The Ultimate Performance Chinos by Woodies

Pants fit for the office but made for adventure. Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit!

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Perfect Fitting Chinos, Performance Fabric.

We always make trade-offs when we buy chinos. Maybe we love the fabric, but hate the fit. Or we love the fit, but hate the design.

Well, at Woodies we don’t like compromises.

We promise a perfect fit, and our new performance fabric will have you looking sharp, staying cool and looking fresh.

*Now available in Women’s sizing as well!

Meet The Ultimate Performance Chinos.

  • Stain Repellent: We use patented technology in our fabric so that your chinos repel some of the toughest stains. Spilt coffee? No problem.
  • Smart Stretch: Our chinos are woven with 5% stretch, ensuring that your chinos are flexible and keep up with your busy life.
  • Quick Dry: Are you an active commuter? Are you going to work after some morning reps? These chinos keep you cool and dry.
  • Easy Care: Our unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers holds up well throughout your busy day.

Subtle Details Matter Most

These chinos are built to last. We’ve reinforced the crotch seam, bar tacked points of stress, and used premium hardware, like YKK zippers.

We obsess over the small details, and you’ll love them.

No Small, Medium or Large, Just You.

We use advanced sizing algorithms to calculate measurements based off as little as your height, weight and average shirt size (no tape measure required!).

We’ve made clothes for guys that are 4 ft to 7 ft, from 100 lbs to 400 lbs and everything in between.

Like to keep it old school? Grab a tape measure and watch our easy to follow instructional videos.

We guarantee the fit of your clothing. If something is off, we’ll send you a complimentary remake. Read more about our guarantee here.

Custom made, to your taste.

Flat front or pleats? Plain pockets or flap? Cuff or regular hem? Totally up to you! You have the ability to customize your own performance chinos.

In addition to styling, choose your desired fit, extra slim, slim or regular.

Lastly, you’ll be able to choose whether or not you’d like a crease.

The Performance Chinos are a mid weight (225 gsm) twill weave. They are an ideal cotton/nylon/stretch blend. These are true year round chinos!

We wanted our performance chinos to transcend seasons and needed colors that reflected this… We landed on the fabrics below. These colors will be fashionable for years to come.

Our Exclusive Kickstarter Collection

 The more chinos you buy, the more you save.

 Our Mill. 

After interviewing hundreds of mills around the world, we chose to partner with a world class technical fabric mill out of Asia.

We’re working with multiple textile patents to ensure that your chinos look great and function well.

Our Tailors.

Staying true to quality, we’re partnering with our best manufacturer for these chinos. While they’re certainly not the cheapest option, we trust them for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

We started Woodies with a simple vision: To give guys perfect fitting clothes at a price within reach. With that vision we launched our first campaign.

We’ve bootstrapped since the beginning and have grown sustainably, holding fast to outstanding quality and amazing customer service (check the reviews).

Interested in buying some perfect fitting shirts or trying out our performance shirts, funded by our last Kickstarter? Check them out here!

Shop our performance shirts
Shop our performance shirts


Much like our last Kickstarter for performance shirts, we are manufacturing these fabrics ourselves. The minimum order quantity for these fabrics is high and your pledge and support will go towards the purchase of these bulk fabrics.

Currently, we have nothing in our bottoms assortment like these Performance chinos, and we can’t wait to get them out to you!

Your support is the big piece missing from our puzzle!

We’ve developed and sourced our sample fabric and have our mill in place. We have an incredible manufacturer (that we’ve worked with before), and we’ve done all of the chino patterning.

Late October Kickstarter launch

Mid December Kickstarter complete – production begins!

January Fabric is milled – est. turnaround 45 days

February Orders are taken. Chino production starts

March Chinos begin to be mailed out

Risks and challenges

With manufacturing abroad, there is always a chance of delays in production. We have added a buffer in our delivery time to meet (if not exceed) our backers expectations. We are a lean team, but will be working hard for a timely delivery.

We will be working closely with our manufacturers and will be monitoring the Kickstarter closely to anticipate production and allocate capacity appropriately.

If there are any delays or unforeseen circumstances we will keep our backers posted via updates.


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