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A revolutionary way to film and record your golf swing | The first multifunctional fidget spinner divot tool for golfers.

Aiden Oh Design November 30, 2017 at 8:20 pm
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We are two friends who thought of one idea that could fill a need that all golfers have: a way to film their swing with ease. That launched us into becoming a full-blown company that reaches into international marketplaces. But believe it or not, we are just a small start-up! With only a team of four, we have pioneered out into the murky waters of e-commerce – trying to find our way.

A couple of months ago, we had this crazy idea of putting together fun with utility. After hours and hours of drafting the best version of the SelfieSPINNER, we realized that the only way for us to bring this idea to life would be to gain the support and help from the community of golfers. It is a fun project for us but more than that, we truly believe this will bring both bliss and functionality to the game of golf.

But we can’t do it without you! We chose to use the Kickstarter platform because, well, to be quite honest, we don’t have any investors of our company. So if we want to invent something completely new – it takes funds! We hope that you enjoy the SelfieSPINNER as much as we do. Thank you for your support!


The Selfie Spinner was created with the modern golfer in mind. According to Google, the time it takes to play a round of golf is just about 14 minutes if you take out all the breaks in between swinging. That’s a lot of standing around, doing nothing. Instead of letting those feelings of anxiety take over, you can keep yourself entertained from the time you tee off to the end of an 18-hole round.



Equipped with seven unique functions, this one item takes the place of several. Don’t waste more money on getting multiple golf accessories – all you need is one.

The SelfieSPINNER is made completely out of aluminum so it’s durable and smooth to the touch. You are sure to find yourself using it throughout the whole round!



Don’t know who should tee off first? You’ll never have to awkwardly decide again. Just let the Selfie Spinner do it for you! Just spin and let fate decide.



Always fishing around for some loose change? Don’t get caught marking your ball with a boring old coin. The Selfie Spinner comes with a magnetic ball marker so you never have to struggle to find one again.



Use our double edge sword to remove those nasty ball marks off the green.



You’ll never get your grips dirty or wet again with SelfieGOLF’s state-of-art club prop.



Putting made easier with this handy angle measure. Make sure you’re all lined up before putting. Who knows? Could be the difference between making a birdie or even an eagle.



The Selfie Spinner is perfectly designed to hug your golf ball so you can draw a straight line on your ball every time. Align your ball to make every satisfying putt.



Endless amounts of entertainment right at your fingertips. Playing an important match? Calm your nerves with fidgeting. This is by far the coolest function of the SelfieSPINNER: crossing into the realm of fun, this is what makes the SelfieSPINNER more than just another golf accessory. Now, no matter where you are, on the course or on the range, you can keep your hands occupied while waiting to hit your turn.



Our spinner went through hundreds and hundreds of hours in order to perfect the design. We wanted to design an item that will fit every groove and every hand comfortably – like your favorite pair of gloves. After many iterations, prototyping, and testing, we have finally made a product that we can be proud of.


SelfieGOLF was our namesake signature product that launched us into start-up dom. And here we are! Out with another idea and this time we need your support! And now, only for Kickstarter, SelfieGOLF is out in limited edition colors.


Before SelfieGOLF, there was no good solution for golfers who wanted to film their swing. Fidgeting with a pesky tripod, trying to balance your phone on your bag, or bringing your little brother to the range with you to film your swing just isn’t cool.


That’s how SelfieGOLF was born. We designed and prototyped countless hours to develop a product that even PGA Tour Professionals cannot live without: the first-ever cell phone clip system that gives golfers immediate feedback on their golf swing.

With the SelfieGOLF, you can film your swing with ease. Perfectly compact, it will make its permanent home in your favorite golf bag.


SelfieGOLF is a simple yet versatile training system that allows golfers of any skill level to capture hands-free video with complete stability from any position or any surface. Simply clip onto any standard size alignment stick or golf club and attach it to your favorite golf bag.




Works with any phone, any rod, any surface…

The SelfieGOLF comes with extra stick clips that allow you to attach it to any standard size alignment stick or driver. The bag clip can be used with anything you can think of clipping it to, including any type of golf bag. Whether you’re on concrete or grass, it will stay stable and ensure you get the desired angle every time. Oh, and did we mention it works with any size phone?











We thrive in the tension between self-indulgence and practicality. Our satisfaction comes from the opportunity to bring innovative items that will change the game of golf. We take every detail into consideration: the feel of the products in your hands to every line and curve. Our mission is to provide keepsakes that will allow each golfer to express their individuality with sophistication and style.

· Mix and match · Special edition · Limited time · Only available on Kickstarter ·

Now for the first time ever, we are introducing the Selfie Spinner to the public. Now you can get the Selfie Spinner and the SelfieGOLF in Kickstarter-only colors: red/gold (did someone say IronMan?) or blue/silver. But we need your help to bring it to market!


             Get one for yourself and one for your golf bestie!

These last several months have been a whirlwind and the founders of SelfieGOLF are back at the drawing table again. Equipped only with the desire to design items that keep golfers like you in mind. We have designed, prototyped, and iterated an item that has gained interest from around the world. We have progressed this far and are ready to bring it to market but the mass-production of the item has been more difficult than previously thought. That is why we need you to help support and back this campaign!

We plan to use the funds we raise through Kickstarter 100% on the manufacturing process. We wanted to create this fun and practical golf accessory but lack the production funds to do so. In order to mass-produce a large quantity, we have start up costs that we need to meet. That’s what led us to Kickstarter!

If we meet our goal, we will start production right away. And get these in the hands of you – our amazing backer – as soon as possible! Thank you all for making this dream come true.





















Risks and challenges

This is a low-risk Kickstarter project.

We decided to launch our Kickstarter campaign after doing all the hard lifting for the SelfieSPINNER: designing, prototyping and iterating. We just need your help with placing our first order. Because we have experience manufacturing the SelfieGOLF, we have the know-how to producing and shipping out products.

If we get flooded with more orders than expected, we have the capability to increase our production and should be able to send out backer rewards on schedule. We will keep the community informed with all of our progress throughout the campaign.

We will collect your SelfieSET color choice (blue/silver or red/gold) after our campaign is over. If you fail to respond to our SelfieSET color questionnaire in time, we will pick a color combination for you at random.

We want to make sure everyone gets their holiday gifts on time! This is the goal that we are striving for. As soon as we get the surveys back in regards to your color choice, we will begin production. There is a low risk however, depending on where you live, in regards to getting the items on time! However, we can guarantee that you will receive your items.

We have a working patent on our product but need your support to create the items in these special limited edition colors! Thanks all!

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