Kinesix: The World’s First Customizable Smart Heating Jacket

Set your temperature to your desired level with one finger, choose where you want the heat and let the jacket do the rest.

Jonathan Albrecht Technology November 7, 2017 at 2:33 pm
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Bakkoo Backer Reward Preview:

Bakkoo backers receive a quick dry men’s t-shirt or a women’s tank top (made in Montreal) for free with every jacket purchased.

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Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket is designed as an everyday go-to jacket with the sole purpose of making sure you never get cold again. The mobile app, as well as the heat management module constantly reads the temperature inside and automatically adjusts itself for an optimal comfort.

Doing in-and-outs? Not a problem, the ThermoSmart Jacket understands temperature variations and stops heating up while inside a building or a bus and heats up again as soon as the temperature outside drops below your desired temperature. This is jacket you’ve been dreaming of your whole life.


Low temperatures and winter season can make it difficult sometimes to wear the proper clothes regardless of whether you are doing an activity, commuting or simply taking a walk outside.

When we are outside, we usually tend to wear a certain amount of layers for not getting cold the first minutes outside or when standing still for a certain period of time. Then, when the body temperature rises up, it is starting to get too hot inside our clothes making our body producing sweat (especially when performing a sport) sometimes excessively. While sweating, all the layers begin to absorb that sweat which is not a problem when moving to keep the body at a certain temperature but when we stop, then the real problem comes into play. With all the sweat released, we are starting to feel the cold which makes the remaining of our activity uncomfortable and forces us to start moving again.


With the ThermoSmart™ jacket, while you are active the jacket will not produce any heat because your body already produces it. But as soon as you stop, the system starts heating you up to keep you WARM and DRY.

Plus, the thermal sensors inside the jacket are making sure each part of your upper body is staying warm, then as soon as a thermal sensor reads a temperature inferior to the one you set, this specific part in the jacket will heat up automatically.

Imagine having a thermostat, like in your house, in your jacket and each heating element is an independent room. That’s how simple and smart our system is. No need to worry about the weather, just enjoy what you are doing.


ThermoSmart System Patent Pending
ThermoSmart System Patent Pending

With more than 220 millions smartphone users in the U.S., it became clear to us that we needed to make a mobile app to communicate with the jacket to easily control it in addition to the Heat Management Module.

In Manual mode, once you set a temperature using the mobile app or the heat management module, the temperature will remain no matter what you are doing. It will be a constant temperature and the battery life will go up to 3 hours at full power (40°C/104°F)

In Automatic mode, once you set the desired temperature the system will constantly read the ambient temperature from the thermal sensors and the heaters will only heat once the ambient temperature is below the desired temperature. With this mode, you largely increase the battery life of your jacket because the system will not be in use when you do not need it.

Heat Management Module + Battery Included W/ Every Jacket
Heat Management Module + Battery Included W/ Every Jacket

Recharge your jacket’s batteries with the wall plug, the car plug and even the usb plug (this last option will take longer to charge).

Adjustable Hood & Removable Collar/Balaclava
Adjustable Hood & Removable Collar/Balaclava
Extra cuff with thumbhole
Extra cuff with thumbhole

Keep your most important stuff close to you, like you phone, your wallet, your keys and your gloves.

The ThermoSmart Jacket is made for all conditions outside!

ClimaFlo Waterproof Fabric
ClimaFlo Waterproof Fabric


The jacket:

  • Both Men & Women’s version are done. We have right now a men’s jacket in size Medium and a women’s jacket in size Small.
  • The patterns of each size (XS to 2XL) for each version need to be digitalized for the manufacture to cut the fabric with a laser-cutting machine.
  • The ClimaFlo fabric is made here in Montréal, Canada and the manufacture is ready to provide us the quantity we need as well as the color we want. This is perfect for us, because we can control the quality of the product.

The electronics (for visuals, visit the Prototype Gallery):

  • We used open source electronics to create the software able to manage the heat depending on the desired temperature set by the user.
  • We already created the mobile app with the automatic mode, meaning every time the app open, there is 2 temperature displayed; the bigger temperature is the average-real time temperature and the smaller temperature is the desired temperature which needs to be set.
  • We calculated the battery’s capacity according to the 12 heaters based on their maximum consumption. That is why we need a set of 2 batteries to prevent having a huge and uncomfortable battery which would be the opposite of what we are promoting right now.
  • We already have our list of components and manufacturers ready to create our own electronics board according our specific needs.


The main challenge is in the electronics and the battery. We need to finish our electronics board, which will not take long because we already have our components list ready. As soon as our Kickstarter campaigned secured, we will not wait until the end to start working on it, we will start right away.

Concerning the set of batteries, we are working right now to find the right ones according to our calculations and which manufacture offers the best ratio quality/price compared to the others. Again, as soon as our campaign is secured we will have enough leverage and better data about the number of jackets we sold and what we can expect to sold until the campaign’s end.


The size chart may be subject to slight changes
The size chart may be subject to slight changes



You can also encourage us with our special perks:


Our team is composed of professionals and leaders in their respective fields to ensure the project is moving forward and efficiently until completion.
We are all sports/outdoor enthusiasts whether as a runner, swimmer, climber or yoga practitioner, sport is in our DNA, that is why together as a team and by joining our forces we are crafting the perfect jacket.

The Smart Heating Jacket is proudly designed and made in Canada/Québec.

Risks and challenges

We know it is not an easy task bringing to production this kind of project and that is why Kinesix partnered with long-time experienced company to help us significantly reduce production time.

When we started this project, we knew Kinesix should work with leaders in their own industry to produce the best product with premium fabric and high-quality technology.

Our partners combined more than 50+ years of manufacturing experience and electronics engineering & 30+ years in the research, development and testing of technical textiles, advanced textile-based materials and geosynthetics.

Thanks to our partners, we already made a list of all the electronics components we need to finalize the board and the heat management module.

Our partners already have the certifications for everything we need so we don’t need to spend much more money into this and focus mostly on production and distribution.

Thanks to our Textile Research Center partner in this project, we already have the capacity to produce small quantity up-to 10 thousand units giving us the possibility to deliver quickly but also to adjust quickly in case of a need to produce more. We would be able to start production while looking for a bigger manufacture without stopping production.

Also, every company we are partnering with or working with are based in Montréal, Canada or in a close range. This makes the advantage of acting fast in case of a problem/emergency but mostly giving us a better control of the quality.

We are more than confident to bring this project to life.

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