Woopen Antistress Design

Woopen is a pen entirely made of wood, in a simple and modern style. Thanks to its particular design, it's a perfect anti-stress tool.

Woo pen Design November 29, 2017 at 12:20 pm
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Woopen is the result of a project binds together all the essence of design and function. Elegance, functionality and design are the perfect words to describe this product, through the accurate study of our designers that made this pen something unique and enjoyable to keep in your hand.





The idea to create woopen was born from the behavioral study of humans during the stage of concentration and thought. During this phase is common to handle and play with objects in front of us. Thanks to it’s particular shape, a narrow central circumference, it’s possible to have more handling and easily swing the pen between your fingers helping  stimulating your focus.











Made of a single piece of wood and engraved with laser, woopen represents elegance and modernity, blending perfectly with your style. A unique piece made by turning precious Lime wood, wich is left natural for a pleasant tactile feel.






Avoid changing your pen every time it finishes! With woopen you just need to insert a new refill, in a simple and easy way!




Within the woopen pack, you will find 1 spare cartridge and an elegant leather case to protect and carry your pen.




Hold your pen on this fantastic stand, to have woopen always at your fingertips and in a good sight on your desk.






Aluminum body and steel details. These are the materials of the special edition of woopen. Thanks to the use of these materials, WP gives a unique pleasing tactile feel, perfect for antistress use with greater durability and strength for intense use.




Woopen team is born from the collaboration of two young designers with the desire to create innovative and revolutionary objects. Starting from Woopen we want to start a collection of crowdfunding projects to express our ideas and creativity to show them to kickstarter community.








Risks and challenges

We are happy to be on kickstarter and to be able to present our project to the community. Woopen has been designed and developed with great passion and care for details and we hope you can appreciate our work.

What we ask is to give us help to start production and begin to produce and trade woopen. We have already organized and found suppliers for the productionof our pen and it’s accessories. We want to point out that woopen delivery will start towards the end of January 2018.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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