UBALL – Ultimate Pain Relief and Mobility Tool

UBALL: a mobility tool that delivers deep, targeted pain relief for all athletes to recover from the strains and injuries of training.

Julian Sardinas Design November 9, 2017 at 10:04 am
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Bakkoo Backer Reward Preview:

Bakkoo backers get a UBALL, plus 2 bungee cords, plus a mesh bag, plus free shipping (USA only).

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The Big Problem & Pain Point:

Let’s be honest, is a foam roller (aka a pool noodle) or a lacrosse ball (aka a…lacrosse ball) going to really penetrate and remove painful knots in those strong muscles you work so hard for? Maybe, but probably knot (get it??)!

Existing tools are often too soft to make any real change or can’t reach certain knots (upper back, high hip, front shoulders/chest, calves) and roll away without really targeting the “right spot”. Or sometimes, do you wish someone could give you a real nice targeted massage to alleviate that tension you have? There should be a better way to relieve your pain points and improve your mobility… and now there is!

The Ultimate Pain Relief and Mobility Solution:

The UBALL gives a firm, targeted massage much like the human elbow to relieve those really stubborn “pain points” in your back, shoulders, legs, and entire body that don’t go away with softy foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and other similar tools. The UBALL delivers:

✔ Pain relieving massage: Feels like the human elbow and targets one spot at a time to relieve pain and improve mobility.
✔ Acute deep pressure: Attach easily to a barbell for awesome acute pressure to release tension and reduce pain.
✔ Scraping tool: Feels similar to steel tools used by professionals that cost hundreds of dollars, but is more affordable.
✔ Versatility: Use throughout the body in many ways and gets hard to reach trigger points and knots for example, in your shoulders, back, and legs.
✔ MORE GAINS: Reach your Goals and get Personal Records.
✔ LESS PAINS: Relieve pains and strains from your strength training, injuries, and even from sitting all day.

That’s why the UBALL is the Ultimate Mobility Tool for athletes because it is versatile and delivers a deep, targeted, pain-relieving massage to help athletes recover from the pains, strains, and injuries of training.

From your training and daily life, you often need someone else dig into a naughty knot with their elbow to bring much needed pain relief and help improve mobility. That’s why…

The UBALL is Designed for U:

The UBALL delivers a deep tissue massage to help loosen the toughest of knots. The UBALL can be used to apply light or heavy pressure. And, unlike other tools, the UBALL doesn’t slip away from you when you use it.


The shape of the UBALL allows you to target different areas throughout the body in multiple ways to get an awesome massage:    

While a barbell is not a must have to get the benefits of the UBALL, however, when it’s attached you can apply serious deep pressure! Once you try it you will say to your own UBALL “where have you been all my life”?

Lack of mobility can be attributed to factors such as: low levels of physical activity, repetitive movements, side-dominance / imbalance, habitual poor posture, poor exercise technique, imbalanced strength training programs, knots and adhesions throughout the body, and/or sitting too much throughout the day. The UBALL can help counter these activities.

When joint mobility is lost, movement compensation occurs and consequently potential losses of stability at subsequent joints. So, in other words, stability is of course important but without mobility, proper movement is very difficult. That’s why having a mobile body is so important to have solid movement patterns.

The UBALL is different as it is designed to be used in multiple ways throughout the body. This direct pressure helps you release tension more effectively and efficiently.

The UBALL is so versatile and delivers a might punch against nasty knots:

  • The U portion acts as feet, keeping in place and stays where you want and need like with your legs, arms and back. 
  • The U also acts as a cradle for a barbell when you want to give extra deep pressure on your arms, legs, and shoulders.
  • The edges and corners of the U act as a therapist’s IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) tool that helps scrapes away scar tissue especially on your calves, arms, and neck.
  • And, the ball section gives the UBALL a slight lift off the ground to provide additional leverage for the back, neck, and shoulders.   

Other tools tend to focus on moving around, but the UBALL gives a targeted massage and results can often be seen quickly. The UBALL delivers a more focused and deeper massage. The reason why this acute pressure is best described by Rob Wilson, a CrossFit Coach and Massage Therapist, in his Breaking Muscle article, Foam Rollers Don’t Work: Understanding Myofascial Release:

The UBALL is made to be much more firm and get in those nasty, gnarly, naughty knots. That’s why the UBALL is the ultimate mobility tool for people who do strength training because it is so versatile and feels like the human elbow.

The UBALL is super easy to take on the go! In a bag, purse, suitcase or even clipped to your backpack!

The UBALL is clipped to an EOD Tactical Backpack.
The UBALL is clipped to an EOD Tactical Backpack.

NOTE: UBALLs will be delivered once our mold is made, which we estimate and hope will take 2-3 months from the time our Kickstarter campaign is completed. We WILL keep you updated on the status of our mold, our journey and milestones!

SHIPPING – will be sent by USPS, which will generate a shipping tracking number that will be shared with you.

