The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide

Take your images to the next level with this how-to guide designed specifically for Landscape Photography

Mike Neubauer Photography November 30, 2017 at 7:57 pm
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Most of what I learned about photography wasn’t in art school.

In the last ten years the game has changed with regards to digital photography. Nearly everyone is shooting digital today and the top shooters are pushing the limits with post processing techniques. If you want to take your work to the next level, you need to be in the know. This book can get you there.

In The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide, I set out to answer all the questions that confuse photographers today. From “What kind of camera should I buy?” To “What are luminosity masks?” The answers are all here.

Struggling with aperture or bracketing? I break it down into relatable concepts to help you get the most out of your gear.

While it’s true, I did learn a lot at The Art Institute, I graduated 17 years ago and the industry is much different now. Today our gear is so much more advanced and our processing techniques have exploded. Photoshop is an overwhelming program, ...but it doesn’t have to be. In The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide I’ve gone into detail to describe how to get your images to pop. I’ve explained the processing techniques I use and how to achieve the same results in your photography.

Ready to grow as a photographer?

Learn everything you need to level up. Including:

  • Aperture: Learn what it is, how to use it and why it is crucial that you understand it.
  • Bracketing: Learn the process for taking multiple images of one scene and combining them to make one dynamic image.
  • Focus Stacking: Want to get the ultimate depth and detail in your shots? This is how.
  • Masks: From Layer masks to luminosity masks these are among the most important and powerful tools in Photoshop.
  • Night Photography: Learn how to shoot stars, the moon and even star trail images with awesome results.
  • Printing: Learn how to get the most out of your images by understanding gamut warning and color profiles.

Award Winning.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are your pictures saying? Why not make two of those words “Award Winning?” The tools and techniques in this book have helped me be the recipient of over 30 professional photography awards …in the last 3 years! These are awards from the highest stage of competitions. You can get there too, simply by following the blueprint in this guide.

Photoshop + Lightroom: Demystified.

Step-by-step techniques to help you get the most out of your workflow.

Take Your Images To The Next Level.

If you are a landscape photographer, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about landscape photography, from camera jargon to composition to advanced Photoshop techniques. It’s all in here. You’re going to need this.

The Rewards:


Digital Download: Get the full 144 pages of The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide in PDF format as an eBook. Take it with you on your mobile device or reference it right from your desktop Mac or PC.

• Available December 2017


The Book: Designed exclusively for digital landscape photographers, this rugged, go-anywhere book delivers all the answers to all your photography questions. From the camera itself, to composing your scenes to editing your images in Photoshop, this book covers it all. If you’re serious about your work, you need this book.

“144 pages of pure gold. It’s like a college education in the palm of your hands!” – John DiGiovanni, owner, DiGiovanni Photography, Honolulu Hawaii.

• Estimated shipping April, 2018


The Book + eBook: Get them both! If the project becomes successful, the book will go into publication right away. It will take a few months before all copies are printed and shipped to Hawaii. From there, the books will be sent directly to you. In the meantime, you’ll have access to a link where you can download your copy of the book in digital format. Put it on your phone or on your computer and start soaking up the knowledge!

• Estimated shipping April, 2018


Signed Book + eBook: How about I hand sign a book for you? Most of the books once they’re printed will go right to our distributor, so if you want your copy of the book signed, I’ve got to make sure those books come here first where I can sign them and send them off to you. Want more than one? Just add an additional $30 per book that you want signed, and I’ll add them in with your order! Oh, and of course you’ll still get access to the digital download of the book as well.

• Estimated shipping April, 2018


Signed Book + eBook + Backer Status: Get everything listed above, plus get your name printed in every book we print as an official supporter of this project. This is a super cool reward, and a great way for you to show your support of landscape photography!

• Estimated shipping April, 2018


The Silver Backer: In addition to being listed in the book as a backer, getting your signed copy of the book and access to the eBook, you’ll also be given a link to where you can download a high resolution digital file of “Tomorrow’s Dream.” The file can then be sent to your favorite printer to be printed virtually as big as you’d like on any material you please. The image is shown below. Imagine that image printed 40″x60″ and hanging above your couch…

“Tomorrow’s Dream”


• Estimated shipping April, 2018


The Golden Backer: KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! You’ll get everything The Silver Backer gets, plus a limited edition physical print of the award-winning image “House of Echoes” (shown below). The print will be made on 15″x45″ archival paper and be digitally signed and numbered. A hand signed Certificate of Authenticity will also be sent with the image. This piece will only be available during the window of this Kickstarter campaign. Meaning, if we only get 1 pledge at the Golden Backer, Diamond Backer and Master Class level and the project becomes successful, only 1 print of this piece will ever be made. If we get 2 backers, only 2 will be printed. That’s it. It is essentially a pre-sale of a sold out collection.

Never before have I been able to offer a limited edition piece this exclusively or at this low of a price point. Want it even bigger? Add $100 more get this piece printed 20″x60″. Still want it bigger? Add $200 and get it at the massive 30″x90″ size!

Image will ship rolled and need to be mounted and framed.

“House of Echoes”

• Estimated shipping April, 2018


The Diamond Backer: KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! This reward is the same as the Golden Backer with one exception. Instead of printing on archival paper, your limited edition print of “House of Echoes” will be printed on a high gloss brushed aluminum (Metal Print). These prints are extremely vibrant and sure to attract attention! The print will come ready to hang, with a ¾” floating mount on the back so it literally looks like it is floating off your wall. There’s no need for a frame, matting or glass, this piece is ready to go! The vast majority of images I sell to collectors have been printed on metal like this!

Comes digitally signed and numbered and will be part of the sold out collection as soon as the campaign ends successfully. Print size is 15″x45″. Want it bigger? Add $250 to get it printed 20″x60″ or to get it printed at 30″x90″, add $450.

Of course, the image will also come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

“House of Echoes”

• Estimated shipping April, 2018


The Master Class: KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! You will receive all the rewards of The Golden Backer, plus have the opportunity to spend two days shooting around Maui, Hawaii with me. Remember that scene from the Matrix where Neo plugged in and downloaded all the martial arts techniques? Well, it’s kinda like that, except with photography. You come out here and I teach you everything I can in two days. And I make sure you understand it! Not only that, but I’m going to take you to some of my favorite secret spots on the island. Just you and me. Let’s go shoot!

Please note, this reward is per person and does not include airfare or accommodations.

Would you rather me come to you? Can do, but you’ve got to cover my travel and lodging expenses.

Want a few more days of shooting? Add additional days for $350/day.

Come shoot with me!
Come shoot with me!

• Estimated shipping April, 2018



Risks and challenges

A few years ago we successfully funded The Kingdom of Maui, a photo book on the islands of Maui county, Hawaii. Even though we raised much more than we thought we needed, we still barely broke even at the end of the day because of all the unforeseen expenses. With this project, I’ve carefully mapped out these expenses and streamlined some of the rewards so that we shouldn’t run in to the same issues.

We’ve already got one prototype book in hands and it looks really good, so I think we should be pretty set as long as we can get funding. The biggest hurdle will be to maintain the level of quality I expect when printing in bulk. However, since we’ve started working with the printer already, I think this potential pitfall has already been mitigated.

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