Klips – Ban the bulge!

Klips money clip brings fun, fashion and functionality together, re-inventing the timeless wallet accessory

Scotty Design January 23, 2018 at 2:11 pm
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Bakkoo backers who pledge for 3 klips get a free upgrade to the full 7 piece set!

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Every Backer that pledges for three or more Klips before we reach our funding goal will receive a free, limited edition – Kickstarter Klips with their pledge! – See details in project updates…

Inventors or re-inventors?

So we reinvented the money clip into a colourful, funky fashion statement. We embraced the skinny jeans wearing subculture and did away with the awkward wallet bulge. We created a functional and fun accessory that can be used in all occasions, from a night out on the town to next day’s gym session!



Klips are available in 7 different colours: Red, White, Graphite, Yellow, Aqua, Orange and Green.






Klips have been designed to conveniently hold three to four cards and several notes securely – (ID, credit and ATM cards etc). After initial concept sketching, we undertook extensive prototyping to ensure a satisfying “snap” when a card is placed in the Klip.

We made sure that cards get securely gripped by the Klip and retained from slipping out with a stopping feature. We then worked the CAD model to refine the aesthetics and ergonomics, creating a smooth shape that easily slips in and out of tight back pockets.

Finally, we invested in a prototype aluminium injection moulding tool to make a small run of Klips simulating the final materials, finish and colours that we hope to launch.


Your pledge will help to make production tooling and the production run and packaging of Klips, but more importantly, kickstart our passion for bringing you more fun and exciting fashion accessories.

We hope you enjoyed looking through this project and thanks for your support.

Please spread the word!










Risks and challenges

The Klips team are both qualified product designers and have commercialised many consumer and industrial products over the past 15 years. Through these experiences, the team has learnt to manage the risks and challenges associated with product development including managing design, intellectual property, tooling, manufacturing and logistics. For our first Kickstarter project, we have deliberately chosen a simple but fun product that is minimal in complexity.

Although we are outsourcing the manufacture of Klips money clips, we have developed a good relationship with a high quality factory in Indonesia to support the fulfilment of this project. We have visited the plant in person and are working closely with the tooling department to ensure the product meets the high tolerance and finish levels that we demand.

We will provide regular updates and photos along the way. All questions and comments are welcome!

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