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Jamie Tsai Technology November 15, 2017 at 11:10 am
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We use our mobile phones as a way to consume almost all of our entertainment, news and information. We enjoy the speed, convenience and ease of technology, but the problem is, our small screens isolate us, making it virtually impossible to share our entertainment and digital experiences with others.

So far the existing options just don’t cut it:

  • Gathering around one phone → an uncomfortable viewing experience.
  • Increased usage of the mobile device → poor battery life.
  • Fiddly setup of wireless projectors → extra hassle and time wasted.
  • Lack of in-built speakers or Bluetooth functionality → compromised multimedia experience.

We’re cruising into previously uncharted territory, come join us!

Never before envisioned, let alone created.

With creative convergence at its core, OrbitBeam is the ultimate 2-in-1 (Battery Case + Projector) showcase device. A world’s FIRST, it is designed specifically for iPhone 6 / 6 plus and subsequent generations. It integrates superior projection capabilities with the essential battery case, allowing you to share your digital content and multimedia effortlessly.


With your bundled iPhone-specific battery case, you can intuitively stack this atop of the powerful TI DLP® LED equipped projector via pogo pin connection. This creates a perfect unison between the battery case and projector. Likewise, both the battery case and projector can also be used independently according to your needs.


The unique 90-degree Orbit function allows you to rotate the battery case in any orientation whilst stacked together with the projector, seamlessly.

Switch effortlessly between showcasing your exotic holiday snaps in portrait mode, to delivering your impactful business presentation in landscape mode.



OrbitBeam projects up to a 120″ (305cm) screen viewing experience in any orientation.

With a brightness of up to 120 lumens, it supports Full HD (1080P) playback and delivers a bright, vivid, sharp and precise color display.


OrbitBeam comes packed with convenient connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless screen mirroring (AirPlay & Miracast), HDMI port, audio-out jack to allow limitless possibilities for sharing and enjoying your content.


Equipped with a 3000 mAH rechargeable battery, it supports up to two hours of continuous projection on a single charge, keeping you focused on the screen and not the location of the nearest power outlet.









We started by asking ourselves, how do we create something that meets the ever-changing digital content demands of the modern lifestyle?

We believe the product needed to have the key focus of being functional yet portable. To meet this, we played on the theme of creative convergence.

An idea was born – bring previously autonomous devices together and execute this into ONE seamless, yet versatile device to deliver one of a kind projection experiences.

The starting point of every viewing experience starts and ends with the screen, but the inherent strain on battery life of the phone, effectively cuts short this experience.

As such, the idea of implementing a battery case gives the phone extra juice to last the distance, whilst also having standalone functionality with protection from impact, bumps, nicks and scratches.

Furthermore, we also identified one of the biggest gripes for users was to ensure an uninterrupted projection experience. As such, we implemented the (patent pending) ability to rotate the battery case, whilst mounted, to allow switching picture orientation – hassle free.

With our renowned projection prowess and together with the essential battery case, we believe this would be the dynamic duo that collectively brings mobile screens to life.

With OrbitBeam, being a world’s first and patent pending product, we can hardly contain our excitement in bringing this to market and share OrbitBeam with you all!



*** Actual color on finished product may differ from images ***

*** Product video music by Bensound.com ***












Risks and challenges

At Global Aiptek, our purpose is to create visual and aural experiences that empower, inspire, entertain and enrich the lives of our customers. As such, we strive to deliver a superior user experience, ensure high quality and performance, as well as portability in all our products.

OrbitBeam is a completely new product, never before envisioned, let alone created.

We are extremely proud of our efforts thus far. Through Kickstarter, you will be one of the few lucky first to receive it. We are confident that our customers will truly love using it more than we had fun making it!


Backers will be responsible for applicable tariffs and customs fees. Please support us in avoiding delivery delays by providing us your full daytime delivery address together with your telephone number.

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