Red Frog 3 in 1 Sun Bag

Wander as far from the office or class as you heart can carry you!! Made from Caucho, the rubber of repurposed tires

Angus Pecover Fashion December 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm
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Bakkoo backers get a free Red Frog T-shirt and a handmade beaded Red Frog key chain with every bag.

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This is the science of the universe:

Gravity is more powerful where there is more stuff.

Keep it light enough to travel. And work. And study.

Your life, your work, your world, in one bag…Just one bag.

After years of getting about the planet Wandering Angus realized he needed a bag that could serve a multitude of the demands. He needed a travel bag, sure, but also a bag to pack his laptop/designs/paperwork to meetings, his gear to the beach, and his life on the plane, everywhere he needed to haul ‘stuff’ around, and who wants to carry 3 or 4 bags with them throughout their lives. So he designed one bag to suit all his needs. That’s where the 3 in 1 Sun Bag came from. With a few months of serious thought, a bit of engineering and prototyping and viola!! the Sun Bag was born and it was gooood.

Some Details…

Quality and Craftsmanship in Every Piece…

A bit about us and how we’re reinventing the wheel….

Each bag we make keeps another tire from going into the landfill. That alone is reason enough to support this project but then to top it off you get the benefit of the best multi-purpose bag we could possibly make. Way cool!

We trust you feel the same as Angus does about our planet and hope you’ll spread the word and supporting our campaign. Cheers!!


This is us, the crew at Red Frog Designs…

We stand as proof that low tech can be every bit as effective as high tech in making the world a better place. We’re happy to show off ‘the world’s smallest factory’ we have built, happy to give tours and just as happy to share ideas with those who want to change the world and re-invent the wheel….

From Abran, Angus, Ernesto, Karla and Pam, a deep and heart felt thanks to all who contribute to this campaign! Cheers!!


 And remember: Keep it light enough to travel, hip enough for work and tough enough for the real world !!

Risks and challenges

We’re set up and ready to go with production, the patterns are cut, the prototypes tested and the crew is chomping at the bit to get started. If we meet our goal within the 1st week we promise to have the first 150 bags delivered by Xmas (this year).
If we’re fortunate enough to exceed 150 we’ll have them all delivered by the end of January (next year). After that we’ll need a bigger boat but have them to you by end of Jan..
A single tire makes 7 pairs. The more we sell the more we can make, 7 fold.
Simply put, the risk is to the environment if we don’t get the sales.

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