Tornado Gloves: MIDI, DJ, VJ, Vocal, Game, CAD Controller.

First Controller optimized for creation of Musical & Video Effects with Gestures for Live Show, Ableton, Traktor Pro, Resolume. Games.

Dmitro Makhonko Games January 19, 2018 at 5:50 pm
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Bakkoo Backer Reward Preview:

Bakkoo backers receive a Protection Carrying Bag/Cover for Tornado Gloves Controller with every Tornado Gloves Controller and a free Premium DJ Template for Ableton Live with 80 effects for Live Show too.

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Tornado is a multifunctional wireless motion controller designed in a form of a glove. It combines functions of MIDI controllergame controller and a manipulation function such as “mouse”. With hand motions, you may create various musical effects, play synth, control your vocal while singing, play games and manage visual patterns.

  • 1. DJing. Make music-by-motion experience unlike any other! Be closer to fans, catch their attention and excite them. So not only you will hear your music — you’ll feel it. Create effects while dancing!
  • 2. Vocal. Control your vocals with gestures during a live performance. Magic Tornado gloves are vocal processor and effector directly on your hands. This is especially interesting for karaoke systems. Inspire your audience!
  • 3. VJing. Create imagery and visuals in real-time by motions of the Tornado gloves. Perform processing of visual material and move around the stage, simultaneously communicate with the audience. Bring in a story of your music to the light show!
  • 4. Gaming. Play games using Tornado mobile controller. It is very comfortable, you can move around the room or lie on the couch. Especially, the gloves advantage appears when using the 3D glasses and helmets. Since, in this case, a classic keyboard is not visible, Tornado gloves can help you and they will be in your hands.
  • 5. 3D CAD. Control 3D objects in your 3D Studios!


  • Own reliable radio interface: during the show, you can easily turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the laptop and decrease the CPU load. Tornado operates independently of external Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other ISM radio devices of 2.4 GHz band.
  • Fast response time and high mobility: Tornado gloves considerably surpass the analogous parameters of the gesture recognition by optical systems – such characteristics of Tornado gloves are beyond the capabilities of the optical systems.
  • No complicated programming! You don’t have to deal with MIDI mapping – we did our best for you. Operation of the Tornado plug-in is implemented by means of presets. You just have to load the selected preset and everything will be ready for creating musical effects or playing games.
  • We have developed around 100 vivid effects for live performances. Also, in the “Expert” mode, you can create presets for your own unforgettable effects.
  • Graphic MIDI Mapping. Tornado allows you to control multiple parameters of the music studio or plug-in according to individual dependence functions (individual MIDI Maps) by one gesture. Customized for each parameter MIDI Maps are drawn in a special graphical editor.
  • Tornado have a multifunctional keyboard on both palms. Handy buttons are located directly under each finger. The keyboard is meant for quick sending of commands without unnecessary motions and gestures.
  • 3D-sensors are made on both gloves, that’s why you will be able to create several musical effects simultaneously or to control several parameters of one effect using two hands.
  • Gloves have LED Visual Feedback. The Visual Feedback is activated automatically at the moment of creation of musical effects. Thereby it helps to attract the attention of the audience at the right time.
  • The gloves are made of high-quality genuine leather with a ventilation system. Due to a zipper, the gloves can be easily put on and taken off even after continuous use.
  • Tornado can be quickly connected to any musical or video studio, which supports the MIDI interface: Traktor ProAbleton LiveLogic ProMax/MSPBitwig StudioFL StudioDeckadanceVirtual DJSerato DJVSTVSTiPro ToolsResolumeTouchDesignerMadMapper, etc. Also, Tornado controller is compatible with all PC games that support the gamepad.

Tornado is a Wireless MIDI controller that gives you a possibility to demonstrate incredible musical effects without touching the equipment during Live Shows. Tornado Gloves are developed specifically for creation of vivid, unforgettable Live Shows. New MIDI Controllerallows you to create sound effects using gestures visually and effectively for the audience. It is very easy to perform with Tornado gloves.

Creating music like never before!

You will not be tied up to the DJ console: instead of reaching out and turning the fader handle, it will be enough to lift up your hand. Move free around the stage. Take down the barrier between you, your deck and the party: Tornado is more like a musical instrument, which fits in your hands and can be accessed at any moment.

Tornado MIDI Controller is compatible with any digital audio workstations (DAW), which supports the MIDI interface: Traktor ProAbleton LiveBitwig StudioVirtual DJSerato DJLogic ProMax/MSPFL StudioDeckadancePro ToolsVSTVSTi etc.

Tornado Gloves Controller makes your capabilities unlimited. Touch-free:

  • Control effects and synthesizers in DJ’s studios.
  • Mix the tracks in a new way.
  • Control your parameters of VST and VSTi plug-ins.
  • Makes your sets always ingenious and unmatched.
  • Control the color-music in clubs and festivals.
  • Make musical effects visual.
  • Attract the attention of the audience with LED Visual Feedback.

