Quickguard bicycle fender

Quickguard is the first full length, fully adjustable mudguard with the ease and convenience of shorter quick release style mudguards.

Chris Howard Design November 7, 2017 at 3:52 pm
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The Quickguard™ is the first ever full length and fully adjustable bicycle mudguard, uniquely designed to NOT touch the bicycle frame, with the ease and connivence of short clip-on style mudguards.

The Quickguard has been especially designed to mount from only one side of the bicycle using sturdy but lightweight aluminium stays. And there’s no need to buy a rear and a front mudguard – one Quickguard fits both the rear and front wheels.

All backers requiring the Quickguard to fit a Thru Axle will be contacted during fulfillment and receive the correct adapter to work with your bike or bikes.

Quickguard is quick and easy to install and remove.

With the Quickguard the only part touching your frame is the section of dropout where the skewer nut was. So there’s no brackets, rubber rings or pads to scratch paintwork or carbon, or rattle as you ride.






As featured in road.cc UK by David Arthur


And when its wet, you need good bicycle mudguards that keeps you dry mile after mile. The Quickguard has been especially designed with committed cyclists in mind. Once fitted it requires no tools to attach or remove, and is done in just a few seconds.

When riding in the rain most of the water making the rider wet comes from the road in the form of up-spray from the wheels.

The diagram on the above shows the projection of water (dotted blue lines) off the rear and front wheels. A cyclists clothing can absorb and carry around 1 litre or 1 kg of water. If the Quickguards are not used, the up-spray not only completely wets the rider, but also wets the riders sitting behind, making riding uncomfortable and less safe for everyone.

The water sprayed from the road is very cold, and without a mudguard can soak your chamois keeping your buttocks muscles (Glutes) cold and wet for hours, mile after mile.

Study conducted by Dr. Stephenson

Letting these muscles get wet can dramatically reduce your training comfort, duration and intensity. Just over half of the pedalling down stroke power phase (as seen in red above) is generated from the glutes, so it only makes sense to keep those muscles dry and warm to train effectively. The same can be said for your feet. If your feet get cold they will soon become dumb reducing your ability to put the power down. The Quickguard has been designed to fit both the rear and front wheels, and the low-ride design when used on the front wheel is what keeps your feet warm and dry. The Quickguard is the most direct and effective way to eliminate cold road spray keeping your glutes and feet warm and dry, enabling you to train to the highest level in the rain and on wet roads.

How much does the Quickguard weigh? The Quickguard weighs 200 grams.

Is there a Quickguard for the front wheel? The one Quickguard can be used on both front and rear wheels. To fit Quickguard to the front wheel simply loosen the hex nut clamp and slide the whole guard to the right until the fender is aligned with your tyre. The bottom of the Quickguard bicycle mudguard should only be a few inches from the road and below your pedals at the bottom stroke. This unique design is what keeps your feet try.

Will the Quickguard fit on my bike? The Quickguard is especially designed for all bikes with 700c wheels using a quick release. This includes road bikes, flat bar bikes, single speed bikes, hybrid bikes and recumbent bikes. The Quickguard will also fit any MTB with slim fitted tyres.

How does the Quickguard help me ride better? The water on the road is cold, and without Quickguard mudguards that water will spray up and onto your bottom and hamstrings. Once your chamois gets wet that cold water will chill your glutes and hamstrings. These muscles are major contributors to pedaling power and when cold will not perform at 100%. The Quickguard mudguards will keep you dry and your muscles warm, enabling you to train at your highest level and as if the roads were dry.

What material is the Quickguard made from? The fender part of the Quickguard is made from lightweight plastic, while the stays and skewer nut are aluminium making the Quickguard lightweight plus strong and rigid.

Will the Quickguard rattle like some other mudguards? No, the Quickguard has no brackets or thin stays and small screws connected to your bicycle frame, so there is no parts to vibrate loose and rattle.

How easy is the Quickguard to fit? The Quickguard is as simple as undoing the quick release and removing the skewer nut, screw on the Quickguard and tighten back up the quick release.

Will the Quickguard scratch my bike? No, the Quickguard mounts to your wheels, not your frame. The only contact the Quickguard has with your bike is at the wheel dropout, the same contact it currently has when your wheels are in your bike

Risks and challenges

I’ve been working very hard to get the Quickguard as close to fulfilment as possible, before going to Kickstarter. But there are a few risks that may present themselves during the process:

MANUFACTURING: Because the Quickguard is made of custom designed pieces, special tooling needs to be made in order to manufacture the Quickguard in their hundreds. This tooling process may require changes and could slightly delay the estimated delivery date. But I have produced 3D samples is all looks good with those and Its unlikely the tooling will be delayed.

FULFILLMENT: If I am successful in raising the funds needed to get the Quickguard manufactured I will be handling each order myself and making sure it shipped out on time and safely. If the campaign well exceeds my funding goal I may need to employ a fulfilment company to help and that may delay delivery. But I am looking into finding a fulfilment company and already have strong leads.

Any pledge amount brings me one step closer to my goal, and you one step closer to a comfortable dry ride next time its wet out.

Hit the pledge button to get started.

THANK YOU for your support!

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