Taro: Your Next Camera-Mate | Auto-tracking + Stabilizer. Never miss a moment EVEN ALONE!

A ROBOT that operates your camera just like a real CAMERAMAN, combining the Infrared Technology, AI and much, much more.

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Auto-tracking is super-useful when filming outdoor sports like skateboarding, parkour, skiing, basketball, or tennis. However, tracking a fast-moving target against a dynamically-shifting background makes it practically impossible for tracking technologies to work properly. Until now, that is. Taro is proud to introduce a breakthrough product that automatically rotates and tracks your target, making it possible to free up your hands and put yourself squarely in the frame to accurately capture all the action – effortlessly! 

The secret to Taro’s tracking lies in the combination of a flickering sequential infrared tag and tracking module (M1), which contains an infrared camera. Together, they work to rapidly identify which part of the frame is integral to a dynamic action sequence, instantaneously establishing the intended object’s approximate location. A powerful learning algorithm then immediately eliminates sub-optimal positioning, precisely pinpointing the object’s exact location. The result: a perfect balance between efficiency and accuracy.

Of course, having a constantly flickering tag would be a deal-breaker, both for users and their videos. That’s why ours is 940nm infrared. Providing perfect tracking, it is wholly invisible to the eye and imperceptible to cameras.

Taro’s blazingly fast infrared tracking algorithm performs 30 calculations per second, making it possible to track objects moving as fast as 50 miles per hour. Ok, that’s not fast enough for F1 racing fans, but it’s plenty fast enough for the rest of us sports fans!

No doubt, there are already plenty of tracking algorithms out there. They include optical flow, simple flow, MIL, BOOSTING, KCF, TLD, MEDIANFLOW, GOTURN and a bunch of even more complex ones. But on a typical smartphone generally capable of performing no more than 2 calculations per second, they’re far too bulky and resource-intensive to work for the average user.

We ran an all kinds of performance tests in a wide range of photographic environments, including against backgrounds with subtle and uniform color gradations, long and short shadows and varied lighting. We did extended tracking, at both high-speed and high-accelerations. We have no doubt that our products will not only surpass expectations, but also excel under the widest possible range of photographic circumstances.

When filming fast-moving sports activities like skateboarding, it’s often necessary to capture an object when we ourselves are also moving at high speed. It can be quite a hassle to have to simultaneously pay attention to both our own movements and the screen, all too often leading to an object being out of frame – or worse. Taro’s Dynamic Tracking has you covered, and our auto-tracking technology ensures that your target is always in frame – and without you having to focus on the screen, either.

A stabilizer is all about using motors to neutralize camera-shake. Taro is equipped with three ultra high-torque brushless motors which react much faster than our competitors’ products, to guarantee you a radically smoother shooting experience.

Action sequencing, following titles, auto-cuts, filters, and time-lapse photography. Taro comes packed with all kinds of goodies and cool effects, with lots more in the pipeline. Please feel free to suggest further improvements, features and effects you’d like to see!

TARO M1 is a separate tracking module that autonomously tracks objects and supplies optimal rotational parameters to a stabilizer via Bluetooth, making it possible for you to instantly transform your existing stabilizer into an auto-tracking one.

Auto-cutting relates to the speed at which you’re moving, automatically detecting and eliminating unwanted motion to ensure your captured footage is as good as it can be – with a minimum amount of additional work.

Most stabilizers now available have a limited range of rotation, which can cause a lot of problems when tracking. Taro solved this issue by incorporating extra components that ensure unrestricted panning.



To ensure the fulfillment of Taro, we are cooperating with the world’s leading stabilizer producer Zhiyun to make our gimbal part.


Risks and challenges

We’re on track to begin production in March 2018. However, as with the release of any new product, there may be unforeseen obstacles preventing us from getting certain elements of the product just right. Because we are determined to provide you with the ultimate user experience, it would go completely against our grain to release any product until it is absolutely perfect, so the possibility of delays also exists.

We pledge to do our very best to keep you as up-to-date as possible on any and all of our developments, and are working to resolve as many issues as possible before the official release.

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