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Aleksandrs Slobodjanuks Fashion November 30, 2017 at 10:44 am
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Our designs are inspired by the rough weather of Scotland and the practical needs of our clients. Scottish weather can be quite harsh on your hands; Our gloves are here to bring you comfort, warmth.

In order to do so we have learned to combine the high-quality materials and new style ideas.  We use only the finest vegetable tanned hides selected from Italian tanneries. Our designs are inspired by the fresh current trends combined with the traditional ways of leather craft.

Oh, did we mention that our gloves also provide functionality like none of the manufacturers out there? 

We want to bring our clients exactly what they want and need. We have listened to them and we have realised that a pair of regular gloves just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our objective is to bring our clients something more than that. We want to introduce a pair of gloves that protect our clients’ hands; the pair of gloves that are not only practical and convenient to wear but also has a great style to highlight our clients’ mindset. Our vision is to bring a pair of gloves that will become indispensable to our clients and that will provide more practicality and personalisation than a regular pair of gloves.

There are so many reasons as to why we have chosen our first product to be gloves and all of them lead to one word: our hands. Our hands are one of the most functional parts of our body. We use our hands every day to perform routine activities such as making a cup of coffee in the morning or driving to work. We use them to show affection to our loved ones by holding their hands or hugging them. We use them to show joy at a concert by lifting our hands up and screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. We use them to self-develop by writing down our goals and feelings. We use them to turn the pages in our favorite books. We shake someone else’s hand as a sign of respect and providing a helping hand when someone needs it.

Hands protect us, allow us to work, and most importantly they are part of our personality. The greatest speakers in the world express themselves by using hand gestures. In the meantime, being one of the most expressive parts of our body, hands are also most frequently exposed to injuries. Our hands freeze in cold weather, get burns when spilling hot coffee, have accidental paper cuts, and hit hard surfaces by accident. So how come we take such little care of our hands that do so much for us? Most likely because our hands are tricky to protect. Most regular gloves are usually uncomfortable to wear since they either do not retain the warmth or are too warm to wear. They also reduce hand mobility when are on, making it hard for us to pick smaller things or move our fingers as much as we want to. These features do not sound so good when driving a motorcycle or a bike or simply walking outside in a cold weather and drinking a cup of coffee. Imagine the many times when you would need to wear gloves in your daily life in order to protect them. Getting your coffee in the morning in a cold weather without your gloves on can become quite harsh to your hands. They can crack or get frostbite. What about driving your bike or motorcycle, or even your car during the cold season? The wind has no mercy in these cases. In addition to warmth, all these activities need your full hand functionality, and simple gloves do not always give that. Moreover, most gloves do not provide the protection you need.

What our gloves do is the opposite of regular gloves. Due to the Kevlar lining and composite plastic knuckle protectors, they offer an additional layer of protection from cold, hard surfaces, hot drinks, etc. These extras will also increase mobility to your hands which will make it easier to move your fingers around and use the gloves daily. Your everyday activities will be easily done with the gloves on. Riding a bike or motorcycle, or working outside will now not be a problem with our gloves. And lastly, but equally important, we go the extra mile to customise the gloves to your desire. We want them to showcase your personality and be an amazing addition to your style.

Our main goal when choosing the raw materials and design of the gloves is to protect your hands from possible injuries. Hence, we use Kevlar lining and composite plastic knuckle protectors, which add more protection for the palm. This is not only useful for daily use, but also provides safety for bikers, cyclists, and even people working in construction. But, most importantly, they will very good with a suit. We use goat leather due to its strength, quality and high endurance.

The origin of our brand comes from a small shop, started in 2016, where our team of leather craftsmen started making products to address the specific needs of our customers. We started by making belts and wallets of high quality for leather enthusiast and people who appreciate endurance and style. Working with clients that appreciate great leather work, we have received amazing feedback and insights on what are the true needs of our clients. Hence, in the mid-2016, we have created our first pair of gloves.

Their design was exquisite, made from thin corrugated Italian leather. Our clients loved our product and the demand for them has increased. Hence, in 2016, we decided to create on a grander scale. We were looking into ways to do so, and some of our clients suggested to try Kickstarter, since there is a high chance to find there like-minded people that are passionate about leather products and will be interested to support a brand that takes high quality and attention to details seriously and wants to bring the best products to their clients.

While the Kickstarter idea was interesting, we wanted to bring a product that separates us from our leather gloves makers. So, taking into consideration the potential daily use of our gloves, we have come up with an idea of gloves that are not only an accessory but also are practical and have a classy design. And so, the gloves are presenting you were created. Needless to say, my rides on my Vespa suddenly started looking more exciting than ever. With a new product we were thrilled about and more determination than ever, in the beginning of 2017, we started thinking of a way to produce the gloves at a grander scale and started preparing for the Kickstarter project. In June 2017 of the same year, we have found a reliable Italian manufactory that would produce the gloves to the high standards we need. Our main goal was to not lose the uniqueness and quality we ensure our clients when starting to produce gloves at a grander scale, and we believe that this Italian manufactory will follow our beliefs. All this has led to now, November 2017, when we have, at last, launched our long-awaited project.

We cannot wait to find people that love leather craftsmanship as much as we do and that will appreciate our product. At the end of the campaign, we will start manufacturing right away.  We are very ambitious about what goes from there. We plan to move to a bigger shop so that we can create more designs and products for our beloved clients. We listen to every piece of feedback and are ready to bring some of the ideas we have heard from our clients to life. In 2018, we are planning to launch another Kickstarter campaign. We don’t want to give it all away, but let’s say that laptops are involved and the designs are more than exciting.

Rilmann is a London based men’s accessories brand which was founded in 2016. What sets it apart from the other brands is the innovative and unique approach to leather craftsmanship. Rilmann products are designed to push the boundaries of classical design and traditional leather craft by adding the perspective of practicality rough application. We combine the ongoing trends with artisanal ways of leather craft. We then create our products with high attention to details and avoiding the excessive use of technologies to maintain the authentic handmade leather craftsmanship. This lets us to create products that are more than just items, they have personality. Hence, our passion for working with leather has led us to create custom leather men’s accessories such as belts, wallets, jackets, gloves and much more.

Behind Rilmann brand stands a team of professional leather craftsmen that are passionate about what they do. When working with leather our priority is to pay the utmost attention to details and give maximum personality to the custom-made leather accessories we make. We are dedicated to creating products that have unique designs and satisfy our customers’ needs. We aim to bring our leather products to a new level and make them more than just accessories. Our goal is to make them essential pieces of our customer’s apparel and more importantly to make sure our products are put to a good use in their daily lives.

As mentioned, the gloves are our first project, and we want to do our best to bring you the best quality, comfort and protection. However, the Rilmann team is passionate and ambitious, so there will be more good things in the future. [photos of leather notebook sleeve] [photos of leather wallet] We want to perfect our leather craftsmanship and are always in touch with the ongoing trends. Hence, we will deliver products that in style, practical and an amazing addition to the daily use of our customers.

Risks and challenges

One of the risk that we see is that post may lose some of the packages. In case this happens, we will send a replacement free of charge.

Also, there is a risk that the demand for our product will be very high and the tanneries won’t be able to deliver the required amount in time.
If this happens we will send our product in batches and some backers may receive their gloves later than planned. But we will make sure to include a small extra gift as a token of appreciation for the inconvenience.

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