World’s most comfortable,multifunctional drawstring backpack

Designed simply for comfort, versatility, and security. The modern everyday feature-packed drawstring. Roam fearlessly, free and far.

James Lo Design December 4, 2017 at 4:03 pm
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Bakkoo backers who pledge $85 or more receive a free Compact Portable Power Bank (limited to inside continental US).

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Many of us like to use drawstring bags for convenience. Friends Charles and James were roaming around San Francisco and noticed their shoulders were in pain from the thin ropes. James jokingly decided to take out his gym socks to wrap around the rope. Immediately the discomfort went away and Roam ByBLVD was born.

We at ByBLVD designed shoulder pads along with other cool features, making the everyday drawstring bag more comfortable and functional for the everyday fun seekers, edge of the world wanderers, and the curious roamers… inspired by the world around us, free yourself and Roam.

Introducing Roam ByBLVD, our flagship bag, was designed for everyday carry, whether to the beach, the gym, or roaming the city. Roam ByBLVD comes with comfortable shoulder pads and ropes, so you spend less time fussing and more time roaming. It also comes standard with a list of features making it not only the world’s most comfortable drawstring, but incredibly functional as well. Learn more about Roam and why we believe it’s the ultimate ultra-lightweight, stylish go-anywhere, haul-anything, theft deterrent, drawstring backpack.

Roam ByBLVD can be folded and stowed away easily after each use. It can even double as an extra backpack within another backpack.

Exterior hidden access pocket for small valuables

Effortlessly access your essentials such as charging cables, keys, or cards while on the go. The pocket is hidden on the backside, built with water-resistant zippers.

Exterior Integrated USB Charging Port 

The integrated USB charging port located on bag exterior allows for quick access to power via the removable battery pack located inside the dedicated battery pocket. *(Power Bank not included)

Comfortable shoulder straps 

The removable shoulder straps are built with extra padding and reflective material for your safety. There is also a built-in hidden pocket!

Hang and secure your headphones or sunglasses on the holder built into the padded shoulder straps.

Soft Cut-Resistant UHMWPE Braided Reflective Ropes
Soft, comfortable, cut-resistant Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) blended with nylon braided reflective ropes-the unique blend of fibers make these ropes the most comfortable and secure ropes on the market today for drawstring backpacks.

Every Roam ByBLVD comes standard with an Orange UHMWPE blended with nylon braided reflective ropes. On Kickstarter only, we are throwing in an additional set of interchangeable Black ropes!

Upon reaching stretch goals, Blue and Red UHMWPE blended with nylon braided reflective ropes will be available options.

Adjustable Sternum Strap & Safety Whistle

Easy to adjust sternum strap provides additional comfort by keeping the ropes centered at your chest, while evenly distributing weight across both shoulders. It’s there if you need it, and removable when you don’t. The sternum strap also comes with a built-in whistle for emergencies.

Four Interior Pockets and A Hook

Hydration bladder 

Keep your drinks cool in the summer with a 1L hydration bladder. It’s held inside the awesome removable thermal sleeve pocket and extends out for easy drinking.

The hydration bladder is made of BPA-FREE and FDA approved double layered TPU material that is eco-friendly and antibacterial. The double thick TPU bladder material is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof. It’s easy to clean with wide opening for easy filling, cleaning, and drying. The 1L capacity is perfect for camping, hiking, outdoor music festivals, or at sporting events. It’s constructed to withstand high pressure.

Steel reinforced lockable strap
Store and lock your bag for the highest level of safety and security of your belongings. With Roam ByBLVD’s lockable strap and brass lock, you can lock your belongings safely whether roaming at the beach, gym, or court.

Slash and Tear Resistant UHMWPE Fabric

Roam ByBLVD are made from a blend of unique soft fibers along with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), creating the most advanced slash and tear resistant fabric. The fabric was originally designed and found in high performance safety gloves and protective wear for factories handling glass and other sharp objects. We have sent the fabric we used for independent lab testing and received the highest possible Cut, Tear, and Abrasion Resistance ratings based upon International (ISO) standards. While Roam ByBLVD is not 100% cut-proof, it will make it not worth the effort for ordinary street thieves to steal your valuables.


Roam ByBLVD will be in grey exterior and orange interior. Please see stretch goals for variations in interior and rope colors.

Use It Anywhere

Roam ByBLVD will be manufactured overseas at a highly skilled and experienced factory specializing in soft goods products. We are in contact with them now and they will be ready to move forward once our campaign ends.

We have created an estimated production schedule based on our experience in manufacturing. We will do everything within our control to stay true to this schedule and will update our backers about any potential delays.


We’ve added a few stretch goals below to allow us to throw in some really neat features, customization of color, features, and grant VIP access to a select few at a future global music festival event.                   

