WANON : Thai-inspired bags design

Bringing the beauty of Thai architecture and design into everyday, modern life.

Apiwan Pinsaikeow Design January 16, 2018 at 10:53 am
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The Beautiful Kingdom of Thailand

Have you ever noticed how amazingly beautiful the architecture and motifs in Thailand are? Having been to the country, I couldn’t resist staring at the intricate designs and patterns adorning the temples, buildings and fabrics. You often hear about the famously delicious food, the warm and hospitable people, but I felt that these creations with unbelievable craftsmanship were under-appreciated. Thinking about the long history behind the architecture, I felt it was something that should truly be appreciated world-wide. I wanted to incorporate these beautiful patterns on something of everyday use. It could enable these ancient concepts to be appreciated in everyday life — going to work, sitting in a cafe, or relaxing at home. The goal of WANON: Bring a little more beauty into modern, everyday life with the beautiful, ancient designs of The Kingdom of Thailand.

What Does WANON Mean?

You may have noticed that our logo looks a bit like a monkey with Thai-style drawing. “Wanon” (วานร), refers to the warrior monkeys who aided Hanuman, the white monkey god and devotee to Rama in Thai mythology. The logo represents Hanuman, himself, who would be considered the king of wanon. After seeing images of wanon in temples, I kept thinking about how much I loved the art style and story. I felt this would be the perfect logo for wanon– it’s historic, embodies Thai-style art, and symbolizes power.



The Design 

Why a bag? Successfully traveling and exploring to the fullest, whether it’s a far away place or just a few miles down the road, is only made possible through carrying a bag.

It’s the perfect accessory and sidekick. My goal was to create something useful and convenient while incorporating the Thai style.

It’s unique from other bags because it carries ancient history within it’s design, although maintaining a modern style.


The Material

The zipper pull is black, matte metal, and the logo has been created using laser technology.

The top handle is made from durable black nickel that clips together to open and close. This gives it a sleek, upscale design compared to most bags which have plastic clips.

The triangle-shaped fabric overlaying the bag is shiny and silk-like, honoring the clothing styles in Southeast Asia. This traditional-style detail paired with the modern accent of the zipper and handle make a perfect combination.

For the straps and bottom of the bag, we used black PVC Leather (Polyvinyl Chloride Leather). This is because not only is it durable, easily washable, and stain resistant, it’s vegan and animal cruelty-free.

The main fabric is water-resistant, black fabric.

Function Detail

The Wanon bag is a drawstring bag with adjustable straps and versatile carrying styles. The form follows function. This is the case for any good design. The Wanon bag is beautiful, but also spacious with cleverly designed pockets. While traveling, or just out-and-about, no one wants to worry if someone walking closely behind will snatch something out of their bag. Most bags have small pockets on the front that make this possible. The Wanon bag’s pockets are located in completely safe spots. One on the middle back of the bag, and one on the lower back of the bag. Keep possessions safe and totally separate. Have dirty clothes with you but also your nice books or makeup? Not a problem. Wanon bags are also water-resistant, so no need to worry about spills, or more moisture from those dirty clothes, either. It also has metal clip on the top handle for even more versatility.

The Bag’s Dimensions


As an artist, I admire the art history of Thailand. My husband is Thai, and I have many Thai friends, so I also love and live in the culture. I wanted to reflect these characteristics of Thai art into modern, everyday life; creating a bag seems like a great way to accomplish this.


This is just the beginning. The hope is to eventually expand Wanon into a full line of apparel, accessories and other bags. While working to expand, Wanon will become bigger and better. It will always seek to bring the best products it can to its supporters, and it will always be grateful to its supporters.

Silk Design

Black Pearl ( Color Code : BP )

Golden Charcoal ( Color Code : GC )

Ruby Red ( Color Code : RR )

 Titanium Black ( Color Code : TB )

Royal Purple/Gold ( Color Code : RPG )

Navy / Gold blossom blue ( Color Code : NG)


Kickstarter Begins : December 21, 2017

Kickstarter Ends : February 4, 2018

Production Begins : February 8, 2018

Arrived at Distribution center : March 8, 2018

Bags Shipped and Delivered : Late March 2018/ Early April 2018





Risks and challenges

A challenge, here, could be not meeting the deadline. Of course we believe in what we are creating and will do anything and everything to not let that happen.

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