Want It Now

WIN: Want-It-Now

Kickstarter launch events & backer deals for prelaunch projects.

Prelaunch Projects

Our Want-It-Now (WIN) helps you back prelaunch Kickstarter projects! Help them lineup funds early and receive great discounts with WIN rewards!

WIN Project Launch Events

Sign up as an early prelaunch backer and agree to pledge for Kickstarter project rewards before they go live on Kickstarter.

Extra Backer Rewards and Discounts

These WIN projects offer a limited number of great discounts to backers. Claim a ticket to make sure your reward is reserved!

No Fees Collected or Payments Taken

We don't collect any funds. Everything is pledged on Kickstarter. We issue tickets that you claim. You pledge the ticketed amount later.

Attendee Lists and Reward Tracking

We make sure project creators know which backers buy the WIN tickets by forwarding them the list of backing Kickstarter usernames.

How it works

  • Project creators submit prelaunch Kickstarter projects to our WIN program
  • You can search for active projects on the Active WIN Projects page
  • These projects offer a limited number of discounts to Bakkoo backers
  • Bakkoo backers claim WIN tickets for projects they would like to back
  • REMEMBER: If you claim a ticket you need to follow through on your pledge
  • Once a WIN Kickstarter project goes live, the backers just need to pledge the amount to receive their extra discount
  • We send the project creators a WIN backer list to ensure reward delivery

Check out the WIN projects now!

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