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CORE || CARDIO || CALORIE BURN - 3 x 10 minutes a week is enough to achieve significant fitness and health benefits.

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ThoraxTrainer™ is a patented, extremely efficient, full body workout machine that imitates Nordic skiing.

It simultaneously activates more muscles than any other equipment.

  • Developed by a Medical Doctor
  • Proven by Research
  • Approved by Olympic Training Centers and Olympians

TIME EFFICIENT3 x 10 minute workouts per week are enough to provide significant health and fitness benefits.

FULL BODY WORKOUT – Activates 96% of your complete muscle-mass.

VERSATILE – working out with the ThoraxTrainer™ improves your strength, endurance and core stability all at the same time.

HIGH CALORIE BURN – It burns a high amount of calories, even during afterburn, that lasts up to 48 hours after each workout.

GENTLE – It is a low-impact workout that’s gentle on your joints and back.

FITS ALL – Originally made for elite skiers – Now developed for everyone who wants awesome fun workouts at home, any time!


  The ThoraxTrainer™ is used by a range of individuals with different backgrounds, from professional athletes trying to get the competitive edge, to seniors and people that wish to stay fit.

The ThoraxTrainer™ has been used by Olympic training centers and professional athletes. The ThoraxTrainer™ is not only for Nordic Skiers, but works with many other sports too, and will be the perfect addition for your other sports or workout activities.

Your reward will be the advanced ThoraxTrainer™ model for home use – The ThoraxTrainer Home Elite. It is completely silent due to magnetic resistance and patented teflon rail system, that make the poles glide smooth and silent.  Equipped with finger touch screen computer for intelligent training.

Elegant Danish design and quality.

The ThoraxTrainer™ is a truly versatile full body workout. In one short session you have worked all muscles in your body, received high-level aerobic benefits, improved your balance, strengthened your core and maximized your VO2 .

With over 50 different exercises you can target specific muscles and body parts to tailor the workouts your personal goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Getting started is easy. You will master the ThoraxTrainer™ quickly thanks to our easy to follow instructional videos and workout programs that teach you proper techniques of all exercises and movements.

The basic exercise consist of three phases:

  •  Attack
  • Engage
  • Recover

The ThoraxTrainer™ is designed to deliver a balanced, full body workout, which is important for good posture and for preventing injuries.

The four basic positions ensure, that your workouts are building equal agonistic-antagonistic strength around all your body joints.


Your core muscles connect your upper and lower body. They are essential for us in everything we do, like walking, cycling, running, swimming, or simply to just stand up and move properly.

The ThoraxTrainer™ has a crucial and unique impact on your outer and deeper core muscles. Because the poles are always moved horizontally, you automatically engages your core muscles by every stroke.

With the ThoraxTrainer™ you will strengthen your core muscles, and achieve a fast improvement of your body posture, lowering the risk of back problems. You will experience a powerful feeling of becoming stronger from the ”inside.”

To help you achieve and experience fast results, we have created a variety of inspiring workouts that will get you in shape in no time.

Whether you are completely unfit or already in good shape, you will experience a significant improvement after only a few of our workouts.

Many of our recommended workouts follow the unbelievably rewarding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principle.. It’s surprising how efficient it is!

We promise that you will be amazed by the results!

We have made it simple for you to get fit with our four-step HIIT program. These versatile, efficient and fun HIIT sessions, working your whole body, cardio, core and calories in 5 – 30 minutes, are your guaranteed way to get fit fast and for the longterm.

The ThoraxTrainer™ has been used for research projects in universities, hospitals, Olympic Training Centers in Europe and the U.S.

The research focused in different areas of using the ThoraxTrainer™ – elite athletes, rehabilitation projects and exercise programs for seniors – and the metabolic effects, physiological outcomes and rehabilitation improvements have been documented in several studies.



The ThoraxTrainer™ is real fun and super-efficient for gym classes. Following our Nordic Full Body Workout program is the ultimate functional fitness workout for all kinds of fitness freaks.

Time flies and calories are lost!

The ThoraxTrainer™ has proven in research to be a highly-efficient training tool for wheelchair users, amputees, visually-impaired and individuals with other disabilities.

From a seated position on a bench or chair, wheelchair users can use both diagonal and double poling, getting a unique cardiovascular and strengthening workout of their upper body.

Blind and visually-impaired individuals are able to exercise unattended in a safe environment.

I’ve always been fascinated by cross-country skiing, despite the fact that I was born and raised in Denmark – a country with little snow, no mountains and no skiing tradition.

As a passionate skier, with a former elite Nordic skiing career, as well as a former National Team coach in skiing, I was looking for new ways to improve my competitive edge.

This was the spark for the creation of the ThoraxTrainer.

I began using the ThoraxTrainer in 2007 at the age of 40, and was just amazed by the incredible results it had on my body.
Within a few weeks of training, I found myself back in the fight for medals at the Danish National Championships in Cross-County Skiing.
I was amazed and surprised – and, so were the other athletes!

I won the Danish Championships in roller-skiing, and participated at the age of 42, at the World Championships in cross-country skiing. I also took up competing again in Triathlon, where I reached top-10 in the Danish Championships for both the sprint distance and half-ironman distance.

The efficiency of the workout with the ThoraxTrainer is just incredible

I never expected it to be so good – I simply love the feeling, I get from using it!

I’m really proud of how the ThoraxTrainer revolutionized personal training, improved health and increased performance levels for so many.

My hope is to get as many people as possible to experience the amazing, super-fit feeling that’s achieved when using the ThoraxTrainer.

 *all prices are excluding VAT and any local duties.  

It has taken years of sleepless nights to design, develop, test and prototype the ThoraxTrainer™. Each new generation has broken boundaries and been the cause of celebration!

The goal was always to have the highest possible authenticity in the movement pattern, with a focus on achieving the best bio-mechanical solution to every exercise. Combined with an elegant, simple and functional Danish design perspective, the ThoraxTrainer™ was a challenging and rewarding project.

The ThoraxTrainer™ is easy to store in hour home, while not in use. It fits below a bookcase or sofa, or can be stored agains a wall.

ThoraxTrainer Storage
ThoraxTrainer Storage



Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges

There are always risks involved in producing a new product line in large quantity. This is compounded because many mechanical parts are 100% unique to the ThoraxTrainer. Below are the risk areas and what we have done to minimize these.

* Production delays: We already have a well-functioning production site established, but this doesn’t guarantee that we will meet all challenges.
If our Kickstarter project exceeds our targets to a bigger scale, we may run into material sourcing delays and production postponement. However, we have included extra time in our time plan to accommodate such a challenge, but it could cause us to adjust delivery dates with approx. 30 days.
If any of this should occur, we will keep all our backers informed.

* Quality issues: Our production partner has stringent quality checks throughout the production process. We have worked with our production partner for the last five years, and they have also been an important partner in the development process. Additionally, our Production Manager is on-site to quickly handle any uncertainties. However, since we have single-sourcing on several parts, quality issues could lead to delay in delivery.

* Product durability: We have manufactured and delivered ThoraxTrainers worldwide for more than 7 years, and thus we are confident that our training machine is durable and runs steady for many years.
Should any customer experience a challenge then our service team solves over the phone, skype or mail.

The new production line is a step up on several aspects of the existing models, from small improvements to bigger changes in choice of material and construction. All these improvement changes have gone through rigorous testing. Still, hidden problems could arise, and we are focused on quickly finding and solving any potential weaknesses in advance.

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