Siggie Lodoen: The World’s First No-Bounce Sports Bra

An engineered sports bra specially designed for curvy women to eliminate bounce, pain, and discomfort during workouts.

Jennifer Paulson Fashion December 7, 2017 at 11:45 am
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As large chested women ourselves, we are all too aware that those of us with larger chests do not have an effective, great-looking sports bra to wear when working out. We often resort to wearing 2-3 sports bras at a time or skipping high-impact activities altogether. Most current sports bras on the market do not properly support our breasts and lead to pain, premature sagging, and even tearing of breast tissue. Not acceptable!

We decided that there had to be a better way: Women should NOT be limited in their activity by their biology. Effective sports bras should be a right and not a pie-in-the-sky dream. And if it took the creation of a whole new way to do sports bras, then so be it!




On Kickstarter you select your size AFTER the project funds. At that time we will reach out to you with clear, comprehensive information on our sizing. We will help you select the size that is True to You. For now, you just need to reserve the product via Kickstarter at fabulous below-retail prices. 

The Siggie Lodoen Sports Bra is sized differently than what you may be used to: our sizes correlate with the measurement (in inches) of your underbust size and your bust size. We currently accommodate underbust sizes between 28 and 42. This refers to the number of inches you are directly under your breasts. Our bust/over the bust sizes (measure over the fullest part of your chest) are up to 13 inches greater than your underbust size.

When it’s time to order after the campaign ends, we’re here to make sure you have the perfect fit.


This bra took three years to bring to you. For comprehensive information about the development process, research, science, and revisions that went into our bra, please visit and click on “About Our Bra.”

The process of testing different technologies and finding what worked was slow, tedious, and painstaking. There were many late nights studying textbooks, long drives to manufacturing professionals, pricked fingers from pattern-making and sewing, and flights to visit experts for their feedback. Destroyed sports bras littered our floors.

Over time, the team put in thousands of dollars of R&D and consulted some of best resources in the industry. All of the science was put to use and every idea was tested. By the end of the process we had tested dozens of ideas and manufactured countless prototypes.


But it was worth it: The result is amazing. For the first time, we could run, skip, and jump and our 32G chests didn’t bounce with us!

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Siggie Lodoen Sports Bra. It is our true hope that you love this sports bra as much as we do, and that this bra supports your chest the way that you deserve. We want you to look forward to working out and have the bra that you need to do so. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back—and your front!




tote bag ($20)
tote bag ($20)


“I feel like I can conquer the world in this bra. It is a game-changer.”  -Karissa, 34C

“The only bra I need—no more wearing 2 or 3 just to go jogging.”  -Sarah, 34H

“This is the most effective sports bra I have ever had. The girls are wrangled and comfortable.” -Rachel, 36DD

“I am literally jumping up and down for–and in–this sports bra.” -Melodie, 32D

“After having my kids, my old sports bras just didn’t cut it anymore. The Siggie Lodoen Sports Bra does the job.” -Amy, 38G

“Women should not be limited in their activity by their biology and the Siggie Lodoen Sports Bra levels the playing field.” -Jennifer Paulson, Creator and CEO, 32G


We’ve worked with wonderful people throughout this process.

Our heartfelt thanks to:

Videographer Inder Nirwan

Graphic Design Duotone Creative

Web Design Carissa Ellis

Photographer TheLightPalette

Manufacturing Consultant Brooke Tassoul

Engineer Dick Watson

Stylist Sarah Watson

Additional Photography Kim Klein

And the hair and make-up artists and models who brought the beauty:

Emma, Ashley, Hunter, Angela, Erika, Emily L., Kayla, Shawna, Emily B.


Risks and challenges

As careful as we are at Siggie Lodoen, we understand that even the best can sometimes falter. While “multinational company supporting the needs of women and girls” is what’s on our dream board, here are some of the challenges we may face:

Manufacturing complications: We’ve had wonderful luck with our manufacturer so far, but we know tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Unexpected delays may occur and design revisions may take longer than expected. We will use every effort to produce the bras on schedule and at the highest quality for our backers.

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