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Bakkoo Rewards Help

The Community Rewards

We offer unique backer rewards to our Bakkoo community members when they back your Kickstarter project. These rewards can be offered in the form of Kickstarter pledge tier upgrades, discounts, free add-ons, reward customizations, access to sold out tiers (like early bird offers), or other incentives which add value to your standard Kickstarter rewards.

Adding Your Reward To Your Project

You can include your reward text with your Kickstarter project on the submission form. If you need help choosing your reward, please submit your project and contact us at We can help you choose the best reward for your project and update it later.

Reward Examples

Use the below examples to help craft your Bakkoo project reward.

Pledge Tier Upgrades

  • Bakkoo backers who pledge for the $25 adventure reward tier will be automatically upgraded to the $35 sojourner tier.
  • Bakkoo backers receive a free upgrade to the Trifecta Oats reward tier if they pledge at any lower tier over $10. Try all 5 oatmeal flavors for free!


  • Bakkoo backers receive a $10 discount on any reward tier. To pledge, select the "Make a pledge without a reward" tier and pledge the correct amount for the tier you would like minus $10. Don't forget to add shipping for your country.

Free Add-ons

  • Bakkoo backers receive a free hammock slap-strap set with every hammock they pledge. Save $20 and get the straps for free.
  • Bakkoo backers receive a free set of replacement bearings with every bamboo skateboard they order.

Reward Customizations

  • Bakkoo backers can choose a different color wallet with the $20 pledge tier (normally only available with the $50 tier).
  • Bakkoo backers will receive a name or phrase engraved on their handcrafted copper mug. Get one for yourself or as a gift.

Access To Sold Out Reward Tiers - the tier must be sold out before you can offer this reward

  • Bakkoo backers can still pledge for the Early Bird $65 reward tier even though it is sold out. To pledge, select the "Make a pledge without a reward" tier and pledge $65. Don't forget to add shipping for your country.

Still need more reward ideas?

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