‘LOOPBAG’ – The Perfect Carry-On Bag: A Better Way To Travel

Transform your bag to fit your needs. Start planning great adventure with the versatile bag.

Jin Oh Design January 8, 2018 at 2:46 pm
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LOOPBAG is suitable for travelers and houses sufficient storage capacity and excellent durability. LOOPBAG is perfectly crafted to adapt to any occasion such as a short business trip or vacation.

Crafted from the highest quality of materials, LOOOPBAG exhibits a durable design to suit the needs of the traveler.


LOOPBAG creates endless of possibilities for organization through its multi-purpose features. Eliminate the inconvenience of carrying multiple carry-ons and luggage bags. Simplify your travel experience with LOOPBAG.

LOOPBAG’s wide array of features are compacted into one simple and sleek design catered to the modern traveler.


LOOPBAG was born from an innovative idea put on paper. Vincent Roh, the Founder and CEO of LOOPSETTER, developed a groundbreaking notion of “form follows function” to serve as the cornerstone of LOOPBAG after having experienced various inconveniences while traveling across the globe. The struggle of carrying multiple bags meant a countless list of nuisances which made traveling often troublesome. That is why he embarked on the journey of creating a product that could encompass the essential functions of all bags in the simplest form of one. LOOPBAG.

We are LoopSetter.

A LOOP represents infinite value without limits.

We believe we are trendsetters and leaders in product design and functionality.
Our brand philosophy is based on our desire to create infinite value. We aspire to create meaningful products that help users become their best selves.
Our slogan, “Form follows function,” serves as the main design philosophy. We want to make sleek backpacks created for convenience and usability.
We look forward to bringing LOOPBAG to you.

Risks and challenges

Over the past couple of years, we have worked tirelessly to bring LOOPBAG to the masses. Due to our development and our current status, we are confident that we will be able to execute production and delivery smoothly and on time.
However, we are aware that unexpected complications may arise during the manufacturing process of any hardware product. Through any issues and delays that may come about, we promise to stay in communication with our backers and will send consistent, timely updates.

Furthering our commitment to our supporters and to high-quality products, we will work hard produce and deliver LOOPBAG ethically. We want to ensure our backers that we will stay committed and devoted, so that they will receive their rewards and enjoy what LOOPBAG has to offer.

Anti-theft fabric does not guarantee durability against 100% cutting. When compared to other products, LOOPBAG features more durable material, but because it is still a fabric, it can possibly be damaged by a knife or sharp object with constant pressure.

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