Yeehaw Wand – The Ultimate Tool for 3D Creativity

GET CREATIVE SUPERPOWERS! Use the power of the Wand & your phone to easily design & overlay 3D objects onto the real world.

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Yeehaw Wand is the fastest and easiest way to create 3D experiences without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics experience. You can design directly from your phone or tablet onto the real world. Create, edit, and 3D print using the Yeehaw Wand and its free app.

This draw-and-print system allows you to construct designs by sketching your concepts in mid-air. It will simply be the final instrument for 3D creativity.

– Wand works with AR app in your phone or tablet to convey 3D designs to life

– Sketch your designs or hint over objects in the world around you

– Delivers detailed designs that you would be able to print at dwelling or get printed professionally

Use the Wand to unleash your creative ideas onto reality. Just wave the Wand in front of your phone or tablet’s camera and see your creation taking form right in front of you. Leave nothing to chance by viewing your designs in real life. With the click of a button, you can instantly print your creations, bringing them to life.

Create & unleash your creativity

Use your imagination, then wave the Wand to create any customized design out of thin air – watch your idea come life.

Recreate anything from the real world

Since you can view your design in real time, you can use the Wand to recreate a brand new object onto reality, right in front of your eyes!

Designing is now simple, quick and hassle-free.

The Yeehaw App works on any phone or tablet

The Yeehaw App works on any phone or tablet

Are you filled with creative ideas?

Want to see if the Wand can make them come alive?

We love new challenges!

Just leave us a comment on our campaign page. We’ll choose the most challenging ideas and bring them to life with the wave of the Wand. We’ll also upload a video of us making your design with the Yeehaw Wand.

Special treat!!!

We will 3D print your design and send it to you.

We’re waiting for you! Get Creative

We have collaborated with Sketchfab – the world’s largest platform to publish, share and discover 3D content online and in AR. Thanks to Sketchfab’s AR technology, you can use your smartphone to move around any object you created with the Wand – just like you would in real life. There are no limitations!

How does it work?

Simply tap the Sketchfab icon to place the model in your desired spot. You can then zoom in and out by pinching the screen and you can tilt the screen to rotate your design. Most importantly, you can walk freely around the model while it remains locked to its original location.

Just have fun!

The Yeehaw Wand is truly FOR EVERYONE!

There’s no need to learn complex 3D software. Yeehaw Wand is simple and intuitive. Just pick up the wand & you’re ready to create. Ornaments, toys, or something fancier, there’s really no end to what you can do…it’s in your hands.

We will be opening our API to outside developers. This will unlock the knowledge and creativity the world of developers offers in order to shape the Wand’s future possibilities. We want to give our users a continuously evolving experience.

If you are a developer feel free to contact us:

While running the Yeehaw 3D printer crowdfunding campaign last year, we received a lot of interest, however, people complained that they didn’t have the skills to build their own models.

We decided to use the most modern technical expertise we could to develop this idea for our users at the lowest possible price. This makes it accessible and affordable for all people who want to start making their own objects at home. We felt that combining Augmented Reality and 3D modeling was the best fit for what we wanted to achieve.

This is how our project came to life.

For more info –

Why did you choose to crowdfund on Kickstarter?

With crowdfunding, ‬we can reach an engaged audience who are passionate about creative and technological advances. We’ve spent over a ‬year designing the Yeehaw Wand and preparing for mass production. ‬Right now, everything is ready and we just need large orders to bring supplier and manufacturing costs down. This will speed up the production cycle. ‬

How long is the warranty?‬

Each Yeehaw Wand comes with a 1-year limited warranty. ‬We also ensure that every unit is tested before shipment. ‬For more details, please contact us via ‬

Which platforms support the App and where can I download it?‬

We currently support both IOS and Android devices. ‬This includes iPhone, ‬iPad, ‬and Android phones and tablets. ‬The App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. ‬Just search ‬for “Yeehaw Wand.”

How do I connect the Yeehaw Wand to my phone and/or tablet?‬

The wand automatically connects to your device using Bluetooth. Please make sure the Bluetooth on your device is turned on. The Yeehaw Wand App will search for our device and automatically connect.‬

How far away can I be and still use Yeehaw Wand?‬

Yeehaw Wand uses real-time Vision Identification and Tracking Technology to define the 3D coordinates. Therefore, the Wand’s range depends on the camera’s pixel-resolution and the environment’s lighting. We suggest a camera with 1.3M pixels or above and a camera that works in 40cm destine with reasonable lighting.

When do we start shipping?‬

We will start working with manufacturers and suppliers as soon as we confirm orders. ‬The orders will propel the Wand into an optimized and accelerated production cycle. ‬The orders will ship out as soon as our campaign ends. Backers will begin receiving ‬their Yeehaw Wand during the month of February.‬

Why order now?‬

We will process shipments in the order that we receive them. ‬Backers who pre-order first will receive their Yeehaw first (FIFO – First In First Out)! We are ‬offering incredible discounts on all pre-orders of Yeehaw in return for your support.‬

What if I change my address after I order?‬

If you need to update your address, ‬be sure to inform us at ‬‬, ‬we’ll be happy to handle the rest.‬

What is your refund policy?‬

Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis.‬ The Yeehaw Wand is only refundable before shipment.‬

If I have any further questions, ‬who should I contact?‬

Please contact our service email: ‬

Risks and challenges

Our team at Yeehaw has many years of crowdfunding experience.
As with any new and innovative tech project, we face several risks & challenges.

Quality & Consistency
These factors are the top priority. We will not release a Yeehaw Wand that does not meet our high-quality standards. We run endurance tests on all aspects of the Yeehaw Wand. This process is timely, hence, if any aspects do not pass our quality check, we will analyze, fix and then test it. We have a dynamic team and we’re always looking for ways to make improvements that do not compromise our overall quality.

Supply Chain & Logistics
Many Kickstarter campaigns struggle with assembling and delivering the final product by the announced date as they encounter hurdles with prototypes and mass production. This is why we have completed countless tests on the Yeehaw Wand prior to launching the campaign. We do not want you to wait any longer than expected. We feel confident that the product will be delivered in February 2018. We continue to oversee every step to make sure the assembly and delivery are according to our timeline.

We have experience working with crowdfunding campaigns as the Yeehaw Wand is not our first product to be launched. Our skillful team is continuously working on the Wand to confirm the success of the campaign.

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