Totm+Travl for Apple Watch the Ultimate 3in1

A Dock, a Power Bank (1 week of charge) and a Home Automation Trigger (HomeKit, IFTTT, and more).

Aymeric Proux Technology November 13, 2017 at 9:09 am
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Totm+Travel (by Padawanlab) is the meet up of an elegant Apple Watch Dock (Totm) made of Oak from French forests AND a Really Smart Power Bank (Travl) able to perform home automation tasks.

Totm+Travl 360°
Totm+Travl 360°

Totm+Travl provides your Apple Watch a full week of freedom. With its built-in battery and its Dynamic Range feature, you don’t need to get close to a power socket to enjoy your Watch.

Take it with you anywhere… even on road trips…

With Totm+Travl, don’t lose your time seeking for power plugs and don’t bother taking multi-charger / cable / dongle for your Watch.

+No plug… No problem

Charge it on the go with your Macbook Pro USB-C cable or with any USB adapter.

+Scandinavian Design: We wanted Totm+Travl to be simple, functional and minimalist.

  +Totm is as simple as possible yet very functional: Nightstand Mode compatible and cable integration.

+Travl is sleek and ultra-easy to use. There is no power button (auto on/off) and no led light to check the battery level. Every interaction with Travl is made via the iPhone App.

Not only the Bluetooth connection makes Totm+Travl really smart but it makes its design really simple.

+Made for you: Because it is a naturally grown material, each product is unique and has its own beautiful characteristics and tones.

Totm+Travl is worked out of a unique block of wood in our partner wood workshop in the French Jura Forest. Each Totm+Travl is then carefully sanded by hand and treated with a natural oil and wax to bring out the beautiful grain and to achieve a smooth and pleasant touch.

+Sustainability and Control: We only use regional and sustainably grown wood types

To produce of Totm+Travl we only use PEFC-certified wood types, that are not in danger of extinction and that are grown in Europe.

+Quality and commitment: Designed and Manufactured in France.

With the production in France we support small and medium-sized local businesses. The proximity to our manufacturers allows us to know all manufacturing steps, working conditions and involved individuals.
Plus, we can guarantee for high quality products and environmental (ecological) respect.

*Proudly Made in France
*Proudly Made in France

The electronic part of Travl is also manufactured in France so we are 100% sure of its quality (If you already backed a Kickstarter product made in China…then you probably know why this is good news)

+Perfect size & shape for Nightstand

We designed Totm to hold your Watch during the night (charging time) so it allows the use of Apple Watch Nightstand mode.

+Innovative design fits all strap

Totm mimics the shape of your wrist and because you put your Watch on it from the top, Totm fits all kind of band.

+Put your Apple Watch on Totm the way you want.

You don’t want to “close” the band before putting your Apple Watch on Totm every night??? No Problem… you don’t have to.

+No Cord Mess:

Hide unnecessary cable inside Totm to clean up your night table. Even better, if you add Travl, there won’t be any cable left.

With or Without.... Totm
With or Without…. Totm

+Easy setup:

No tools. No small part to roll the cable on. No Screws. No Nothing.
Just the wood and 2 powerful magnets to hold strongly Totm & Travl together.

Step 1: Insert the Apple Watch charging puck into Totm
Step 1: Insert the Apple Watch charging puck into Totm
Step 2: Roll the cable inside Totm (if you don’t use Travl, use the grommet to connect the charger)
Step 2: Roll the cable inside Totm (if you don’t use Travl, use the grommet to connect the charger)
Step 3: Plug the Apple Watch charging cable in Travl USB port
Step 3: Plug the Apple Watch charging cable in Travl USB port
Step 4: Attach Totm to Travl with their strong magnets
Step 4: Attach Totm to Travl with their strong magnets

Totm+Travl is the very First Dock for Apple Watch that is MORE than a simple stand… It’s a true companion.

Totm+Travl features a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip so it’s always connected to your iPhone. It becomes a true extension providing “Super Powers” to your Apple Watch.

Because Totm+Travl is connected to your iPhone, you always have a clear & precise view of its battery status in the iOS widget.

Every time you charge Apple Watch, Totm+Travl will log:

+ “Charge begins” Timestamp
+ Total mA used to charge Apple Watch to 100%
+ Calculate Apple Watch battery level Before the charge
+ “Charge ends” Timestamp (+ duration)

But that’s not all. Totm+Travl will use those data for your happiness, thanks to its unique feature called “Dynamic Range”.

The built-in battery of Totm+Travl provides up to ONE week (7 days) of charge.

Totm+Travl uses your charging habits to automatically adapt its “remaining gauge” every morning.

The more you charge your Apple Watch with Totm+Travl, the more accurate it will be.

With Proactive Notification, no need to check the battery level (but you can with battery widget). You’ll be notified by Totm+Travl :

+ Every morning. Yoiu get the Daily Status of Totm+Travl remaining battery
+ Whenever you need to charge Totm+Travl:
+ Less than 1 Full Watch charge left.
+ Less than 2 Average Watch charge left.

Proactive Notification Feature = You’ll never be out of battery anymore.

Totm+Travl adds an event to your iPhone Calendar according to its next charging needs. This event is automatically adjusted every day.

Even better, if the charging due date happens to be in the middle of your next trip (ex: going to Apple WWDC conference between June 5 and June 9), Totm+Travl will remind you to charge it before you leave.

Look at your Apple Watch and you’ll see a “Magic switch”!

