Posture Vertical Backpack

A backpack with magnet closure in the front that improves posture. Weight is carried on your sternum with no pressure on shoulders.

Stephen Bui Design December 11, 2017 at 2:33 pm
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Posture Vertical Backpack – The World’s First Posture Backpack

It’s time for the World to Experience Great Posture!

Don’t carry the World on your Shoulders! 

Carry the world close to your heart, or more accurately, on your sternum with Swedish Posture’s Posture Vertical Backpack.

Do you spend most of your day sitting down?

Most of us are sitting more than 9 hours a day. And you’ve probably noticed that most of us are sitting in slouching positions far too often. Have you found yourself walking or standing in a hunched position over your phone?

Every time you round your back, you are relaxing your core muscles, which causes your stomach to protrude, and your head and shoulders to fall forward.

But when you straighten your back, you are engaging your core muscles, which causes your stomach to flatten, and positions your head and shoulders to be aligned with your spine. And that is what happens when using Posture Vertical Backpack!

We wanted to help you, and your back, stand up a little straighter, so we invented the Posture Vertical Backpack. It is designed to improve your posture, by automatically engaging your core muscles, as you carry your belongings to your destination.

The Posture Vertical Backpack is the daily backpack for the office, the gym or a weekend adventure. It is perfect for walking and biking, and has a great fit for both men and women.

Shoulders free for movement

The Posture Vertical Backpack is the first backpack of its kind, specifically created to improve your posture. The chest crossover design allows any weight you carry to rest on your sternum, close to your center of gravity, where you are the strongest. This design also leaves your shoulders free for movement, making the backpack feel lighter as you carry your daily belongings.

Designed with your wellbeing in mind

We designed the Posture Vertical Backpack with your total wellbeing in mind. It improves your posture as you wear the backpack throughout the day; allowing you to move your arms freely and expand your chest for easier breathing, while holding any weight from the backpack close to your sternum. It is our goal to equip you with the best backpack that promotes great posture, a healthier back, and the self-confidence that comes with taking care of your body.

Posture Vertical’s innovative design crosses at the center of gravity, the sternum, while improving the posture, eliminating any weight placed on the shoulders, contrary to traditional backpacks. With traditional backpacks, the weight is carried on both shoulders, impairing the posture by rounding the shoulders, causing the joints and muscles in the shoulders to tighten. The head is pushed to a forward position and the body bends at the hips to counter the backward pull of the weight.

However, the Posture Vertical Backpack distributes no weight on the shoulders, allowing the arms to have a full range of motion. With the weight carried at the sternum, it expands the chest naturally, engaging the core muscles, and positions the head over the shoulders as the spine rests in an S curve, with the hips and knees in proper alignment. The Posture Vertical Backpack also comes with many modern day features that make everyday living and traveling much easier.

A normal backpack

  • Impairs your posture by causing you to roll your shoulders forward for weight compensation.
  • Tightens your joints and muscles in your shoulders, which can cause muscle strain.
  • Rounds your back and causes a forward head posture.
  • Bends your hips forward to counter the backward pull.
  • Changes your walking pattern, which can cause knee pain.

 Posture Vertical Backpack

  • Distributes no weight on your shoulders.
  • Places the weight on your sternum, your center of gravity.
  • Engages your abdominal muscles.
  • Expands your chest naturally.
  • Positions your head over your shoulders. 
  • Allows the spine to rest in the natural S-curve. 
  • Permits hips and knees to stay in a natural position.

Unique Carrying System

The carrying straps gently close on top of each other with our unique magnetic closure, which makes it simple to use and convenient to put on and take off.

 Other Features

  • Magnetic clip at sternum for easy on and off
  • A hidden pocket for valuables
  • A laptop compartment
  • USB charger (Power bank not included)
  • Ergonomic
  • Trolley holder
  • Foldable top for adjustable volume
  • Hand carrying strap
  • Waterproof
  • Posture friendly
  • Important – NOT for pacemaker patients

(Not to be used of pace maker patients)

(Power bank is not included)

Volume is 12-15 liters, measurements are 69×28,5×15 cm

Inside Look: 1 side open completely. Other side just a zipper with a pocket.

Note: Not for pacemaker patients

Use it Anywhere and Anytime
To the office, at the gym or when traveling

Posture Vertical Backpack is your daily backpack for the gym, for the office, or for the weekend’s adventure. Posture Vertical Backpack is safe, perfect for biking or walking, and a perfect fit for both men and women.

Opinions from Chiropractors and Postural Experts

Hard work has led us to this ground-breaking Posture Vertical Backpack

As a company, we are dedicated to creating innovative posture products to help everyone achieve better posture. The Posture Vertical Backpack is, perhaps, the best conceptual product we have designed to date. We believe this revolutionary product can make a difference in thousands of people’s lives. Great posture, better health and a wise investment is within your reach!

Invest in your back while investing with us!

Invest in your back while investing with us! Our goal is to raise $20,000, US currency, for the costs associated with the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the Posture Vertical Backpack. As a thank-you for helping us make this product a reality, we are offering our backers huge discounts!

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So, to all our friends around the world, let’s invest together! Invest in your health and your posture as you back this project, making the Posture Vertical Backpack a reality. Our team at Swedish Posture is asking for your help in raising $20,000 for the costs associated with the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the Posture Vertical Backpack. Every dollar counts toward this goal! We are confident this goal can be reached, and even exceeded. We, and your back, appreciate your continued support. 


/Team Swedish Posture

Risks and challenges

Our team contains an entrepreneur, a designer, years of manufacturing experience, and an advisory board of doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors, who ensure the function of this product. So you can rest assured that the Posture Vertical Backpack will exceed your

Over the years, we have done our homework when it comes to the production of products designed for better posture, so the risks are minimal. We have identified our manufacturers as we’ve worked with them for years. We have quality ensuring staff in our factory that will
inspect every Posture Vertical Backpack before it’s shipped to you. We will be shipping within 120 days of successful project funding. So, you will be ready to enjoy spring with your very own Posture Vertical Backpack.

Please note that what you are seeing are prototypes, so you can expect the final product to be polished with all of the zippers, buttons, and fabric upgraded to the highest quality. The size and shape of the magnetic closure may change as we focus on developing the best hold possible.

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