STRAPO Expandable Minimalist Wallet

Slim & Secure Wallet With Elastic Strap, Premium Durable Leather, RFID Blocking, Convenient pull-out strap, Designed for Functionality

Qlink Design Design November 7, 2017 at 12:52 pm
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STRAPO is designed in New York, USA. We are a small team, committed to designing unique & innovative products that offer irresistible value to our customers. By pooling in the best talents and with a wealth of experience, we came up with Strapo Minimalist Wallet.

Why we designed Strapo 🙂

Traditional wallets were geared towards carrying cash, eventually adopting card pockets as a secondary feature, but in today’s day and age, that design has become bulky and unnecessary. Credit, Debit, and Gift Cards are quickly becoming the standard, and when you’re in line at the supermarket, it’s all about the ease of the swipe-and-go. Most slim wallets, while solving the bulky issue, end up compromising on the ability to carry more when needed. We sought to do was create the perfect middle ground – a wallet that was spacious without taking up too much space, but most importantly, was geared towards card-carrying, and convenience.

Expandable Strap – expands according to all that you put into the wallet and holds it tight. You can therefore confidently fit in any item like GPS tracker, keys, Earphone, Receipts, business cards, cash, memory cards. It simply fits in all that you need and holds it tight and you don’t have to worry about losing any item.

Smart Pull-out Strap – Quickly access your multiple cards up to 6 cards. The elastic strap holds your items firmly, and will automatically retract once released. This layer insulates your cards and prevents electronic pick-pocketing called RFID skimming. The padding secures all the cards in your inner compartment.

Two quick access slots: on one side which gives easy access to your favorite card. This slot is a RFID protection free slot is open for your work ID card, so you can seamlessly and easily access it on the go. Easy-access Push Slot – Convex opening makes it easier to push your card out



Even if you cannot donate at this time, please share our campaign with family and friends, or anyone else who would love to have this useful item to take with them during their day today. This increases the chances of a successful campaign, and the ability to purchase STRAPO at a later date.

Shipping: We are ready for production, As planned all rewards will be shipped the first week of December. We will ship Strapo Minimalist Wallet to our backers worldwide. The shipping cost varies base on your location. You can find out shipping cost in each of pledges. However, there may be additional duties and taxes you might have to pay. In any case, we recommend checking your country’s tax and customs laws.


As a small business, it’s often very difficult to secure enough capital for larger projects, especially one that requires such quality materials and craftsmanship. We’ve turned to crowdfunding to help keep costs as low as possible, removing the strain of investor returns which would send the cost of the STRAPO higher. Once our funding goal is reached, we will be able to carry out our first production run, fulfilling the preorders made here. Please see our reward tier to secure your very own STRAPO. It would also make a wonderful gift.

Risks and challenges

As we learned throughout this process, delays and unforeseen obstacles are an inevitable part of product development. Fortunately, most of the process is already complete.

We created multiple prototypes, tested for quality and durability. we have received production ready prototypes that were made by the actual manufacturers that will be producing the final goods, so the processes and tooling used for production have been completely worked out. our final design is ready to start manufacturing. We learnt a lot during our prototype phase, We’ve gotten a lot of the hard work done,

Support us by backing this project and sharing on social media is equally important. Back us now. Thank You

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