Totm+Travl will detect whenever your Apple Watch is connected to it and triggers actions according to your wishes (scenario).

To give you full control, Totm+Travl “scenario” adds conditions to the good old duo “If / Then

Let’s take a look in detail at those 3 steps

+3 triggers (when) :

  • Plug: When you put your Apple Watch on Totm+Travl, and the charge begins, the magic happens.
  • 100%: When your Apple Watch reach 100%, Totm+Travl will trigger the scenario of your choice.
  • Unplug: This one is the perfect “morning trigger”. As you can imagine, it’ll trigger a scenario when you remove Apple Watch from Totm+Travl.
+3 conditions (if) :
  • Days of the week: chose if you want to trigger a scenario on specific days, only week days, only weekends, etc.
  • Timeframe: You may limit trigger on a particular timeframe (i.e: Trigger my “good morning” scenario only if I unplug my Apple Watch between 6am and 9am)
  • Location: chose to enable or disable a trigger if you’re at home (or elsewhere). You may not want your “good night” scenario to be triggered when your camping in the forest.
+Endless actions (then):
  • Connect Totm+Travl to your IFTTT account and it’ll rule your house for you. With IFTTT you can connect Totm+Travl to hundreds of services/channels to control almost every IOT in the market and much much more
  • Control your HomeKit accessories with Totm+Travl. At first we plan to develop a Homebridge Plugin to connect Totm+Travl to your Homekit installation.
  • A Native HomeKit integration may be possible (since iOS 11) but costly (licence fees). We’ll do it as a Stretch Goal

Turn Totm+Travl into HomeKit Sensors which are able to trigger any scene or control any of your HomeKit accessory (Hue Light, Blinds, Heater, Security System, etc.)

Travl is exclusively managed using iPhone (and Apple Watch) with the companion app.
Like we did with Totm+Travl itself, we want to provide the best possible experience by designing a fully functional but minimalist application.

Totm+Travl companion App will be available for iPhone & Apple Watch.

+ Check Totm+Travl State: Charging Apple Watch / Charging itself / Idle
+ Check Totm+Travl Live data: Remaining battery / Full & Average charge / Next charge reminder
+ History of charge: All previous charges (Travl & Apple Watch) helping you manage your charging habits
+ Set and enable/Disable Home Automation trigger
+ iPhone Widget: monitor Totm+Travl Battery Life

* As long as the Apple Watch is worn on a wrist (we can assume it’s going to be forever), it’ll fit Totm because Totm is shaped like a wrist (it’s a cylinder, no?!)

Co-Branded Totm+Travl
Co-Branded Totm+Travl

At Padawanlab we love Apple Products and we have a lot of ideas to enhance them (No offence Sir Jony).

Totm+Travl is our very first Hardware product so we took our time to make it the best companion for your Apple Watch (initial idea: mid 2015).

Now we need your help to make it happen.

+Totm is ready for production. We just wait for you to “tell” us how many Totm to produce….

+Travl is in the last development phase. We need to adjust the internal design and we have to finalize the companion app (with IFTTT implementation).

Until now, we were able to manage the design, development and test of Totm and Travl. Now, we’re close the the final product and to the first production batch.

But electronic devices (and even more devices with radio and battery) are subject to a lot of regulations and certifications.
CE, FCC, etc certifications are really expensive and we need your help to proceed to this last step before Totm+Travl becomes a reality.

Here is an estimated allocation of how we’ll use the Kickstarter budget

Padawanlab is the meet up of Friendship, Partnership and Family.

The 3 co-founders of Padawanlab are all related and enjoy working together on their passion: Technology and Apple Products.

+Aymeric: Serial Entrepreneur, he likes innovation, technology and is (of course) a geek. He’s what one could call a Jack-of-all-trades: Entrepreneur, Manager, Lean/Agile evangelist, Designer, Developer (a little bit), and he’s got a lot of ideas…

+Jey: Master Jedi of Development, he’s the brain (and fingers) who’s making the magic happen with Totm+Travl and iOS. He works on iOS and Web Development since he’s able to type on a keyboard.

+Louis: Neo-Globetrotter and SAP Master (It’ll be very useful when Padawanlab becomes a “Unicorn” 😀 ) Louis is our PR, store manager and webmaster (Jedi). He’s also very talented to make us laugh (with very very bad jokes)

Congratulations, you read the full campaign and we’re grateful.

It probably means you’re really interested in Totm+Travl and think it worth the try. Please help us a little bit more by sharing this campaign with the world.

Follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! You can also subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

For any inquiries please Email us directly at

Download our press kit here


Risks and challenges

The risks and potential challenges to this project have been minimized as much as possible in advance.

We have been working hard for the last 2 years on this project and we’ve been able to build a strong relationship and commitment with our production partner. Even better, they’re all French and located no more than 400 km away from us so we can go and manage any issue in one day.

We’ve already developed the prototypes, and finished most of electronic development. We are now working on the software and we are very confident due to our experience in developing mobile applications.
The main challenge would be the certification part (FCC, CE). It’s a long (and costly) process and that’s why we need you.

In the end, we will start mass production of Totm by predicting the final quantity in the middle of Kickstarter campaign to meet the Holiday season Deadline.

With that said, there are inherent risks in the production process that may be beyond control. At any rate we will keep backers updated throughout the campaign and manufacturing phase to ensure that we stay as true as possible to the proposed delivery schedule.

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