Sub Xero, The World’s Only Thermal Insulator For 5 GL Bottle

Imagine all the perks of an electric water cooler but even better. Meet Sub Xero. A thermal cover that makes any 5 GL bottle cold 24/7!

Tyler Cranston Design November 22, 2017 at 2:28 pm
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  • Every second thousands of plastic water bottle are thrown away or just toss out without a second thought.
  • That adds up to millions every day, and exactly 63 BILLION plastic water bottles are thrown away each year.
  • The fact that we do not see this makes it seem OK.
  • However, the cold truth is, this crisis is getting out of control.
  • Not only does it affect marine life and wildlife, it is also affecting our home planet, Earth.
  • This crisis has grown 10 folds or more over the last decade.
  • It is a real environmental problem, not only here in the US but worldwide.
  • Plastic bottles are super cheap to produce, we mean little to nothing!
  • Water is even cheaper! (Look at your electric bill VS. water bill, it is almost 10X cheaper!)
  • Big companies are making 10 to 100 times profit on water from us.

Sub Xero is the ultimate solution to this worldwide disaster

  • 5 GL bottles or even glass bottles (glass is much better) will save you so much more than plastic bottles.
  • It can fit 37 regular 16.9 oz bottles.
  • That can easily last a week for a family of 4.
  • It only cost $1.50 to $2 to refill a 5 GL at your nearest grocery store.
  •  A case of 4pk water bottle is $5 to $8. (You can literally save over $500 a year, if that does not convince you then I don’t know what does?)
  • Imagine if 10% of the people in the world stop drinking from plastic bottles (I myself do not), then we can reduce 630 million plastic bottles each year.
  • 10% can make a huge different especially if it is a world wide.
  • 5 GL bottles also produce no waste or plastic.
  • Plastic bottles can get warm within minutes and if left out in the sun for too long and can actually be carcinogenic. Yikes.
  • Sub Xero keeps your water cold all day, so there is no need to refill your cup with ice every time you get a drink.
  • Even if you do not the idea of Sub Xero, at least drink from a reusable water bottle.

Image all the benefits of an electric water cooler but on a whole new level

Sub Xero VS. Electric Water Coolers

  • Cost 1/10 to 1/20 of the price.
  • 100% Waterproof and Washable.
  • Superb craftsmanship and quality.
  • Long lasting, 10 years +/- 5 years, reusable.
  • Portable, users can take it literally anywhere.
  • Aesthetically attractive no matter where you put it.
  • No wires, electric components, metal or plastic pieces.
  • Flexible, will not tear, break, nor rip no matter how hard you try.
  • Maintenance , costly fixes, troubleshooting problems does not exist.
  • Takes up virtually no space at all, it is just a thermal insulating cover.

The birth from passion to innovation   

  • Millions of people refill 5 GL bottles on a daily/weekly basic.
  • Yet, no one has even though of the idea of Sub Xero.
  • We (Future BuyZ) know for a fact that at least 90% of water drinkers prefer cold water over warm water any day.
  • Especially in the south where the weather is like the surface of out Sun.
  • We have a small office and drink out of the 5 GL bottles all day.
  • After years of drinking room temperature water (winter was the best season since the water was natural cold), we just got fed up with the taste.
  • We are located in Florida and Florida wins the hottest state in the USA, beating out all other 49 contestants!
  • Probably the worst award for 1st place and not an award to be happy about.
  • So you get the picture, hot weather and warm water is a double negative, which does not make it a positive, it makes it a quadruple negative.
  • Millions of people have 5 GL bottles in there home.
  • The ones that can afford an electric water cooler will get one. BUT for the rest of us, we just have to deal with room temperature water. BUT not anymore, Sub Xero is here and its ready to assist your hydration needs!


 Sub Xero was specifically made for

  • Feasting with family and friends.
  • Outdoor field practices.
  • In your office or own home.
  • Camping and hiking trips.
  • And so much more!


Sub Xero in its prime/prototype stage (July 2017)

  • Back in July, we made 2 colors, white and blue.
  • The blue was kind of ugly, but the white was attractive.
  • We changed the color from medium blue to neon and boy did that make a huge difference.
  • We decided the logo should go on top next to the opening of the zipper and make it big enough so anyone can see it.
  • Small logos are really meant for electronic devices.
  • We did not even think about the carrying strap.
  • Thank goodness we made the carrying strap.
  • Imagine how hard it would be carrying Sub Xero with a handle or strap.
  • This was the bare minimum we had thought of.
  • No retail packaging or bar-codes.
  • Our main focus was just to make a prototype and test it out to see if it even works.
  • If it does not work, then there was no point in making Sub Xero.