RFID Blocking Technology

RFID radio transmission can be found in passports, credit cards, key cards, and various access control cards. The risks with electronic pick-pocketing are on the rise worldwide. With proper RFID blocking technology installed in Roam ByBLVD’s 3-in-1 Pocket, your sensitive electronic data can be shielded from unauthorized thieves scanning with an RFID reader from a distance.

Introducing Rave ByBLVD    

While we’ve received rave reviews on Roam ByBLVD thus far, we also learned from folks around the world that they wanted more colors. Rave ByBLVD comes with all the features of the flagship Roam ByBLVD, minus the cut resistant fabric. Introducing Blue Rave ByBLVD.

Interior Fabric Customization

We’ve tested dozens of interior fabrics to come up with the best materials allowing for both water resistance and still be soft to the touch. We want to allow backers to choose between several bright interior fabrics if this stretch goal is unlocked.

Introducing Rave ByBLVD

While we’ve received rave reviews on Roam ByBLVD thus far, we also learned from folks around the world that they wanted more colors. Rave ByBLVD comes with all the features of the flagship Roam ByBLVD, minus the cut resistant fabric. Introducing Black Rave ByBLVD.

VVIP Event

We want to give back to our backers on Kickstarter for making this project happen. When the VVIP Event goal is met, we will provide more information on how to be selected for access to a once in a lifetime VIP music festival event.

Roam with Us

As a small team, we’ve done our best with limited resources to get production ready prototypes of Roam ByBLVD. We’ve received lots of great feedback from fellow wanderers worldwide, and are eager to bring Roam ByBLVD quickly to life. However, we can’t launch ByBLVD on our own and need your support to help secure the funds required for the highest quality fabrics and materials in making our first production run.

We believe this is just the beginning of our path forward. Upon hitting our Kickstarter goal, we’ll produce Roam ByBLVD and gain the momentum to create a company that’s passionate about making great products, creating #ABetterPathFWD for roamers all over the world.


The wanderlust team at ByBLVD is amazed at the limited options of bags truly designed for the way people travel. They discovered there are a lot of folks trying to build the “smart” bag (where truly puzzling technology is created for the few) or the “all-in-one” bag built as large, complex bag “systems” designed to fit one’s “bedroom closet”–the one bag to rule them all. At the end of the day, Team BLVD thought to themselves, there’s not one shirt to rule an entire wardrobe, why would people expect their bag to?

ByBLVD is simple. Build sleek, rugged, and functional travel gear that is truly essential-utilizing the best craftsmanship and materials available on Earth. They believe a bag is an extension of one’s personality and one’s unique sense of style. The result is to create travel gear that can be used day in and day out, and that will last a long time.


Thank You

We are thankful to all of our friends, family, and backers who’ve supported and encouraged us through this entire process. We could not have done this without you!

Special thank you goes out to: Sean Wu, Allen Liu, Belle Tsai, Jean Wu, Christina Chao, Wilson Liu, Helen Lee, Hannah Wei, Vincent Wong, Karl Hou, Tim Hwang, Jimmy Ku, David Shen, Dan Hsu, Chris Leung, Catherine Chen, Juan Hernandez, and Hiroe Onuma Kariya.

Creative Director: Julia Tang
Videographer: Albert Law
Models: Phil Tran, Roger Chen, Dennis Liu, Jess Lee, Chris Lin, Cherry Liu, Robert Chai, Jason Perry

Return Policy

We stand behind Roam ByBLVD and will replace or repair manufacturing defects (additional shipping fees required). However, we do not offer refunds or returns that were received as a Kickstarter reward, as we are a startup offering our bags at highly discounted prices on Kickstarter. Crowdfunding is an amazing tool that allows people to get their ideas off the ground. Our “rewards” are a way for us to say thank you for supporting us (we are VERY grateful). Every dollar received from this campaign will go directly into making bags ByBLVD a reality.

Risks and challenges

We have over 15 years of combined manufacturing experience on our team. You can rest assured that we know how to deliver quality products. We have identified and locked in our manufacturers who will be able to ship within 30 days of successful project funding, so you can enjoy your very own ByBLVD bags before the spring travel season kicks in.

We have experience to know there can be unexpected bumps in the road. As this is our first Kickstarter project, we may run into unforeseen issues and hoops we need to jump through. We promise that if and when these arise, we will be completely transparent with you—ensuring you know exactly what is happening and when to expect delivery of your product.

International deliveries: International deliveries are subject to possible customs inspections, which can cause delays. These inspections are beyond our control and can last several business days so please be aware of this possibility. Once the item passes the inspection, it will be delivered shortly.

Bags sent to the U.S.A. will not be subject to import taxes or fees, since we will be shipping from within the United States. For other countries, import duties and taxes are not included in our reward levels. These charges vary by country and are completely out of our control. We are shipping our bags all over the world and it is impossible for us to build the various customs charges into the reward level through Kickstarter. But we believe the online tool below can help you calculate duties. Please note that this tool allows for one-time calculation, and since we are not the creators of this tool, please use this as an estimate only.

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