Pacific67 – Ultimate Kitchen Knife Collection

Japanese Damascus Steel Knives with Western Handle Design, The best in Sharpness, Quality, Function and Aesthetics.

Bassel Siblini Design November 17, 2017 at 4:01 pm
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Bakkoo Backer Reward Preview:

Bakkoo backers receive an 8″ Chef Knife + 5″ Utility Knife in color of choice at a discounted price of $125 and Free Shipping anywhere in the world.

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At Pacific67, we believe that you’re a chef. And we want to prove this to you. So we’ve  created the perfect tools to make food less of a chore, and more of an adventure. They will inspire you to look past cooking, and start creating.

They bring the unfailing function of Japanese blade design and versatility of Western knife handling, giving you the best in quality, design, function and aesthetics.

Our knives are made with the finest quality materials and manufacturing best practices. And if that doesn’t make the cut, they also come with a 5-year manufacturing warranty.

Our knives are ready for whatever your kitchen throws at them. We started with Japanese VG-10 steel, tempered it to a 62 on the Rockwell hardness scale and sharpened it to a 17-degree angle giving you something sharp, but more importantly, something that stays sharp.

This is the result of hundreds of hours of testing, combining and modifying Japanese and Western blade design, giving you a tool that does the real work, while you enjoy the full versatility of its ergonomic design.

When you pick up one of our knives, you’ll enjoy a surprising sense of comfort. The kind that turns an average kitchen experience into an adventure.

Our knives come in a variety of colors carefully selected to cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether you are a traditionalist, a modernist, a hipster, or you are just looking for a cool color to match your interior, we have got you covered.


8″ Chef Knife

8″ Serrated Knife

10″ Slicer

5″ Utility Knife

3″ Bird’s Beak

After months of work, our Knives are finally ready for the first production run. The prototypes and tooling are ready and our suppliers and manufacturers are waiting with high quality materials and expert labor needed to turn this Kickstarter project into a reality. We need your help to raise $30,000 to fund this final step. Together, we can take Pacific67 from the drawing board into Kitchens across the world.




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Get Cash Back on the Projects You Love!

Risks and challenges

We have gone into every detail of design, prototypes, production, packaging and shipping. We believe in our processes, but we are also certain that there’s much to learn along the way.

In the event of an unlikely delay in our manufacturing timeline, shipping date, or anything else, we promise to communicate with you honestly and work endlessly until we set things right.

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