QuikSnap™ Car Window Sunshades: Customized Auto Shades

Kid friendly Automotive Accessory that snaps on and off instantly to provide protection from the sun and adds to the beauty of cars.

Muhammad Aslam Design December 1, 2017 at 2:25 pm
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Be prepared to face the heat this summer with the new generation car window sunshades that snap ON and OFF instantly.

Introducing QuikSnap™ -The first hassle free car window sunshade  that can be used on-demand. The simple installation and removal of the shades makes it easier for all age groups to use them. QuikSnap Sunshades deploy a patent pending snap-on mechanism that fits into the car’s window frame without the use of any sort of clips, magnets or suction cups.

Tired of the sun hitting you in the face? Just SNAP IT ON and you are good to go! Yes, it’s that simple.

QuikSnap™ being installed

QuikSnap™ being installed

QuikSnap Sunshades cover the entire window, and provide maximum sun protection, privacy and style. The durable frame that we used has the right amount of strength needed to stay in place in the window frame. The polyester absorbs maximum amount of heat keeping the car cool during the summer.

QuikSnap™ live preview

QuikSnap™ live preview

The custom build design ensures the right fit. QuikSnap is designed and manufactured according to the dimensions of each car’s window size to make sure your ride looks stunning while being protected. Each car has a unique window design which makes every set a custom set, tailored to perfection.

QuikSnap™ Design Headquarters
QuikSnap™ Design Headquarters

Tints have been around for a while now. We love tinting but tints are way too expensive. Another problem with tints is that once they are applied onto your car they cannot be removed unless you get them professionally removed. Many people experience trouble while driving with tints during the night as it makes it really hard to see outside. The ON-DEMAND use of QuikSnap sunshades provides you the benefit of taking them off whenever you desire without breaking the bank.

QuikSnap™, However is not only removable but also a pocket friendly accessory for your car. Wait! we got more. The simple use of QuikSnap sunshades has never been seen before and beats all other forms of car sunshades out there such as Magnetic sunshades, sunshades with hooks and suction cups!

Feel like going for a scenic drive and admiring the views outside? No problem at all, just take them right off and enjoy your views. It’s that easy.

QuikSnap™ being uninstalled

QuikSnap™ being uninstalled
Interior view of QuikSnap™
Interior view of QuikSnap™

QuikSnap™ covers many known manufacturers for car window sunshades but it’s a sea out there! QuikSnap™’s hype created a stable increase in demand! Such an amazing response tells us QuikSnap™ is loved. We need your support by backing our project so that we could extend our love and sunshade family to cover all of the car manufacturers across the United States. Your support will bring QuikSnap™ one step closer to the dealerships near you!

We are looking for funding to expand our production line to cover cars of all years, makes and models. Our goal is to prevent people from spending hundreds of dollars on tinting by providing them with a much better alternative at a very reasonable price that many users have quoted “better than tinting”.

Risks and challenges

We are currently manufacturing and selling sunshades for around 30 cars. The specialty of our product is that it is customized to fit each car. While it adds to the beauty of the car and the effectiveness of the shades, it also means added work for us to perfect a different size for each car. We are qualified to do it as we have proven with the cars we covered and our current customers are a living proof of our ability to deliver the best product at a fraction of the price of tints. The process has been defined and our in-house manufacturing team is ready to expand the line to cover all the cars out there. All we need is the funding to buy the extra machinery needed to manufacture the different shapes. We are absolutely confident of delivering on or before time since the manufacturing processes are already in place. Our goal is to have QuikSnap delivered to all the backers before this summer and for everyone to be prepared to beat the heat!

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