Testing Sub Xero out (Still in prototype)

  • We tested Sub Xero in 3 different control variations.
  • It was done in the shade but control # 3 (No ice or Sub Xero cover) was left in the shade for 6 hours and then in the sun for 6 hours.
  • Miami, Florida was perfect for testing grounds since the run rises early and sets late.
  • The weather was even better because its so hot during the summer and still hot in the winter. (It’s literally 85F outside in November as we are typing this!)
  • We use the 2 prototype of Sub Xero for testing.
  • If this experiment/testing fail, then of course we would have never mass produced Sub Xero. However, that was not the case. As you can Sub Xero did quite well and we were more than impress. It was then we started producing the logo, carrying straps and the final Sub Xero.




The Real Deal is Real

This is the final product of Sub Xero, 2 Colors for now. In the future, we will improve on Sub Xero & fixing/adding to it as the consumer suggest.

INNOVATION: The very first and only insulating thermal cooler cover for 5 gallon glass or plastic bottle container. Get ready for cold, refreshing, hydrating, and delicious H2O. Warm, nasty, tasteless water is a thing of the past. It is far superior to foam or plastic koozies/coolie.

THE NEW COOLER: Step aside electric water coolers. They’re costly, take up valuable space, heavy, require yearly maintenance, breaks down easily, last a few years top, and aren’t portable. Sub Xero is the exact opposite. It can keep the water 15F to 20F degrees lower than its surrounding temperature (or warmer). It’s a one-of-a-kind nonelectric water cooler. The elastic material is top quality, and well-built. Craftsmanship at its finest.

ALL IN ONE: Neoprene is almost as effective as any stainless steel insulator at 1/10 of the cost! Neoprene is a synthetic rubber/fiber that maintains its insulation, the thicker the better. It’s extremely flexible, durable, but most importantly long lasting and does its job effectively. Exact same fiber that deep sea scuba divers wear. Sub Xero is almost 1/4 inch thick.

(It’s so portable, weightless, and compact. One can fit it virtually anywhere.)
ULTRA PERFORMANCE: The unique zig-zag stitching on our neoprene insulating coolie gives it added durability. Thus, results in a tighter fit, keeps water cold(er) longer, and traps the cold particles from escaping.
Want the best and long lasting coldness?
  • Fill the 5 gallon water bottle 80-90% to the top.
  • Leave it in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for 5-6 hours.
  • Fill with 5-10 pounds of ice before or after you arrive at your destination. (Note: Having ice in the 5 gallon water bottle really does help maintain the coldness for a very long time. Neoprene fiber will trap cold air particles as oppose to regular room temperature water. More more ice the better, can last for days!)

(Great for watching games, tv, movies, playing video-games without pausing the moment)



  • Put any 5 gallon bottle on.
  • Zip it up.
  • Fill it with water and ice, and that’s it!
  • You never have to take off Sub Xero.
  • Once you put it on, just leave it on your 5 gallon.
  • It is simple as that.
  • 100% Water proof, super durable, high quality neoprene fiber, and last up to 10+ years!


  • Sub Xero is perfect for many events.
  • After an intense workout, nothing taste better than cold water.
  • Having friends over drinking while Sub Xero keeps everyone cool and hydrated.
  • In your office, when you feel sluggish and tire, a glass of cold water will surely wake you up and keep you focus.
  • No more having to drink warm nasty water when cold, fresh, and hydrating water is right by your side.
  • And many more including camping, outdoor field practice, at the church, fundraisers, outdoor cooking, BBQs, meeting events, and whatever makes you happy.


  • Heavy duty carrying strap included for free on any reward!
  • Easily fits and can support any 5 gallon plastic or glass water bottle. (Over 50 pounds)
  • You will really appreciate these straps because carrying a 45 pound bottle just for a few seconds can be draining and your back with hate you for it!
  • Carry the trap with one hand and with the other hand hold the neck of the water bottle.




(Durable, it can even stand up on its own with no support. All materials are made with the highest standard quality!)

(Enjoy water, the way its meant to be. Cold and refreshing!)



(Tester ask that their face not be shown on camera, due to privacy)


From Pure Imagination to Creation

  • June 2017 The idea of Sub Xero was actually though of in April 2017 by Future BuyZ. It was not actually 100% thought out and confirm for production until June 2017.
  • July 2017 – It took less than 1 week to make the prototype which included the zipper. That was all. The bare minimum to see how it looks and perform.
  • Mid July 2017 – Intensive 3 day testing begins.
  • August 2017 – The preparation and designing of the retail box, logo, branding, and packaging is all set.
  • Mid August 2017 – The final product of Sub Xero is 100% complete and is ready for sale.
  • September 2017 – Close friends and family members are given a free Sub Xero for testing.
  • November 2017 – Kickstarter campaign is launched! (What happened in October?, We decided to take a 2-3 week break from all the hard work).