(Shipping also to: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines,  Russia)


Our Team includes myself (see more about my story below) and the following:

  • Blue Ring Technologies: they have been an integral part in our designing and molding process. We first came to him with my homemade craft project that my wife and I made in our kitchen, using the same saucepan we heat water to make tea from! From there, he created all the calculations to make a 3-D model using 3-D printing. With every change, he has been there to guide us on what be in the best structural interest of our product. He has listened, helped, and guided us during the process.
  • Photos by Jurassic: Edwin from Photos by Jurassic has been essential in bringing all of our visuals. From pictures, to videos, to putting our Kickstarter video together, as well as working with influencers, Edwin has been essential part of our team.

A necessity that developed over years of various nagging injuries, sitting too much, and wanting to move better. I did a lot of mobility drills and techniques as well as rounds of various physical therapy (primarily for my knees) and becoming knowledgeable about how the body should move. All of this definitely helped, no doubt about it. There are some great resources [Dr. Kelly Starrett – the Mobility King; Ido Portal has some great Youtube videos on simple but effective drills; and many others].

Sitting less by using a makeshift stand up desk definitely helped me, too.

But, something seemed to be still missing… I was in a bit of a nasty car crash that I thankfully was able to walk away from on my own two feet. But, one of the “benefits” I was able to get from the accident was regular deep tissue massages, primarily around my neck and back from the whiplash of the accident. I noticed the massages felt great as the masseuse really dug in to remove several knots and tight spots I had from the accident. Eventually the therapy ended and I missed those deep tissue massages!!! While a lot of tools existed that helped with mobility, nothing could really replicate that deep, deep feeling of getting a masseuse’s arms/elbows, which are really helpful to get rid of some those nasty knots I had.

That’s why I had to create the UBALL. I created it from scratch in my kitchen!

During this prototype process that took several months, I used the different versions on myself and quickly realized how similar it felt to the human elbow. After using it on my neck and back, it took me back to those epic massages that I really needed after my accident. I then began to realize how versatile the UBALL was as it can be used in different ways and also how it could be benefit multiple areas on the body. Although it was a great tool for me, I couldn’t keep it to myself as I was sure that others would want and could benefit from this unique tool too. I hope the UBALL helps you as much as it has helped me as the Ultimate Mobility Tool.

One of the reasons we wanted to do this Kickstarter campaign is to obtain a mold to be able to reduce the cost of each UBALL, which in turn will reduce the sales price. Also, we found a manufacturer that can make our product in the USA, which really excites us!  Most mobility tools are not made in the USA.

Here is a general timeline of how long we think the manufacturing will take after the completion of the Kickstarter campaign.

Here is a general breakdown of how we want to use the funds we raise:

Creating the UBALL has been a long winding road with ups and downs. But, through it all I’ve learned a lot and had a ton of help along the way. I am thankful for all who have helped me and continue to be there to support me through this amazing journey. I can’t name everyone, but a special thanks to: My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; the two ladies who often simultaneous drive me crazy and whom I return the favor and also love so very much – thanks to my wife and mom; my pastor and church; Coach Lo and Nikki and ALL the Liv Up Crossfit Family (awesome, caring athletes & coaches); Jay & Ashley from Blue Ring Technologies (thanks for putting up with all the last minute requests!!); EOD-Tactical – So glad for the opportunity to work together, you have awesome backpacks!; Ilian, Jurassic; Chelsea; Jeff Evans (awesome lifter and cool dude); Nunz & McKinzey & Eric (you all are much better looking than me in all the pictures!!); Billy @ CF Crazy Train; Sue (amazing how a customer can become a friend :-); Andy/Dan, David, Mark, Kane, Pablo, Josh, Hermes, Carly, Johnny, Moe, Geo, Sean, Nick, James, Rich and the Mikes (thanks for always listening to my crazy thoughts along this journey and especially for your friendship); Farhat, our dear friend who is always there for us (she helped us so much with proofreading!); Pat – email dude; thanks to all the first adopters who have tried and supported the UBALL and have given great feedback.



Risks and challenges

We have done our homework and sold our fully functional prototypes and have received a lot of positive feedback. We tweaked the design a few times based on what our customers have told us. What you are seeing in our videos and pictures are prototypes. The final product will be even better! Additionally, when manufacturing any new type of item there are always unforeseen issues, risks, problems, and delays that can happen. We have been working hard to avoid these type of things and will continue to do so. Another potential problem and risk that could occur is that manufacturing our product will take longer than expected. We have taken our time to avoid this problem, but should it arise, we will make sure to keep our backers up to date.

There are risks with backing a Kickstarter campaign—please carefully read Kickstarter’s guidelines about what exactly it means when you back a project.

We’re excited to implement our plan immediately after the campaign since w and aim to fulfill on time to each and every backer.
Please feel to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns (which are not listed in our FAQ or on our Kickstarter page) at info@uball.net or leave a message in Kickstarter for us.

Thanks for your help and support,
-|| UBALL ||-

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