Magnet Driver™ DDN: The Total Tool to Drill, Drive and Nail.

The ultimate experience for your DIY projects, unexpected repairs and maintenance needs. Drill, Drive, or Nail like a Pro.

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WHAT IS IT? It is a wide range of new hand and power tool accessories with a clever storage system. The set is focused on the most common DIY tasks in which you need to Drill, Drive and/or Nail. These accessories are compatible with themselves and they also upgrade your own tools.

  • WHAT PROBLEM DOES IT SOLVE? With this set you can:
    • Drill several materials with the same drill bit.
    • Drive with our magnetic screw holders and high performance double headed bits to prevent screws from falling and to allow easy countersink.
    • Nail with our special nail holder bit that prevents damaging your fingers.

    HOW WILL IT IMPROVE YOUR LIFE? These innovative tools will make your work more Secure, Precise and Faster than ever. You will not need hundreds of standard tools, because with only one set you will save your money and storage space. If you have these tools at your drawer, toolbox, car’s glove box, backpack, or even in your pocket, you will be able to solve any incident like a pro. You will enjoy using these friendly and ergonomical tools for any repair, maintenance, or DIY project in which you need to Drill, Drive and/or Nail. This set makes life simpler, so everyone needs it!

    Pledges from EU will be shipped from our headquarter in Spain. Pledges from US, Canada and rest of countries will be shipped  from US

    Drill Bit 10 in 1 is a piece made of 100% stable steel with color code and laser marking. It is resistant to any material and it has a compatible hexagonal locking system which prevents sliping from the drill driver. The centring tip is made of high durable carbide and it allows to drill single or multi-layer materials. It is compatible with:

    • Drill drivers for drilling wood, aluminium, plastic, fiberglass, plasterboard and iron.
    • Drill drivers with hammer function for drilling ceramic tile, brick, concrete and agglomerated stone.

    Bitholder Classic is a powerful magnetic bit holder, made for drivers that allows you to hold firmly the screws when driving with 1″ insert bits. Discover this evolution!

    Bitholder Drill&Drive is a professional magnetic, one body steel construction bit holder specifically developed for drill and drive, that comes with a bit locking sleeve and a rear placed neodymium magnet. In comparison to any other existing bit holder its patented rear magnetic part prevents the bit holder from falling. A good job needs a great tool like this!

    It is compatible with 1″ insert bits, 2″ powerbits, 2″ double bits and drill bits connection 1/4 Hex. It allows you performing all DIY tasks with your drill driver.

    Magnet Driver™ 50 is our patented magnetic screwholder sleeve made of flexible rubber and a powerful neodymium ring magnet. This tubular flexible body adjusts firmly to the screwdriver shank and the magnet holds the screw head securely. Thanks to these advantages it allows you to work with only one hand.

    There are five color coded Magnet Driver™ 50 types. Each color code corresponds to the different screwdriver shank diameters. They cover a wide range of screws, from the very small ones to the largest ones and all the types of screw heads. They are compatible with the most common hand screwdrivers, 2″ powerbits and 2″ double bits.

    Nowadays Magnet Driver™ 50 has an improved shape, chemical materials and additives that makes it more durable, flexible and easy to use.

    Double Bit is a piece made of 100% durable S2 bright gray steel with color code and laser marking. Each bit has got two different tips, that means double use in the same space of a classical powerbit. Both heads are machined with high precision.

    Ring Stopper Pro is a professional accessory that prevents the  displacement of Magnet Driver™ 50. It helps in performing repetitive screwing tasks and it makes countersink easier. It has to be placed on any Hex 1/4″ shank powerbit.

    Our Magnet Handle is compatible with 1″ insert bits, 2″ powerbits, 2″ double bits, bit holders, hex drill bits and nail holder bit. It has got an ultramodern design and extra storage function for one Magnet Driver™ 50. If Magnet Driver™ 50 is stored inside the handle, the handle has got an additional option to hang it.

    Magnet Nail Holder is a special bit with Magnet Driver™ 50 that allows to hold nails firmly to hammering them. It prevents hurting hands and fingers. It is highly recommended for placing small nails which are difficult to hold in fingers.

    Magnet Nail Holder has got a new V tip profile. The steel material and the surface finish has been changed to be more resistant and durable. The connection has been improved to be more compatible with our Tools. Magnet Nail Holder bit has got a new orange color code to indicate its usage with an Orange Magnet Driver™ 50.

    Magnet Band is a product with a specific storage space for your power tool accessories. It has got an upper powerful neodymium magnet to hold screws, nails, nuts and other tools.
    The Magnet Band can be adjusted to your wrist, drill driver or ankle thanks to its adjustable elastic strap. It facilitates work and release one hand. It is very small and handy and it can be stored in any place like a pocket, backpack, bike frame bag, car’s glove box, any toolbox, drawer etc. Magnet Band is an incredible solution to organize your bits, nails, drill bits and bolting accessories in one place while performing screw driving tasks.

    The Case is a  hard plastic storage system that perfectly protects all the Magnet Driver DDN tools and accessories. It makes all the pieces perfectly organized.



    Our first development was an ergonomic screwdriver. The product was shown to the most important screwdriver manufacturers, but they were not interested in it. The handle design had a small rubber ring made to protect the tip of the screwdriver and surfaces, like a wooden floor or a car veneer and this it the part of the invention they were amazed by.

    After that breaking moment, Michael W. Perez decided to improve this part in many more utilities creating a greater body structure and adding a powerful magnet. This is how the MAGNET DRIVER™ 50 was created.

    After the successful Kickstarter campaign launched in 2015 he decided to work on a screw holder for the common 1″ insert bits and “Bitholder Classic” was created. He added a new utility to this piece by inventing the revolutionary “Bitholder Drill&Drive”. Finally he created compatible multi-purpose accessories, and the result of these developments is Magnet Driver Total Tools DDN, our new pack to Drill, Drive and Nail.

    Currently Michael W. Perez works for Micaton company in R&D department constantly inventing and developing new tools for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.



    You are our best allies! Your advice from the first campaign let us improve and grow, and to be here again. All your comments and opinions through the campaign will help us a lot. We hope for your collaboration and support in this second big step for our company. Our new goal and challenge is to keep growing and to continue providing new solutions that facilitate the DIY tasks.


    Our dream is that people all around the world can enjoy using the inventions we present in this campaign – let us make this dream come true! We need your help to book high valued raw material like neodymium and prepare new molds and tooling, and everything what is involved in the production and marketing process.

Risks and challenges

We are the experts in tool production and we have a great experience with the first campaign, which has prepared us to take on great challenges that may arise along the way.
We know it is not easy to prepare the new molds, tooling and produce high quality products, but as in our first campaign we believe we will successfully complete our promises.
In the past we delayed slightly the delivery of the products and we will do our best to avoid this problem in this campaign.

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