How to use gestures to create DJ effects:

Manage Traktor Pro Effects using the Tornado MIDI controller!

The Traktor Pro is the world famous program for DJs. In Traktor, it is embedded a large amount of the ready professional music effects. Tornado is easy to integrate with Traktor Pro program and thus, it allows making a vivid musical show with hands moving in the air, not touching the equipment.

Create Tracks in Real Time with Tornado!

Using Tornado one can create their own “Live” track in real time. The sounding and development of a track depend on a DJ’s current emotional state and inspiration. Any moment the artist may change the course of events, change the musical pattern of a composition, and hence, influence the audience. This is possible thanks to the automatic mode of operation “Scenario” for Tornado Gloves Controller.

Managing Turnado effects by Tornado Gloves Controller.

The Tornado Gloves Controller can manage all VST plug-ins, which are supported by digital audio workstations. Such potential can be implemented by creation of original musical ideas during the live show. It is an exciting process making your performance unique.

Advantages of VST plug-ins in compare to hardware-controlled effectors:

  • a large number of accessible effects and synthesizers;
  • unlimited set of presets for plug-ins;
  • flexible adjustment of various effects’ parameters.

Sugar Bytes Turnado VST is a revolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulation. It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control you can imagine. Just turn it on and crank it up.

To exploit the potential of Turnado VST during Live shows we have designed presets for Tornado Gloves Controller and created a template for Ableton Live Studio.

Turnado Ableton device group

Presentation videos demonstrate advantages and opportunities of joint use of Tornado Gloves Controller and Turnado VST plugin.

Mix Your Tracks with Tornado!

There are many techniques of mixing tracks – classical and original ones. Using the Tornado Gloves Controller it is easy to show one’s individuality, to demonstrate class by presenting the original techniques of mixing, which will be admired by fans. In the demonstration video, some original and unusual elements of mixing by use of our progressive MIDI controller are shown.

Play the Synthesizer using Keys on the Tornado! Synthesize in Real-Time!

The keyboard on the gloves can be used as the MIDI keyboard, i.e. one can play on synthesizer directly using the gloves Tornado. Any moment of the show a DJ can synthesize his/her special melody, can synthesize an effective melodic pattern, which will resound in dancing people’s hearts. Many well-known DJs use this admirable peculiarity of melody. The good example is the success of Armin van Buuren’s track – We Are Here To Make Some Noise. In the demonstration video, the application of Tornado as the MIDI keyboard (left hand) and 3D MIDI controller (right hand) for managing the modulator of the high-quality FM and RM synthesizer is shown.

Make Scratch with the Tornado Gloves Controller!

The Tornado provides multifold possibilities for DJs. It’s perfectly suitable for the most challenging experiments in the sphere of creating musical shows. Thus, for example, in this presentation video, the application of Tornado for creating the scratch is shown.

Creating Uplifting effects during Live Show.

Most of the tracks contain such posh items as Uplifting or Downlifting. These effects can be used for mixing or creating mashups as well. If you create Uplifting using Tornado gloves during a live show, this action turns into a beautiful Live show.

Let’s take the example of creating Uplifting effect in Ableton Live. We create a MIDI mapping for Tornado Gloves Controller:

Example of Uplifting effect for mixing tracks:

Using Tornado Gloves Controller you can control your voice, apply effects (pitch, delay, echo, reverberation, chorus, etc.) immediately during the live show. It is very convenient, ergonomic and natural. The gloves will become your essential instrument bringing in new opportunities into your vocal performance.

We are very proud that our Tornado Gloves Controller is used by the truly talented and popular singer Nata Zhyzhchenko from the ONUKA project. She makes great performances on stage, using Tornado Nata works wonders and fills her gigs with energy and joy.

Well-known British music magazine NME estimated the performance of the ONUKA project at the Eurovision 2017: “Ukrainian electro-folk act ONUKA nearly stole the show with their dizzying blend of traditional folk, horns and some serious techno vibes. 12 points from us”

Nata’s opinion about our project:

Together with very experienced music producer Eugene Filatov, the track “Vidlik” was created. This track is perfectly adjusted to the Tornado Gloves Controller. Look at how beautiful and exciting it is:

Tornado are very effective to use for visual live shows creation. At any moment the VJ can easily manage visual objects and the 3D mapping process. Simultaneously performers get the ability to move around the stage or interact with the audience for the. VJ turns into the wizard, who creates his colorful virtual world with gestures.

