contact with us directly on:

    KHAMAMA launched iPhone cases made out of anodised airplane-grade Aluminium featured with Haute Art de Papillon in October 2016. In July 2017, KHAMAMA launched world’s first clutch handbag with exotic blue butterfly wing marquetry. The unique handbag is offered plated with the dark precious metal Ruthenium or made out of solid Sterling Silver.

    KHAMAMA also creates exclusive private commissions like the “KHAMAMA PEARL 1782 Jeweller” – a large jewellery box made out of precious wood, gold-plated metal and our Haute Art de Papillon priced with a 5-digit amount. The jewellery box was first unveiled in September during the Monaco Yacht Show 2017. See below a detail shot of the lid of the box covered in KHAMAMA Pearl 1782.



    Risks and challenges

    We are a company registered in England & Wales No. 10163210 since 2016 and we’ve brought several products, like our iPhone cases, clutch handbag and jewellery box to the market.

    We are aware that our timepiece collection is a complex project and there can always be unforeseen issues. Our team works hard to anticipate and plan for potential risks to keep our production and delivery plan on-time.

    We’ve got fully operational prototypes that look and feel flawless. We only work with partners that we’ve made good experience with in the past. To ensure that every watch is created to our high standards and delivered in time, we will be maintaining constant and personal contact with all suppliers.

    If anything unexpected happens, we promise to always keep you informed, both during the campaign and afterwards.

    Thank you for your support. We are excited to take this step with you.

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