Why you should drink cold water?

Here is a small list of why cold water is beneficial and healthy to your diet and life.



Funding Sub Xero.

$7,500 is the minimum for our funding. Your support is truly appreciated.

  • Like most or all projects, the minimum just covers for the cost of the product itself.
  • Sub Xero was made possible by a team, a company, not just one person.
  • The cost of production, assembly line, designing, video/photo editing, testing, packaging, shipping, and everything in order to make an idea come to life is very rewarding but at the same time truly difficult.
  • It takes a big risk to commit to your passion and make it a reality.
  • Creating something from nothing truly gives one the sense of accomplishment , wisdom, and knowledge.
  • We have learn so much through this journey about how to make an idea to a reality.
  • It would be a great disappoint if our pledgers/backers were not impressed by our invention.
  • If you can not pledge anything, that is fine, your support and sharing is all we need.
  • We just ask you, your family, friends, and coworkers to share and tell others about Sub Xero.
  • That would be more than enough and invaluable to us. Anything really helps. Thank you!

Claim your reward!  ​

Perk 0
Anything is greatly appreciated, even $1. Your contribution to Sub Xero means more to us than you can imagine. It means you care and want our project to succeed. That alone is worth more than all the money in this world. Please let your family and friends know.
Perk 1 & 2 ( $15 / 50% OFF Retail Price $30 )
Option 1 – Bright White (Its super white, no heat or sun ray can penetrate it.)
Option 2 – Irresistible Neon Blue (Its neon and no one can take their eyes off it.)
Both colors comes with :
  • Black carrying strap
  • A thank you card
  • Plastic wrapper for the protection of Sub Xero
  • The retail box itself.

Perk 3 ( $28 / 52% OFF Retail Price $60 )

Get both colors and everything included in perk 2.

Perk 4, 5 & 6 ( $15 / 50% OFF Retail Price $60 )  

(Get the complete set for your water starter kit. Faz Flo 2.0 is also manufactured and sold by Future BuyZ. For more info please check our website at for more info.)

Option 1 – Bright White Thermal Cover with Shiny Stainless Steel Rack and 55mm valve

Option 2 – Neon Blue Thermal Cover with Shiny Stainless Steel Rack and 55mm valve

Option 2 – The the complete set in 2 colors!


(Stainless Steel Rack + 55mm Valve included in Rewards # 4-6)

Ready 2 Go, Are you?

Sub Xero is fully completed and stored in our warehouse and ready to ship!  

Stored in top facility warehouse (Clean and free of dirt, dust, and water). In cartons and shrink wrap so nothing touches Sub Xero. We have a warehouse in L.A. California that helps us with all the prepping and shipping. Each Sub Xero with be shipped within 3-5 days to each backer in brand new condition.

(Mass production back in the summer of 2017)


(One of our employees sewing up the pieces)

(Warehouse worker showing the final retail box of Sub Xero)

For more info not on the F.A.Q, please email us and we will reply within the hour.



(Our team in Ningbo, China having dinner after a very long and busy week)

There were many people that contributed to the making of Sub Xero. (Mainly the designers, packaging people, and the shippers) It takes more than guts and passion to make an idea come to life. To make an idea a reality. Requires a team, talented minds, determination and dedication.



Thank you for checking us out. If you like what you have read and seen could you please let your family and friends know. We have put 1000’s of hours and restless nights to make Sub Xero a reality. It is already here. We are waiting for eager pledgers and enthusiastic people to contribute to our project. Our success depends 100% solely on our backers and consumers.

We are very confident and know Sub Xero will succeed. That is why we have produce 4400 units. In the summer time, Sub Xero will be a huge hit and so convenient.  Thank you again for your support and viewing us.


Risks and challenges

Without risk there is no reward.
The same can be said vice versa.
The greater the risk, the greater the reward, and the greater the downfall.
Quality was our #1 priority.
We wanted to create a genuine product that could compete with an electric water cooler for a fraction of the cost.
Restless nights, not going out or getting exercise really took a toll on our health.
We wanted to complete Sub Xero in time for the Holidays.
We only had a couple people contribute to this project, a small team.
We spend quite a substantial amount of funding(of our own) to make Sub Xero.
If we can’t raise the funds then our future projects and this one will be in jeopardy.
It takes many days or years to build something.
It only takes a minute to bring it down.
This was our first project/invention.
We had to learn how to prepare and market Sub Xero.
Everything must be done at the right time, place, and moment in order for a project to succeed.
Time and patience is the key to success.
If we mess up on one part, we had to fix redo it until it was perfect.
It takes many trials and error to make something perfect, or almost perfect.

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