Gloves are compatible with such programs for VJing, as: ResolumeTouchDesignerMadMapperMax MSP and many others. Using this software together with our new controller, artists will be able to control visualization, footage, video loop glass on large screens and projections. Particularly interesting is the projection domes from Front Pictures, as shown in the following video:

As a wireless wearable motion controller with mobile keyboards for video games, Tornado Gloves Controller delivers newest possibilities on a wide variety of platforms and genres including Active FightingTactical ShootersArcade SimulatorsVehicular Сombat MMОFlight Simulators (Planes, Helicopters, SpaceShips), Virtual RealityAugmented Reality, etc!

During the materials preparation for this project, we participated in many exhibitions and festivals devoted to new technologies and robotics.

All interested adults and children could test our new Tornado controller: we created music, played games, manipulated 3D objects.

Action Fighting Games

The games of the genre “fighting game” will be presented on the example of one of the most successful and influential video game in the history – Mortal Kombat XL for 1 and 2 players.

Mortal Kombat XL: 2 players

Mortal Kombat XL: 1 player

Values and advantages Tornado for this genre:

  • The player is free in movement in motion (lack of wires and a heavy remote controller, which must be held with both hands);
  • Recognition of strikes on three axes by each glove;
  • Excellent reaction speed, from 10 ms to 20 ms;
  • At the same time, all buttons, impacts in all directions and orientation are recognized. This simplifies the creation of special tricks (Secret Fatalities, Brutality, Babalities);
  • You can be as physically active as possible during the game (playing with Tornado gloves during 5-10 minutes you cheer up, relieve stress, and fill yourself with new hormones of happiness by movements);
  • It is possible to play together *;
  • There is an opportunity to conduct effective fighting championships among players – on a completely new technology level with the help of Tornado controllers.

* each set can contain up to 4 gloves.

Tactical Shooters Games

In the following videos, the example of the cult game Battlefield 1, let’s pay attention to the simplicity and naturalness of managing characters, weapons, tanks, planes with the help of Tornado Gloves Controller:

Battlefield 1: Infantry

Battlefield 1: Tanks

Battlefield 1: Planes

Playing new or already familiar games of this genre, you will immediately notice the advantages and values of our Tornado Gloves Controller, you will receive a completely new drive and emotions every time:

  • Free hands and body position; 
  • The individual and precise adjustment of axes and buttons is possible;
  • High accuracy of gestures recognition.

Arcade Simulators

In the next subsection, we show how the Tornado controller demonstrates its unique capabilities in games of genres such as Arcade and Sports SimulatorsNeed For SpeedGrid 2, and Vehicular Combat Racing Video Games: Road Redemption and many others…

Need For Speed

Road Redemption 

The Tornado allows you to sit in your favorite chair freely and comfortably, wear a VR headset or sit away from the TV or monitor, take a comfortable position, relax, imagine yourself driving a super “pumped-up” car, motorcycle or other vehicle – and get pleasure from driving, polish driving skills.

Vehicular Сombat MMО

The Tornado will make you feel like real pilots, drivers and navigators, and due to it, the line between real and virtual controls dissolves. As an example, we’ve recorded several real games battles of this genre – War ThunderWorld of WarplanesWorld of Tanks.

World of Warplanes  

We are proud of Tornado Gloves Controller, because it allows to defeat entire enemy groups even with a low “pumped-up” military vehicles. Please, look at the example of one of the best games in this genre – World of Warplanes!

World of Tanks

It is also possible to drive the game World of Tanks, you need to enable the Tornado control mode “Mouse Mode” for this.

You can see that the player gets free from the keyboard and mouse, and the player’s hands and fingers seem to interact with real levers, rudders, hand wheels, buttons and switches. While playing with Tornado, the player will feel the happiness of physical activity and the convenience of playing the game. The player will receive positive emotions and adrenaline.

War Thunder: Planes

 War Thunder: Tanks

Flying Tigers Shadows Over China

This game has become the favorite one for children at 5-16 years at all gaming shows with our participation. Within a few minutes, children with great pleasure handled all the fine points of control and immediately became aware of the controller advantages. After playing five minutes they brought their friends and passed them their experience and emotions.

Apache – Air Assault

Extremes, thrill fans! Attention!  

We present you the helicopter driving using Tornado in a helicopter simulator. Piloting with the help of levers reminds balancing on the tip of a needle, our controller will help you to feel these emotions.

For convenience, each user can customize the controller for his or her convenient gestures and movements, assign functions for buttons and axes. A file with all the settings of the Tornado driver/plugin is called a preset. For any game, a player can create his or her own convenient preset.

Graphic representation of the preset “Game – Apache Air Assault” (button assignments, axes and mapping):

At the moment we have developed a large number of presets and optimized them for different genres of games.

At the beginning of each video, we show a graphical representation of the preset for the proper game.

The lower part of the image shows the graphic mappings – the functions of the input and output values of the controller Y = F (X). X – input values of the controller is for the corresponding axis, and Y – is output values that are transmitted to the game. For each axis, you can draw several different functions (maps). Therefore, with one gesture you can control several different parameters or axes in the game.

