The World’s First All-Day Swim Shorts || by BONDI SWIM CO

The World's First Functional Swim Shorts That Transition Into Stylish Tailored Shorts, Featuring Our Signature Folded Ribbon Cuff.

Bondi Swim Co Fashion January 8, 2018 at 12:25 pm
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At Bondi Swim Co, we live for summer, and to have the perfect summer you need the perfect summer swim-shorts! The problem is most swim-shorts just don’t tick all the boxes.

Swim-shorts, are either too long, too short, too wide, or too tight. They either compromise on functionality, comfort or style.

We know the swim-short problem has needed fixing for years, so over the past 18 months we have been working non-stop on designing the ultimate pair of swim shorts – you can live in all summer long.

Every pair of Bondi Swim Co Swim-shorts features our bold signature ribbon design, so you can transform these shorts from a high performance swim-short into a tailored summer short. Simply fold up the cuff to change the look, length and style of these shorts into a designer short. Now you have a swim-short that you can wear all day, and go straight from the beach to the beach bar or wherever your day takes you.

The perfect swim-shorts need the perfect fabric and we spent months and months working with our manufacturers to engineer the ultimate swim-short fabric. Our specially designed premium fabric is a unique polyester microfibre which features amazing stretch performance technology and with durability for long lasting use.

With the increased flexibility in these swim-shorts you will feel comfortable all day, and your movement will never be restricted. Whether you like swimming, running, partying or just relaxing these all day swim-shorts have you covered.

Our customised premium fabric is also infused with water resistant hydrophobic technology, so water and liquids will bounce off these shorts keeping them dry unless fully submerged.

The quick drying properties in these swim-shorts will have you dry in the fastest possible time, so you will never need to worry about taking a second pair of shorts with you to the beach. They are designed to drip dry as quick as possible so you can head straight from the beach to the beach bar, or wherever your day takes you.

These swim-shorts feature a specially built in hidden zip pocket on the side, to give you the perfect place to store your keys and phone, so you can keep your valuables safe and secure. Our 5 pocket design swim-short also features two foldable back pockets for extra storage, so you will be prepared for anything, wherever your day takes you.

These swim shorts have the style of a classic European tailored short, designed to look great in every occasion. They are also the perfect length, sitting just above the knee, to make sure that your movement is never restricted. For a shorter length, simply fold up the cuff, which will shorten the length of these swim-shorts to that of a designer short.

The wrinkle free properties embedded in this fabric will ensure that these shorts will remain crease-free, and always look great in and out of the water.


The colours of our first collection of swim-shorts are inspired by classic summer style and versatility. The Bondi Blue, New York Navy, Position Pink and Osaka Orange will look great either on their own, or will combine perfectly with your favourite summer clothing, so you will look stylish wherever your day takes you.

Bondi Swim Co bases all its sizes on international standards. If you are usually a size Medium, then go for that size. If you are in-between sizes, we suggest selecting a larger size and then using the button tabs to adjust the short to the perfect fit.

Designed in Sydney Australia, these shorts have been designed for all-day use to handle whatever your day demands. We spent 18 months on prototype development and extensive fabric testing, until we came up with the perfect swim-shorts we have always wanted. Our swim-shorts are styled with a classic European tailored cut, designed to look good in any situation.


When we started Bondi Swim Co 18 months ago, cost was a motivating factor. We wanted to make a premium quality swim-short at an affordable price point. The current retail margins, through avenues such as wholesaling and physical retail stores are very high, particularly when sourcing the best quality fabrics on the market. In a retail setting, our swim-shorts would cost over $200 in retail, but by being on Kickstarter, we are able to accomplish our goal of making the perfect premium swim-shorts at a great price.

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Interested in writing about us? Our press pack is available for download here.

Risks and challenges

1. Quality Assurance

After years of product testing and prototype development, we have developed a strong relationship with our key manufacturer, and are confident that you will love our premium swim-shorts.

2. Communication

We will be communicating with our backers regularly, to keep them updated on our campaign, with manufacturing updates.

3.. Timely Delivery

As soon as we are funded, we are confident we will be able to ship our premium swim-shorts to you as per our expected Timeframes.

Please feel free to email us directly at if you have any questions or concerns.

3 thoughts on “The World’s First All-Day Swim Shorts || by BONDI SWIM CO

  1. Quentin Carter

    Quentin Carter

    The XL having a waist size of 36 inches seems a bit odd to me, at least in the USA. I understand that you have a target market that you are going after and there is additional costs associated with offering too many waist sizes, but it seems to me that you may have narrowed your market too much in the USA. Most adults that I know here would fall in the range of 34-40 waist sizes, with a few above and below that. Anybody that wears a size 30 in the USA more than likely can’t afford these shorts, or would have to ask their parents to buy them since they would most likely be of school age.

    1. Bondi Swim Co

      Bondi Swim Co

      Hi Quentin,
      Thank you for the message, regarding our sizes.
      We decided to do a size 30 (S) to 36 (XL) size range as we are just getting started with our swimwear company.
      However since we’ve launched our Kickstarter project, we have had a couple of our backers ask similar questions to yours, asking if we have plans to do a bigger size.
      Because of this, we will be announcing a new stretch goal in the next couple of days, where we will be adding in a size 38 (XXL), if we reach this target.
      If you have any more questions about our swimwear project, please feel free to directly contact us at
      Have a great day.
      The Team @ Bondi Swim Co

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