The World’s Best Passport Holder Wallet with 8 Features

Make travel easier with your Talonport leather passport holder cover. A travel wallet with a unique folding wing and RFID protection.

Matt Kostan Design November 7, 2017 at 12:48 pm
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You already know traveling can be quite the process…

You make the mad dash to get to the airport on time. You line up at the counter show your passport and documents.

You get checked in and get handed one of those obnoxiously large boarding pass and stickers for your luggage.

You make your way to security rolling your carry on with one hand. And, before you can even join the security line up, you’re asked to show your boarding pass again.

What if you could make the whole process less of a chore?

No more fumbling. No more being frazzled. Just pure confidence as you breeze through the airport.

You’ve probably learned this too, but over the years, we noticed the key to easy flying is simply being more organized. Everything having a place and everything in its place.

Introducing, the world’s best passport holder!

Quickly breeze through security. You’ll have a secure place for your passport with the integrated RFID blocking material.

No one can scan or swipe your passport details without your permission. You’re in control.
You’ll also have a place to carry your choice of pen, your credit cards, boarding passes and currency.
Speaking of boarding passes, the Talonport passport holder has a unique wing that lets you tuck them away fast and easy.

Handcrafted with soft, supple genuine leather, you’ll instantly feel the quality every time you put it to use.
Over 21 prototypes created for a precision fit to easily fit in your pocket. No bulk. Perfect for the minimalist.


I’m Matt and my wife Gina and I are the creators of the Talonport passport wallet

Travel has always been a big part of our lives, and is one of the things that we share a passion for. In fact, we met 8 years ago while both traveling on vacation.

We’ve also been lucky enough to do two round-the-world trips, live in Germany for 4 months and even dive the great barrier reef.

The first person who can name all the cities featured here in the comments wins their reward for free :) Hint: there's 9 different cities
The first person who can name all the cities featured here in the comments wins their reward for free 🙂 Hint: there’s 9 different cities

Throughout the years of traveling both on business and for leisure, we’ve been through several passport holders.

But, we could never find one that was just perfect. Most affordable passport holders were terribly bulky. Some even made it difficult to remove the passport which defeated the whole purpose.

The best looking and quality passport wallets were a small fortune and didn’t make sense to buy at their price point. So, we set on a mission to do better.

Our vision is to create luxurious, functional travel accessories all while still being affordable.

At Talonport, our passport holder is just the start of many great things to come. What started as just an idea a few years ago is now a small team dedicated to bringing you amazing travel products.

 You’ll Breeze Though Security with an Easy Slip in Passport Pocket

With the slip-in passport pocket, you’ll be able to instantly show your passport when needed. Everything in its place. Go through the airport in style and confidence.

Feel First Class With Quality Genuine Leather

Handcrafted with soft, supple leather, you’ll appreciate the quality every time you touch it. Looks and feels luxurious.

You’re Protected With Our Lifetime Guarantee

Expert craftsmanship means we can offer you a lifetime guarantee. Most other products only offer you 1 year. You’ll be in good hands with our first class customer service.

Your private details stay private with RFID Blocking Protection

You’ll have a secure place for your passport with integrated RFID blocking material. No one can scan or swipe your passport details without your permission. You’re in control

You’ll Be Perfectly Organized with the Document Wing

You’ll be instantly organized with the integrated boarding pass wing. Yes, it’s the 21st century and you’d think all airlines would just use mobile passes, but we still find ourselves stuck with those large obnoxious boarding passes. Also perfect for holding any currency or other documents. Intelligently designed to fully fold inwards without creating any additional bulk.

Precision Cut Design Fitting Your Passport Perfectly with No Bulk  

Meticulously handcrafted from 21 prototypes. Perfectly minimalist design.

You’ll Never Be Caught Without a Pen

Ever find yourself caught without a pen when tackling those custom forms? Well no more! The integrated pen loop lets you always have your favorite pen within reach.

Apple-like Retail Box Making It The Perfect Gift

Includes high quality retail packaging. Perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to travel. Earlybird packages are guaranteed to ship before Christmas 2017!

We Believe in Affordable Luxury 

You don’t need a first class ticket to feel first class. We create quality travel products that not only look great, they make travel easier too. Form and function.

We Believe in Quality First 

You’ll get a lifetime guarantee with your Talonport passport holder. We stand by the quality of our products and handcraft them to last.

We Believe in First Class Customer Service 

It’s simple, we’ll treat you the way we want to be treated. We’ll exceed your expectations. We’ll keep our promise to you and meet our deadlines.

Risks and challenges

We realize and acknowledge that all projects have risks and challenges. You can be assured that we’ll do our absolute best to deliver everything as promised. First class customer service is what we do!

More than just promises, we do have a proven track record of meeting deadlines and delivering excellent excellent customer service

While this is our first kickstarter for Talonport, we’ve been involved with other successful crowdfunding projects and have launched retail products in the marketplace too.

In addition, we have over 8 years of experience working with product design, sourcing and manufacturers. Our close relationships with our manufacturers allows us to be agile and meet the demands and challenges as we go.

You’ll be in good hands when you back us today!

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