Space Battles

A good example of this genre is the game “Star Conflict”.

The Tornado Gloves Controller gives the best fit for controlling a spacecraft. Tornado is a gadget from the future and it is already available right now!

Tornado consists of 3D Virtual Manipulator which is represented as Gloves and it also has the multifunctional MIDI keyboardLED Visual Feedback and USB adapter which ensures good radio contact.

Gestures are captured by 3D-sensors. The following is captured:

  • Orientation
  • Tilts, turns
  • Oscillations, waggles
  • Beats, sharp movements
  • Angular motions and speed
  • Acceleration and other motion characteristics

3D-sensors are made on both gloves, that’s why you will be able to create several musical effects simultaneously or to control several parameters of one effect using two hands.

There is a multifunctional keyboard (with MIDI Controller inside one) on the palm of each glove. And there are LEDs above fingers.

Leather gloves professionally executed by the talented designer provide comfort during the ongoing show. Snake provides a comfortable dressing and wearing.

The electronics are attached to gloves with sticky connections, providing easy installation and convenient keyboard layout and Visual Feedback.

The keyboard is combined with the controller electronics. Sensitive mechanical buttons provide ergonomics and guaranteed activation of user-configurable functions.


Dear Backers,

Making an order here right now, you will receive Gloves – Tornado Gloves Controller for a uniquely profitable price.

The awards are already waiting for the first early birds.  

The efforts of the whole team will be directed to ensure that you are satisfied with your decision to place an order among the first. Be with us! Create a live show, play games, improvise, explore, dream, participate, create the future!

The tornado controller was created with love for you. You will succeed!

Determining the size of the gloves

In order to correctly determine the size of the gloves, you need to measure the grasp of the palm of the dominant hand without the thumb (if you are right-handed – then make measurements of the right hand, left-handed – left).

 Please see the update

We will do this only with your help!

Founders: Dmitro Makhonko and Gennadiy Zhuga
Founders: Dmitro Makhonko and Gennadiy Zhuga

Gennadiy Zhuga, CEO, PhD

Dmitro Makhonko, Master Degree

Please tell your loved ones, friends, followers and everyone at your discretion about our project in social networks.




 Press Kit:

Risks and challenges

Dear Backers!

Before launching our campaign, we had made a big effort to create Tornado Controller and prepare many rewards in advance, so now most of the awards are already waiting for the first backers.

Some of the risks we faced and successfully solved:
– Delays in delivery due to postal shipments
– Specificity of international delivery of storage batteries.

We are confident that we will successfully complete our first project at Kickstarter in time, deliver the awards to our backers and make them happy owners of the first Tornado Gloves controllers.

Kickstarter for us is a unique environment with really interesting projects, which find support for their first users – for those, who seek for the realization of hopes and dreams.

A cohesive and talented Global DJ team hopes to use its accumulated experience in creating a wide range of controllers for live music shows, DJing, VJing, games, model management, drones and robots, virtual and augmented reality with the help of hand gestures.

*** Help & Support ***

You can reach us at, Kickstarter comments, our social networks, the contact form on our site.

*** Shipping Information ***

We will send awards to all the backers in their countries. By all the rules of Kickstarter, before we send the award, we will contact each of you to coordinate the correct delivery address.

We will do our best to ensure that the delivery is the most convenient and profitable for you.

And as you know, according to the rules, you will be responsible for any additional taxes, fees, duties, tariffs that arise from your country of origin.

*** Warranty ***

Tornado Gloves Controller comes with a one-year limited warranty.

• increase the range of material types and colors;
• product design development;
• increase the number of presets for music studios;
• expand the list of computer platforms supported by the controller;
• add new tracking opportunities;
• Integrate with the software in completely different professional fields, such as robotics, medicine, arts and others.

*** Where Will We Use The Funds? ***
In scope of this campaign, we are raising funds for
• the organization of mass production;
• already developed by us and finished version of the new midi controller – Tornado A1;
• the development and expansion of its applications, such as virtual and augmented reality, robot management, quadrocopter control, a creation of new presets for music studios.
Depending on the collected amount, we also plan
• to improve the SDK package for the Tornado Gloves Controller;
• to create a line of new MIDI controllers prototypes: Tornado FX2, Tornado FX2 Classic.

From the very first days of the Tornado Gloves Controller prototype appearance, it became interesting for the well-known artists from different continents: ONUKA, Gustavo Bravetti, Paul van Dyk and other. Some of them became the first users and included the Tornado Gloves Controller into the program of their performances. Their recommendations help us to develop the controller.
So far, their positive feedbacks give us inspiration and confidence in the quality, reliability and potential of our invention.

*** Gratitude and Blessings***
To everyone who is involved and helps in the life of the Tornado Gloves project and this company.

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